Our Awareness; From 3D To 4D And 5D

The key to our growth is to bring higher dimensional consciousness into our awareness. 4D/5D is the ultimate awareness that makes us awakened.

On the Subtle Plane, our luminosity clearly shows whether we have this awareness.

Whether there is a connection with Higher Helpers or not.

Whether there is an experience of feeling our multidimensionality.

Whether there is a skill of being in a quantum field of pure awareness, or there is no such experience.

The fact that we, out of our old habit of three-dimensionality, are often stiff, internally aggressive, fearful, unbelieving, and vehemently rejecting anything unusual for us (including the posts in DNI) are all signs of our lack of personal acquaintance with the Source field, with the field of Higher Intelligence through awareness.

We have no trust. Not to people, or sites, no. On the contrary, in the third dimension, it may be naive and sometimes dangerous. Trust should be in the 5D quantum field which is now actively forming on Earth. Trust to our body of stillness, peace, harmony, love, and enduring joy. To the field of the Source.

But it’s nobody’s fault but only ours. In the realities of the coming 5D Earth, we need new practice, namely, to open up inside, to become aware of the inflowing energies of the nascent fourth and fifth dimensions, to turn to the Source’s pure vibes, to feel their freshness, to taste them.

They have specific freqs that cannot be confused with anything else. It must be done not through our mind, but daily awareness of the Source’s Presence, the presence of Eternity, the Greater Cosmos, and our multidimensionality.

Without it, we can’t move to 4D/5D. Trust is a thing that needs to be active. More and more people understand it. Their energies are constantly and actively interacting with the Unity field and with the Highest Masters.

Many of us do not yet have such interaction. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have Helpers. It means that we have no feedback from them. We don’t react to their presence near us and don’t feel them. We even try with all our might to separate from them, to close ourselves off from everyone and everything at our deepest level.

If on the Subtle Plane we are energetically closed, we have not yet played for long enough with separateness, with egoism. We continue to spend most of our time in the mental body. We are connected to the mental plane (the three-dimensional Matrix) through our mind. We are immersed in egoism.

What is selfishness? It is our thoughts about ourselves, perceptions of the world through ourselves; evaluation of everything outside – concerning us.

We are accustomed to thinking that all people are unfriendly and aggressive towards us. And we close ourselves off energetically.

This is the result of the great deception imposed on us by the Archons’ three-dimensional Matrix.

When we go into mindfulness, the first thing we discover is that the three-dimensional world doesn’t have much regard for us. That everything runs its course according to an order prescribed by someone else. The wind blows, it rains, the sun shines, the ground beneath our feet, and Nature with its natural rhythm. The plant and animal worlds have their own thing. And we have ours.

Each of us is busy building our three-dimensional happiness, engrossed in our personal enjoyment. During all our life, we may have only one or two real enemies. Everyone else in the third dimension does not care about us. Well, except for family and friends, of course, although they, too, are not infatuated with us around the clock.

This is how we live in three-dimensionality. This is the first discovery we make after awakening into awareness.

The second discovery also surprises us quite a lot. It turns out that that quantum field of Spirit, which has always been for us an insignificant background at best, is the only friend that is present in our life 24 hours a day.

And It actively engaged in our Awakening and Ascension now.

This field is intelligent, loving, and very much alive. This is the field of our Higher Consciousness. We are born out of it and manifested in 3D. We exist in its energy.

We are a part of it, as it has separated us from itself, and we will dissolve in it when we finish our manifestation in the third dimension.

In Pure Awareness, in Spirit are present all Source’s worlds with all Angels and Guides, all kindred Souls. And it is through It, our only true Communicator that we have a truly friendly, sincere, and positive connection.

We cannot call our Helpers without first loving the Source itself, the living reasonable initial quantum field of the Creator. Otherwise, not only friendly energies and beings may come to us. They can come “dressed up”. All contacts, all requests, all questions should be directed through the field of the Source, through Spirit. Then we are safe and protected.

To make friends with our Helpers, first of all, we need to discover, feel, experience the quantum field of Pure Awareness in our bodies. This field is not somewhere out there. It’s right inside of us.

Each of us consists of 12 energies, 12 fields of different densities, and 12 bodies. Of all 12 fields along the ascending line, the most important for us is the last one, which is also the first one, the primary field of Source, the field of silence, peace, harmony, and Divine Order.

The most vital thing for us is to establish communication with it and delegate to it all the powers. The rest will follow. Everything will be corrected, healed, smoothed out, will gradually acquire its original perfect form, order, and beauty. In proportion that is appropriate for us and our current situation. The Higher Helpers’ main principle is not to cause harm with unnecessary assistance and the potential revealed in us.

Our physical body rejoices greatly at the presence of the Source quantum field within ourselves. By it, we are harmonized, calmed, healed, and actively resists aging. All our life systems balance themselves, and we do not even need to interfere with anything. It is through this field we will return our youth and longevity in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

But it is necessary to establish a connection with it right now, immediately, without waiting for better conditions in our life, for endlessly promised Event, or Flash. It’s important not only for our health but also for the feeling of our own, incomparable (because unique) individual BEAUTY manifested in matter.

So, what conclusions do we need to draw?

1. The quantum field of Pure Awareness, unlike other forces and matter, is present in us invariably and continuously. It alone is our most faithful Friend. Through it, we receive the three-petal flame, the high-frequency trinity – Power, Wisdom, and Love which are so necessary for our Transition to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

2. Only through loving quantum field of Awareness we can safely contact other dimensions, spaces, and Helpers. Love is our force protective field in all life situations. And especially we need the support of the Higher Powers in Transition.

3. Only the Source’s Field gives us the necessary frequencies for healing and rejuvenation of our material bodies. For the matter, they are like lifeblood.

Any form glows only from the Presence of Spirit in it. Its attention and Love make us come to life.

The more Its Presence in our body – the more wise, protected, and beautiful we are.

In 4D/5D, our bodies will gradually become more and more youthful and healthy, using the energy from the field of Pure Awareness.

We go together with this planet into higher dimensions and worlds.

In them, each being is originally born for happiness and enjoyment of its manifestation in the realm of harmony and plurality of forms.

When we look at each other through the field of Source and the eyes of Source, using the new quality of Pure Awareness – we all stop being enemies to each other and, first of all, ourselves. We gain tranquility, strength, confidence, and faith that we will succeed.

Good luck to all of us in the Transition!

**By Lev


One Reply to “Our Awareness; From 3D To 4D And 5D”

  1. Åke S.

    Let’s be a little practical here now. This Universe is only existing NOW! The past is only in the minds and future is in the dreams. Thus the Universe is created the whole time. It is not there ready to be entered but there is a common agreement to a incoming NOW. That NOW is created ca 8 times per second and is an agreement. Thus agreement can be changed.
    At present time we are agreeing to the narrative in the bible with hate and wars etc. and so there are all the calamities created from agreements.
    That all life in the Universe should agree upon peace and happiness instantaneously seems quite unrealistic at present time, so we are left do the make changes gradually. So let us start at home. Mock up (car designers lingo) a beautiful image we go into in the future and make the image an agreement with another being and so you have a manifestation in the physical Universe. From there you expand that agreement with more life and so expands the manifestation. (As you expand a business with ethics).
    If a lot of souls were creating 8 beautifulnesses every NOW tic of 8 NOWS per second, what could there else be??
    That would be doingness, not just thinkingness.