The Angels: A Little Love is a Bright Light

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Twinkle twinkle little stars…This is how we see you, dear ones – each one of you with a beautiful heart, a beautiful light, and a beautiful ability to be the light in the darkness. You have the ability to share kindness when others are impatient. You have the ability to offer a warm smile to a stranger. You have the ability to listen to someone who is upset, with compassion and non-judgment. You have the ability to pray for peace in the hearts of those who want war.

Your light is the most precious resource you have. In truth the Light that you are views you as a most precious one within the great Oneness. You can bring this Light into any situation, in even the smallest of ways, and in so doing you become an open window for God’s love to flow into the world.

With a simple kindness, you reveal the heart of God to one in need of believing in something good. With a simple loving word, you allow Divine love to flow through you. With a simple prayer dear ones, you allow the Divine to reach someone through your human presence, who might otherwise not be open to connecting directly. With every simple kind and loving act, you become the hands, the eyes, the mouth, and the heart of God in this world of form.

You can shine your light by picking up a piece of trash and throwing it into the wastebasket. You can lovingly arrange your home. You can bless someone you’d normally curse and ask that they be uplifted. You can put out a little seed for the birds, or donate to a charity you believe in. Whether your deeds are great or small a simple pure act of love, coming from your heart, even if it is a moment of pure admiration for the tree outside your back window, makes you an open conduit for the love that creates worlds to reveal itself in your world…

… and each time you allow this love to flow through you in to your world it is like the most perfect note sounding – a note that will resonate with the truth in all human hearts, and a note that cannot be unsung. It may be your simple kind and loving act that ripples outward vibrationally to touch the heart of one who is about to give up.

Your love and kindness bless others dear ones, but it blesses you first. As you open to allowing the Love that sources you to flow into the world – even in the smallest of ways – it must flow through you. A pure act or thought or deed of love, in the smallest of ways, opens your heart, relaxes your body, changes your chemistry, and helps you feel like the best version of yourself. As you admire that tree outside your window, you bless yourself. As you arrange your dinner table with love and anticipation of sharing a meal with loved ones or simply eating a meal by yourself, you bless yourself. As you allow a person in a hurry to go in front of you in line, you bless yourself. As you honor your own heart and take care of your own needs you bless yourself.

Love need not look a certain way. You will know it when you feel it because it simply feels good. You pet the cat or the dog and admire them and you feel good. You take care of your body and listen to your own heart and you feel good. You sign a card with a greeting that you truly mean and think of the receiver with love and you feel good.

The act does not make the love. The authenticity behind it does. If you give with sincerity that is loving. If you give from duty, that is not. If you compliment someone because the admiration arises naturally within you or the desire to brighten their day, that is love. If you do it to get something in return, that is not. If you feed the birds or the poor because you love to share, that is love. If you do it because “no one else will” that is not loving to yourself or them.

Dear ones, real love arises naturally from within, and if sharing love with others does not arise naturally, it is time to tend to your own light and lovingly care for yourself more. Refill your well, so to speak. Give to yourself first. Rest more. Pay your own bills and put money in your own savings before you share. When you feel it is hard to love others, you are “running on empty” and it is time to love yourself. There is, after all, no greater merit in loving others vs. loving self. In reality, you are simply allowing Divine love to flow into the field in which you all exist, in your world of form. Love is love, dear friends, no matter who it flows to. Start with yourselves. That twinkling star can only shine in the heavens because it has connected with the light within.

You are the twinkling start upon your earth dear ones. Tend to your own light. Love yourself first by caring about your own well-being, your own feelings, your own finances, your own homes, and your own lives. Then from this place of fullness, you will naturally shine the light of love upon other beings and things, allowing yourself to be a conduit for the light that came once upon a time in a manger and burned in the lamp – the light that lives in every human heart, waiting to be born, to be shined in this world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Channel: Ann Albers


2 Replies to “The Angels: A Little Love is a Bright Light”

  1. Denise G

    This message actually addresses thoughts I had JUST been having not even an hour ago and everything made so much sense as I read it!!! Thank you so very much!