Mother Mary: The Day of Light is Near

Beloved people!

– I thank you for the love and devotion you live every day.

– I thank you for the perseverance and courage you show every day.

– I thank you for the meditations and prayers that you perform daily.

In this way, a great deal of disaster is averted from humanity. Through this, only what has to manifest can manifest, so that the people who are still affected by it now can wake up.

The families of light from Being are coming together and they are coming to you. The age of truthfulness has begun and everything is coming to the surface and to the light.

You yourselves are being illuminated and transilluminated and as it is done to you, it is done to all of humanity. Life on earth is changing radically and at the root the greatest healings are taking place.

Many things are still inconspicuous, you are still waiting for the unmistakable results of change and transformation, and you still have doubts.

I tell you: This time will soon be over, for the light of God is beginning to manifest on earth and the love of Heaven is opening your hearts so that you can see what was hidden from your eyes.

Beloved human being!

Act out of love, pass on your light and remain in trust! The truth prevails and everything turns to the good.

Look at the world with an open mind and live in the world without belonging to it. Connected to the source, perform your service and in the unity with your heavenly family go your way.

The day of light is near!

With infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn Kassl

**Translation by


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