The Galactic Federation of Light: Unravellings

Greetings Humankind,

We are Galactic Federation of Light telepathically communicating today through Universal Chanel, and sending our second message about the development of events on Earth.

Since our first report, the new unravellings occurred in the situation on your planet. The important data on Venus was obtained by the commander Teh’ran. The Draconian Entities were in preparations to attack the Light Community and eliminate the main Chess Players.

We are monitoring very closely the situation around Terra Christa and continuously dismantling any nuclear missiles that has been launch from orbit or inside the planet. The Orions tried to sneak their new satellite, which carried the latest mind control technology that could make a healthy person to become mentally ill. The Ashtar Command captured the Orions and destroyed their satellite, also got more intel on their future plans in exchange for not being striped from the souls.

We are making sure that there are no major interruptions with the Ascension Process. The Alliance together with Special Military Forces are fighting with Draconians, Reptilians, Orions and etc. in the Underground and Antarctica. The Military received special equipment to help successfully to eliminate the corrupted outworlders. This battle is right now in the final stages of cleanup in the Area 51 and other places.

Your corrupted governments are continuing to lie and manipulate the humankind by trying to scare and force on everyone their killing shots. Please, don’t believe anything, they portraying to you. Your physical bodies were created to be immortal, after numerous DNA adjustments, they die after a certain period of time. This physical death is going to be eradicated with special chambers coming from other civilizations and medical beds.

The chambers are capable to remove any disease, give new bodies, bring youth back, immortality and etc. The medical beds purpose is to eliminate mostly physical issues. We want to specify that these technologies are not available right now on your planet, because the Dark Entities would keep these beds only for themselves. Please, aware that the rumors of their availability on Gaia is not true at this moment.

As soon as your planet Earth is free from Outworlders and the Dark Entities, all the technologies are going to be launched right away as the humanity desperately needs to heal their physical bodies.

We are together in this fight against the Darkness. The Milky Galaxy and Mother Earth are going to be liberated from the Corrupted Souls. Thank you Universal Channel.

Victory Is Here
The Galactic Federation of Light

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