Open Doors to the New Earth

We greet you, dear brothers and sisters of the Earth. We will continue to tell you about the situation you are experiencing on your earthly soil, among the human people as a whole.

You can see an increase in events in different countries, demonstrations opposing this lack of freedom that your respective leaders want to impose on you.

We can say that it is about a general collusion of your rulers who, wishing to keep an increasingly accentuated power over you, are trying to make you believe in successive worsening of this pandemic.

Some time ago, we told you that your rulers, wherever they are, were going to try “all for all”, as you say, in order to keep you under the yoke of their power.

Yes there was a virus, yes it has spread over planet Earth but we repeat again that it was intended. Given the fear that this has caused, your rulers laugh at being able to mitigate it, at least that’s what they tell you, by injections of more or less active products.

For this, to push you to these injections, they ask you to take a health passport to be able to live your life quietly. Faced with your refusal, for example, you cannot go out as you wish, you cannot receive as you wish, you cannot go to shows as you wish etc…

But your rulers, obsessed with their desire for great power over you, barely realize that you have had enough of this control over your life and do not care much about your reactions to this lack of freedom.

This is why a growing number of humans are beginning to rebel in the face of this lack of freedom and ask their rulers to let go of their power.

In Europe and on other continents the manifestations of your human brothers are multiplying and sadness fills our hearts when we see the violence that is put in these demonstrations of your “fed up” as you say, of all these laws which muzzle you .

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we told you in a previous message that we would not let your rulers manipulate these young people who set buildings or cars on fire. Because, do not doubt it, there is manipulation of certain groups of young people by your leaders. If the situation worsens in violence, we will act with the means which are within our reach but which are not violence.

We have the possibility of touching the hearts of certain young people by offering them particular energies which will help them to calm down and to understand that violence leads nowhere, if not to ill-being for the one who creates it and for those who receive it.

Only demonstrations in silence are the most powerful movements there is. ( message of 12/11/21)

Currently your peoples are in great turmoil. Do not doubt that your rulers “rejoice” in this because they think they will achieve their ends by muzzling you and depriving you of your freedom.

But there is one thing that they have not understood and do not yet understand, is that in these manifestations, the hearts of humans are opening more and more to the desire for Peace which, in a sense, will allow humanity, in large part, to unite, to come together to create the New Earth.

Your rulers have not understood that humanity is transforming not only physically, but above all in its consciousness . The events of this pandemic have only opened human hearts to desires for Peace, serenity, joy and sharing. Respect starts to show even if you don’t realize it yet.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, do not doubt that these coming months will be difficult to live, but they are the great and wonderful door open to the New Land of Peace and Serenity.

Have confidence in this, have confidence in Life, the Great Life which only wishes your happiness and your well-being.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation by


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  2. Douglas A James

    So suffering means higher consciousness ? Truth reveal the truth though hard to hear only truth or will unite the collective. Chaos and protesting will escalate if leaders are not removed and truth isn’t made known.