Energies of 2022; Planetary Awakening and Liberation

As we leave behind this transformational year 2021, we enter into a new cycle, a harmonic one, marked by the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune, that will perfectly represent what will take place during this new year 2022, the awakening of humanity, as a collective species that are now ready to emancipate, reclaim their planetary freedom and proclaim their sovereignty.

We are already envisioning the outcomes of a profound polarization and manipulation exerted during eons on humanity, as the more that we have been controlled and forced into a delusional reality, the more that we have awakened to the truth of who we are.

We are indeed leaving behind a very profound year. A year in which many have lost it all but their faith, trust in the Divine, and their personal power to change any situation they do not resonate with. A year that has impacted us beyond our human understanding, for it has been during 2021 that we many have finally broken free from old chains, and reclaimed their freedom back.

No one will forget this year, for this is the year in which planetary emancipation and awakening began, preparing ourselves for the next cycle in 2032, one marked as well by the conjunction between Saturn and Uranus in Gemini. A seven universal year (2032) that represents the time when humanity will finally pass from the massive awakening that is taking place now, to the age of wisdom, a seven universal year, in which humanity will begin to evolve as One, remembering who they are and beginning to walk as conscious beings.

We all have learned how to disengage more and more from an illusory and manipulated reality, creating our own ways of being-living, understanding that only through devotion and determination is that we could leave behind what hurt and controlled us, and beginning anew within a new timeline. A new harmonic timeline that this New Year 2022 will begin to show us, for we are traversing into a new space in which balance, stability, and harmony will be key to properly anchor our new lives.

2021 has taught us how to rebuild, rediscover ourselves and embrace our true potential. It has been a year in which we have to dissolve many human illusions, unveiling truths and recognizing our authentic mission, for many were still living lives that no longer resonated with who they have become.

A year that has also taught us resilience, for we have forgotten the strength of our human nature. A year in which we have finally begun to bifurcate from old ways of being, jobs, and toxic relationships. For we are now moving into a timeline in which the creation of balanced relationships, to be able to lovingly and equally co-create, is essential.

In this new year, many will continue liberating themselves from the old, as this is a gradual and not always easy process. However, during this new cycle, we are heading into a more balanced space, where the results of our efforts will begin to emerge.

2022 is indeed a 6 universal year. A frequency that indicates love, harmony, and restoration. Something essential, on both a personal and a planetary level, after the turmoil experienced for the last two years. Number six, on a more personal level, is about the inner union, between opposites, that has to occur before it happens with another being.

Balanced relationships or enlightened ones, come when we first love ourselves and act, at all times, as integrated and whole beings, for it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality. As always, it is a personal choice that we all must do if we desire to evolve and create a peaceful reality.

2022 comes with infinite blessings, possibilities if we know how to align with them and begin to move into a new space in which fear is no longer a constant. It may not be easy with all that we are being bombarded on a daily basis, but as I always say, when there is a Will, there is always a way.

We just have to have the determination, trust, and faith to find the way out of being imprisoned and open ourselves to live a more illumined reality, for this is what we came here to build, and that begins, always from the inside.


At a cosmic level, 2021 has been marked by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which prepared us to confront our fears and begin the process of changing old structures, from our personal lives to everything that was not working in our physical ones. Many, would have passed through what is often called the dark night of the soul. However, this would also have made them stronger, wiser, and ready to begin a new wonderful path.

Pluto in Capricorn, the Planet of Power, is going to affect deeply our Planet during this new year 2022 too, as we are going to envision many changes in governments, which constantly fight for power, especially between certain countries, as well as in the planetary economy in general, as many old structures are finally crumbling.

We begin the year by having Venus retrograde, and even though we are all unique and it will affect us depending on where it falls in our chart. Venus’s essence is about love and abundance. This is going to be a wonderful time to evaluate our sense of abundance, which comes from loving and respecting ourselves, and what we do, knowing that it is God’s Source expressing itself through us.

If we have created limitations, which often comes from a lack of self-love and confidence, then it is a good time to begin the year by just BEing, communing with ourselves, becoming the witness of our own human experience, so we can clearly see where we are impeding the infinite flow of energy, love, abundance, and in what areas could we expand more.

Another important and very powerful cosmic event is Mars retrograde in Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces. Mars will square Neptune three times in 2022: January 11, 2022, on 12 October 12, 2022, and lastly on 19 November 19, 2022.

Mar’s impulsiveness to move forward, to act at all costs, will not work when it dwells in Neptune, as all forces who stay in Neptune must be prepared to lose all sense of time-space and confront their shadows before they can leave Neptune, for healing, and accessing to our subconscious is the opportunity that Neptune offers us. And for that, we can never be in a hurry.

This will be a time for us to use our inner strength and energy to heal, to look at the wounds that we deny or hide, and to embrace our fears, traumas and look at them in the face, as it is the only way to clear them and to know ourselves, and personal journey, completely. It is only when we resist looking within that stress, anxiety and other forms of resistance appear. The best is to flow, take the time to heal and look at our soul, and then depart again knowing that we have done our inner work, and we are now ready to continue our chosen path.

Another important event is the eclipses that will take place all-around 2022. The first one will take place on April 30, a Partial Solar eclipse in Taurus. The second one is on May 15-15, a Lunar one in Scorpio, followed by a Solar eclipse on October 25 in Scorpio as well, and finally the last one in Taurus on November 8. Eclipses that will all occur in the Taurus-Scorpio axis and will have a tremendous impact on the earth.

Earth-waters healers, as guides share, are going to be massively changing spaces, places, going within, as we not only work in the outside, and help in anchoring more love, restoration, and purity, especially within earth’s fabrics, which is something that is gradually coming back to how as the earth was once originally.

Eclipses that will bring, not only a profound transformation on earth but within ourselves. Taurus will invite us to ground ourselves, to evaluate our connection to the earth, as well as our values, for as we grow, they shift as well. Taurus is all about the material world, while Scorpio is about navigating between the depths of our being, clearing shadows, overcoming fears… so we can rebirth again from the ashes of the old and restore ourselves completely. This is where we embody a Higher Consciousness, that Taurus will help us anchor within and into our physical world.

Another important planetary event will occur between two powerful planets, Neptune and Jupiter, which will also dwell in its home, Pisces. Both planets will conjunct on April 2022, representing what is taking place in our Planet – the collective spiritual awakening that is now evident for all who wish to see.

This is one of the most important influences that are going to affect us during 2022, both planets reflect the expansion in consciousness, knowledge, and creativity that the collective is experiencing, as they awake and begin to regain memories of who they truly are, in both as lovelight beings and as species, for we came to evolve personally and as a whole.

The impact of these planets on earth will magnify on April 12, 2022, when Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. It will be then when planetary speaking these two planets will affect not just earth’s waters but also our creativity and intuitive senses, for if we choose to align with these planet’s original essences, we will expand on our creations.

There are many Earth’s water healers who are going to be constantly working on the stabilization of Earth’s waters during this 2022, for as you know there is massive healing taking place in earth’s waters too, thanks to the effort of many who are watching over our sacred earth’s waters and that will continue with the influence of these planets, as they both are powerful forces to anchor and expand healing.

Neptune is an awakening force that will be in Pisces until 2026, for it is the time required for the current transition that is taking place to be supported, as well as for the many who are awakening their consciousness, which is a gradual and long process that is indeed being reflected, in the macro, by Neptune in Pisces since 2012. a time where our planet began its bifurcation.

Another important planetary alignment will be that of Saturn square Uranus. An event that began on July 23 and that will continue until March 2022. Both planets in fixed signs – Taurus and Aquarius – will show the current battle between the power that is taking place in our planet and on a micro personal level as well, for we all are continually mastering the inner battle between our egoic and spiritual selves.

This represents a change in power, and above all, the importance of creating change and expansion but with the proper boundaries required for us to protect our space. Order and structure are important. However, so is freedom, and this, on a planetary level, is going to be an ongoing theme during 2022 that we will continue witnessing.

On April 4th we have a very important event, the Mars and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. It is said of this conjunction to be a stressful one. However, and as always, planetary forces are not there to make us feel anything in particular. They, like us, are evolving, and co-creating with other forces. This is why it is so important to align with these planets to know what this is about for us.

Mars is about acting, and sometimes if we are impulsive and have not yet mastered patience, together with Saturn whose main essence is a more slow one, can make us feel anxious to get things done. However, they are just representing both opposite polarities, forces, that are already within us, bringing them to the surface for us to work with its unification, nothing else.

This will be an opportunity to be more patient, to wait until the right time comes to act, and to take responsibility for all we have chosen to do, whether the outcome was a desired one or not at all, as Saturn reminds us. We have the freedom to choose again a different result, as to master ourselves it is pivotal.

On October 30th,  we have Mars turning retrograde until January 12th, 2023. Mars represents our energy, strength, and the aspect of us that have the will and personal power to conquer any challenges and go for what it wants. However, at this time it is better for us to evaluate where we put our energy, in a more general way, as it will be unique for every one of us, depending on where it falls in your chart, as well as our own personal experience.

Universally this is about learning how to use our energy, intention, and focus, wisely, as it is what creates and what attracts into our lives many things, situations, and people that we may not resonate with.

2022 is a year for us ascending souls to continue seeding balance, harmony, and the creation of a more loving and compassionate space, from where we are. We do not need to do much to assist, as helping begins from holding a pure intention to bring change, first within ourselves, by healing all we need to, as it will affect the whole, and secondly, by doing, in our special, unique way, all we can to send more loving thoughts to the planet, to others, and especially to those who continue fomenting separation, for these are the ones that on the contrary of what we often may think, we are here to help more.

Another year of possibilities, joy, and integration, as the more we evolve, the more that we regain sovereignty and freedom, the more that we are able to live within Divine Love, appreciation, and joy.

I wish you all a blessed and loving 2022, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba