Archangel Michael: The Moment is Here and Now

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

My presence here today is full of joy and great hope that each one of you is with a peaceful heart, living in the here and now. Not waiting, not hoping, not thinking about tomorrow, about later; simply emanating, vibrating, illuminating yourself in the present moment, in the here and now. I’m going to tell each one of you, that this is the way, this is the way for each one of you to continue on that road to the Fifth Dimension. No use in anxiety, no use in worrying, no use in living in the future. Everything is changeable, and in the next second, none of you know where you will be.

So why vibrate the future, why vibrate doubt, why vibrate that which you don’t know? So vibrate the here and now. The here and now is a time for your mind to work, it’s a time for your mind to help you stay high, to think good thoughts, to plan in the here and now, what is being emanated to you at this moment. Never forget that time is speeding up, energies of very high vibration are coming. This month is a very special month and I can tell you, a lot of energy is coming in.

So the great wisdom, the great moment for everybody is to take advantage of these energies, is to think about the here and the now: What are you doing to emanate high frequencies? Are you vibrating gratitude, are you vibrating joy, are you vibrating trust, faith? If you answer yes to all of these questions, I would say that your vibration is high and you are picking up, taking advantage of all the energy that is being sent out from off the planet. And then at that moment, it’s that magical moment of thinking just a little bit ahead; to think of something that you want very much, to think of something that you would like to resolve and that you would need all the help you can get from the universe to accomplish.

So in those moments when you are vibrating high, I’m going to say, watch your thoughts, because even the not-so-good thoughts will be picked up by these energies, and they will make them happen, whether you want them to or not. I’ll give you an example: You take a small seed, put it in the ground, with the hope that it will grow into a long stem and in the future become a big tree and bear fruit. This all takes time, nature’s own time, a time that you have little to speed up. So I will make the parallel: You have a thought which is that seed, but the thought doesn’t need to multiply as a cell to happen, it is already born ready, complete.

So when you emanate it, it is as if the tree is already ready and you immediately pick the fruit, you don’t wait for it to happen. Maybe it doesn’t happen so immediately, but I might add to you that all the energy that is coming in is very accelerated and they take your thoughts, and they take them to the production line and they quickly bear fruit, and you will reap what you have planted.So you have to be very careful what you thin

k, for good or for not so good. It’s like the universe, I’ll give you a very practical example: Let’s say that until a while ago, there were some angels in the space of your planet. So when you thought, you had a wish, a request, you had to have an angel available to carry it. And then he would get in a queue, when some angel would free himself, he would go to that queue, take your thought, your wish, and take it to production. Very well, and this could take years, centuries, and even incarnations. But surely one day you would reap, you would have the result of what you thought, acted on, or caused.

So let’s bring this situation to the present moment. Let’s say that now the queue is no longer of thoughts, desires and actions; the queue is of angels with nothing to do. So when you think of something or do something, there is one already there very quickly, available to put it into production and get you the result as quickly as possible. Today there is a bottleneck of angels to work with. So realize that everything is very fast-paced. So be careful what you think and what you ask for, be careful what you emanate, because everything is being carried in the moment and depending on what it is for your evolution, the return, the harvest will also be quick.

Of course, that’s not what is happening, I just gave you an example, so that you understand how fast things are lately. And why so fast? Because we need you to learn the lessons quickly, so that you can reach a vibratory frequency compatible with the Fifth Dimension. If you don’t learn, if you don’t evolve, no one will get there. So it is necessary that these energies that are coming in, play this role, accelerate the whole process. And I would say that they speed up all the processes, including the lessons you have to learn.

So it’s no use getting angry, no use complaining, no use saying you won’t do it. Be careful, because the lesson will come back stronger and stronger and stronger. And there will come a time when you will find yourself cornered and you will have to do it, you will have no choice. I suggest to each one of you, that every obstacle, every problem that comes up, don’t put it aside, stop analyzing it, and solve it, because only then, you will be making room for new problems to come up and you will be taking a step forward on that evolutionary path. That’s the way it is happening.

So why worry about the future, why worry about tomorrow? You have to worry about today, the here and now. With the problems that you are juggling, throwing up and taking one at a time to solve. You already have too many activities to do at this moment to be worrying about the future. If it comes, if it doesn’t come, when it comes, it doesn’t matter. Take care of your own problems, of which there are many.

Take care of your bodies, drink a lot of water. In the same way that the energies which are coming in are bringing you face to face with problems, they are transforming your bodies. And this generates a lot of dirt, which can only be removed from inside your bodies with water. Tiredness, dizziness, nausea, a feeling of heaviness in your bodies, is nothing more than dirt inside them. It is as if you are pulling a bunch of garbage cans, full of crap, out of there. So in order to get rid of these garbage cans, you have to take water, so that they get unstuck from your bodies. And it’s not a little water, it’s a lot of water; only water can cleanse your bodies right now. What water? Whatever water it is, it doesn’t matter what energy it is carrying, what matters is that it is water.

So don’t let anything go, each one of you, take care of your own problems right now. Forget about tomorrow. Tomorrow is being shaped according to what you planted back there, there’s no use running away from it. So wait for the day to come to think about it, live each moment and each day. As I said in our last meeting, the 12/12 Portal is coming. And I’m going to need you to be ready for this last portal of the year. It will be an immensely important Portal. And I need each one of you to have a crystal in front of you. There is no specific type, I repeat: there is no specific type, it is just a crystal. Big, small, round, square, pointed; it doesn’t matter. Each one will choose his or her own. If you want to buy a mine, buy a mine, if you want to buy a small ball, it will be a small ball. I’m not worried about size, color, type. I just want a single crystal, and let this be very clear to everybody: Please don’t ask: “Which crystal will I buy”. I just said any one.

So come to the store and just look, the one that your attention finds with it, I bought it, that’s the one that will be your crystal. So that’s all I ask of you. “Oh, and anyone who doesn’t have the crystal won’t be able to participate in the portal?” Did I say that? Whoever by any chance can’t buy the crystal or can’t afford to buy the crystal, that’s fine, they will do it without the crystal. Understood? There is not much or rather, there is nothing to be asked. It is all very clear. So get ready for the 12/12 Portal. The time is still to be determined, you will know.

In closing, I say to each one of you: In this moment right now as you are listening to my words; what are you vibrating? The concern where will you buy the crystal, how will you buy the crystal? Do you realize that you are already there in the future? You should be vibrating now, gratitude that you are hearing my words, gratitude that you are alive, gratitude that you have the understanding, to understand my words, gratitude that your soul has brought you to this moment. That is what you should be vibrating right now, nothing else.

So learn to live in the present moment, learn to live in the here and now. And above all, be grateful for every minute lived, every experience lived, every learning acquired.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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  1. Denise

    While I agree with everything said, am I the only one that lost some of my Happy at hearing it? 😂
    Thank you so much!🙏🙏🙏