Sanat Kumara: The Ladder To Heaven

Beloved people,

Turn to God in all matters! God is the first and only authority for all your worries, needs and fears.

Come to God with your fears until you are ready to share your happiness with God as well. That is the way! Meditation starts with your worries and leads to love and happiness.

This is the true meditation and this is the true life. For every person has many reasons to be grateful, fulfilled and delighted beyond measure.

This is even more true in this day and age. Right now, you are presented with trials and challenges that will propel you forward and allow you to reach mastery.

You were born not only to participate in this game, but to master this time.

You master it when you can see in every event a welcome challenge and in every situation an exercise for your mastery.

What you can learn and acquire today has the potential for great growth. Some people achieve mastery and they will set the capstone of their earthly journey in this life.

Those who can anchor deep inner peace today, who remain in love now, and who are willing to practice forgiveness on everything and everyone will find completion at the end of their days.

Until then, turn to God with the small and big matters. God knows you and He knows your needs and fears. But God knows your joys and happiness. Increase it by exposing yourself more and more to God’s light until nothing remains of you.

In the end, you dissolve into God and you find yourself again.

This earthly incarnation can be the life of all lives. The days are overflowing with tasks and the solutions bring you closer and closer to God. While a battle rages on the outside, deep inside you are being reborn.

Accept the challenges of life joyfully, for they are the rungs on the ladder to heaven.

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn Kassl

**Translation by


3 Replies to “Sanat Kumara: The Ladder To Heaven”

  1. Patrick

    Kumara, boy did I need that, thank you Creator and thank you Kumara for THIS message this DAY!