Intuitive Update

I welcome you to this Intuitive Update in support of the timeless realizations and heartfelt relief you so deserve.

As we begin, it is important to remember the reality you see playing out in front of your eyes always acts in accordance with the Law of Polarity. Since polarity is a balancing of opposites, it is essential to know:

An uprising in hatred, violence, and fear represents a collective healing process that inevitably makes more room for mindfulness, courage, and empowerment to dawn.

Amplifications of greed and injustice set the stage for greater unity, equality, and justice to rise from the ashes of all that is being illuminated by the light of consciousness.

Even when it seems as if judgment surrounds you, it is an opportunity to recognize the playing out of judgment as how old paradigm patterning burns itself out, creating more room for diversity, appreciation, and oneness to shine.

May the Law of Polarity remind you how everything has an opposite counterpart, where darkness evolves into light and never goes backwards. From this space of remembrance, you are better able to focus on the healing of your body, support the expansion of your light, and nurture the regulation of your nervous system, without over-giving, people-pleasing, or disrespecting the value of your personal boundaries.

As you may have already begun experiencing through the second half of November, this emotionally-blustery season invites an even deeper hibernation phase in order to give the Universe, your team of angels, and healing guides the time and space to help you up-level into greater 5D alignment.

While this time in a pandemic may have given you a chance to be more still, this invitation escorts you into deeper levels of stillness and presence by asking you to spend less time distracting yourself with any form of repetitive behavior.

For each of us it may be different: it might be spending less time scrolling on social media or swiping on dating apps. For others, it could be less consumption of intoxicants such as alcohol, marijuana, and plant medicine ceremonies. Perhaps it means less binge-watching on tv or spending hours playing games online.

To help you enter into your next level of empowered embodied presence, you may ask yourself: what are the repetitive things I do to distract myself, numb myself from pain, and avoid despair?

While such a question can feel like shaming to the ego, it is simply an objective line of questioning to help you awaken any groggy parts that have sought a false degree of safety in tendencies of avoidance.

Because 2022 will be an acceleration into 5D living, the Universe is helping you build momentum for your most incredible expansion by helping you settle, be still, and to remember how precious this time of preparation truly is.

It is a pivotal time to focus on all we truly have, instead of fixating on anything we lack or wish we had.

As a way of helping you settle into yourself at an even deeper level and to cut cords with the repetitive habits that keep you hooked into 3D patterning, this may be a time for sensing uncomfortable distance between you and others. You may experience breakdowns in communication, being ghosted by people and not knowing what occurred to cause it, as well as the ending of relationships created from your core wounds that are finally ready to be healed.

The key during this time is to reach within yourself as your sacred space holder, instead of zoning out through technology or hiding your pain in compulsive patterning and toxic relationships.

Because the ego lives in extremes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of change you may notice is necessary. And yet, because you are guided along by an infinitely wise and loving Universe, you neither have to do everything all at once, nor use that as an excuse to deepen attachments to 3D patterning.

Perhaps it begins by setting your intention by saying:

“Dear Beloved Universe, thank you for working through me, clearing away all disempowering patterns, so I may face myself directly, love myself completely, and learn to see others through the wisdom of compassion.

Thank you Beloved Universe for helping me reclaim my power with love and joy as living blessings in support of the greater good of all. And so it is.”

Since the Law of Polarity helps you see the December hibernation phase as an opportunity to clear old patterning and build up momentum for an ever-higher catapulting into 5D reality, it also helps you de-personalize the actions of others.

While each character has a personal narrative explaining why they believe they act as they do, each character is moved in and out of the orbit of your life, solely to help create the exact environment of conditions to assist you in the deeper evolutionary work of your soul’s journey.

Just as I have confirmed with the Universe, I can assure you there will come a time in the not-too-distant future where a life once resembling a ghost town of social interaction will be filled with more members of your soul family, as well as versions of each character that better match the light continuing to awaken and expand within you.

Since time in isolation either creates opportunities to break down and break open or be further buried by despair, this December hibernation phase acts as a chance to shake off any degree of disempowerment or tendency to self-medicate that may have been used to soothe yourself throughout these uncertain times.

The key is not berating or belittling yourself for the patterns at hand, but instead to get excited about who you are ready to become and to use the remaining calendar year to bring the newest you forward for the timelines you are choosing for 2022 and beyond.

As the Universe invites a more embodied relationship with stillness and presence by moving the distraction of others further away, it is a sacred time to:

Find more satisfaction in having less instead of pursuing more.
Anchor gratitude for all you have and who you are becoming.
Release attachments to overconsumption and repetitive behavior.
Spend more time in nature to balance out time absorbed in technology.
Stabilize emotional highs and lows with breath work and self-love.

It is important to remember, the ups and downs of energetic stabilization can make you feel like a few different characters living within one body.

All unfolding during a time when so many of us are craving the connections we will have in the new year, it truly is a time to be more gentle with ourselves than ever before.

As we each take the time to envision which version of self will exit 2021 and enter the new year, more aligned in truth and centered in light than any time before, we accept the invitation sent from Source to use this time to truly get to know ourselves beyond our judgments, desires, grudges, ambitions, and regrets.

From my heart to yours, thank you for being a part of this global evolutionary shift and for helping others remember the light they shine by loving yourself more, not less, no matter how anyone else seems to be.

All for light.

All for life.

All For Love,



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