The Portal 21 12 21 Part 1; From 3D To 4D And 5D

A lot of people are waiting for the date 21.12.2021. Indeed, as the DNI has narrated more than once, a new portion of the Souls will move into 4D during this day.

The previous two waves were in August and October 2021. In December, there will not yet be a mass Transition. It will occur later, many of us still have time.

How do Souls move into 4D?

The Souls go to the 4D in different ways. Namely:

– Collectively. It’s easier to transit that way. That is why we are given certain dates so that we can better prepare for them together;

– By the Treaty of Souls. Family of Souls has agreed in advance on this experience. They may be in different places but are connected on the Subtle Plane. Having reached a certain level of vibration, they automatically receive the Family code for Transition, and go all together on their allotted dates, and unite only in 4D. They need each other’s support there;

– Most Souls have preassigned codes for Transition, but they need to terminate the experience of being in three-dimensional density. Very often they are stuck in it, and even fall below the tolerable level of 3D, from where they cannot rise anymore. These are disappointed Souls, with huge accumulated negativity and weakened Faith;

– There are Souls whose downloaded codes are composed in such a way that they pull others with them during Transition, awaken them with their vibrations. Here there could be problems. Their mission is successful only when they do not drag anybody to paradise by force. When they show by their lifestyle that everyone can see the Light on the Path. That each can live and rejoice in every new day and its events, instead of injecting into self another dope of negativity from the MSM;

– Single Souls require a long preparation time. Their codes are spelled so that the probability of Transition is 50/50. It all depends on them. As a rule, these Souls are thrown to extremes at the prep stage. They are the main visitors of esoteric websites, seminars, and energy practices. They come, read, look, do some work, and forget.

To activate their codes, they need constant and very hard inner-work. It is difficult for them to keep the high level of vibration. Events around them are put by Co-Creators in such a way as to provoke and tempt them to various slips.

Such Souls, even in large groups of like-minded people, develop in isolation. But in the most often sparks of individuality ignite, it is worthwhile for them to gather integrity and become a part of the One Whole. They can in mass move through the Portal 21.12.21.

Tots born in the 2000s approach their full adulthood in December. They bring new energies and understanding of life. They are different. Their potential enables society to wake up, to awaken parents and grandparents.

The conflict between 20th-century fathers and 2000s kids has a big energy fork. Children do not want to live the old way, and fathers are unable to live like it was. But things are gradually leveling out.

How do the current pandemic and vaccination affect Transition?

The Dark Hierarchy comes out for its final bow with a bouquet of chaos, expertly instilled panic and human desperation over the imposed tightenings and restrictions.

Havoc has peaked and will gradually begin to wane. More hot topics related to economics and ecology will emerge and push the rest into the background.

But for now, Big Pharma is skimming the cream. Government men hone skills in various demagogic schemes to pour banana oil in ours’ ear. Vaccination is in full swing.

They will try to make the health passport and the chipping of our body mandatory by juggling with arguments. Like: no one is disputing the right of the State to register the birth and death certificates, civil and foreign passports compulsory. No one refuses to submit biometric data for traveling abroad. So, please, get in line. Thank you, good guy…

They mull the introduction of new vaccines without any indication of “experimental”. People are jabbed and fall sick. They get better and they die like flies. Everything goes as it goes.

Official medicine is firmly hooked on the virus, where colossal guap is spinning. The other diseases have gone into the shadows. Doctors don’t care about them.

And none of them will ever say: a pandemic is not feared by high-vibrational Souls. To admit such a thing publicly would mean a ban on the profession forever.

A decade ago, the vast majority of the population had not even heard of 4D. But 2012 was a momentous year for the unlocking of Gaia’s codes and the beginning of Souls’ enlightenment.

A serious preparatory stage for 21.12.2021 occurs. In its course, many pay serious attention to their body. It ceased to be just a vessel for the Soul. The opened possibility of Transition from 3D to 4D in own corpus has activated the consciousness of men at all levels.

If our Soul and physical body are not ready, the Transition to the new dimension will not happen under any circumstances.

The 21.12.2021 is certainly important. But prepared Souls will transit at different times.

The Portal on this December date will be open for everyone whose vibrations are ready to enter the 4D. And it’s not just humans. Different beings also change their vibes and can take the lift.

The 21.12.2021 is an accumulator in the waiting room before the departure of the plane. Conscious Souls went to the accumulator before the day of the Autumn Equinox – September 22, 2021.

In December, the date is floating – the transition of the Sun cannot happen all at once. The daylight hours will diminish little by little until 22. 12. 21. Light goes towards the Darkness. After that, the reverse process will kick-off.

There will be two flights out of the accumulator in 4D, both plus and minus. But the Soul on these planes is still in the process of online registration. There’s not much time left. Make your choice.

**By Lev