Prepare to Turn The Page; End 2021 Without Regrets

There is a palpable energy of transformation in the air now. It’s our collective, yet it’s also very personal. In fact, December could be a significant time of reset as you re-envision your life and prepare to turn the page. Continue reading to know how to navigate this reset so you can end 2021 without regrets.


We are soon moving into what will be a historic year of global societal changes. Some of the uncertainty we feel on a daily basis relates to the upheaval coming in 2022. These energies are in the background as each of us prepares for a deeper level of shifts in how we live and interact with the world.

Compared with our ancestors and our own past lives, we haven’t previously experienced the magnitude of change and ongoing need to adapt relentlessly. To have inner peace in these times requires that we accept our current dynamic and embrace it.

If you look back even a few years at how you navigated December, you likely will remember a simpler time. There were holidays, and likely reflections about how you wanted to turn the page to create something new.

Turning The Page

Think of your life experience as a book with chapters. There’s a beginning, middle, and end. Each experience, from the perspective of your soul’s journey, is relevant and a part of the whole. Some years in your life are so significant to your self-evolution, they have their own chapters. I invite you to consider that 2021 and 2022 are those kinds of years.

Ending 2021 Without Regrets

Given what I say above, it’s vital that you use December to consciously prepare yourself for turning the page.

Why? It’s not about the page turning. What’s important is HOW you approach the page turning.

It’s about your level of reflection and inner work to make peace with situations that need to transform or end. It’s also about generating self-acceptance as you consider self-destructive habits and grudges you hold about other people and life circumstances.

The recipe for “no regrets” includes self-acceptance, humility, self-compassion, and forgiveness.

As you apply this recipe in December, you prepare to end 2021 on a high note – having learned from experiences and grown spiritually. This allows you to feel lighter and more joyful as 2022 begins.

**By Selacia


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  1. Malissa

    Yes I SouLite Accept ALL that is…

    Source Willed.

    I SouLite LUV Mother Gaia ALL her Life



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