The Ultimate Artist

Like an artist who plans a series of beautiful paintings to exist forever for the enjoyment of humanity, SOURCE planned at the inception of creation that there would be expansions and transformations, sustainment as well as newness as the ethereal and the material realms swirled together like colorful hues on the Akashic Record “canvas”.

The “Akash”, as it is known in Sanskrit, is more than space and more than the cosmos which can be studied and analyzed with modern-day technology and then published as documented research for current and future study.

It is a vast, unseen, spiritually atomic frequency of all that has occurred and is occurring in the present timeline continuum—a library of records.

It is being added to daily through the thoughts, emotions, words, and actions of sentient beings—all of which become material atomic frequencies which manifest as the various experiences of uncalculated eons of cosmic space/time.

Thus, within the expansion, transformation, sustainment, and new additions of the creations of SOURCE is the allowance of “free form artwork” thrust onto the “canvas of life” via the “paintbrush” of collective consciousness which provides an interesting “study”.

As free will has historically been allowed to play-out, all aspects of sentience have “created” forms of oppression, subjugation, and control, and each type of sentience has blamed another for its problems.

Each has played the victim and none have admitted errors.

Therefore, the Akashic Record has steadily been filled with dross, and the various “yugas” (“ages”) of the ancient Vedic civilization—just one example of many civilizations—has recorded these time frames as both the depletions and the elevations of creation.

From the lowest “yuga” of “Kali” (“Chaos”) to the grandest “yuga” of “Sattva” (“Purity”) with other “yugas” of ups and downs in experiences in-between these two, and in just discussing the planet Earth alone, human calculations have known several millions of years of strife and also blessings.

In the current “Now”, many humans feel like hamsters on a wheel that is going no place—merely round and round in the same cage of circumstances.

Many pray, meditate, perform their daily chores, have some relaxing activity, etc. and await a change in the collective circumstances of life.

They do not understand the ancestral “samskaras” (“conditionings”) which are being rooted out.

Each cell (the smallest unit capable of independent functioning) in the human physical vessel is taught academically to consist of a nucleus, cytoplasm, organelles, etc., but they are far more than this academic analysis.

They are the spiritual evidence of countless time lines of existence which we are mostly unconscious of having occurred.

There exist glimpses of past experiences, but they are shadows of the past—not clear “artwork” which displays certain histories.

There are persons who claim to be able to take people into their past lives—their “Akashic Record”—for a fee.

Some psychic capability may be evident in some of these persons, but one must be cautious about being misused in his or her wonderment about the past.

While many are busy wondering about the past, the present may go lacking.

It is, of course, normal to think of the past, but it is not advantageous to remain there. Yes, the past is a clue to the present and to the future, but it is not wise to remain affixed to the past when the future “canvas” is blank and in need of being artfully designed.

How do we design the future “artwork”?

Do we just allow “free form” to be the focus?

Do we instead decide upon a “theme”?

Either way seems fine as long as our intent is to “create” a work of art that all can enjoy.

We must use the “paints” of LOVE, RESPECT, COMPASSION, and SPIRITUAL ELEVATION on the “canvas” called ALL SENTIENCE.

We must be willing to release many of the worn-out, dull-colored, cracked “paintings” of the past which, although they are records of older occurrences, do us no true good in the “Now”.

They are only sad reminders of war, oppression of various groups, material greed, famine, pestilence, unrighteous leadership, disrespect for Nature, and more vile “splashes” upon the “canvas” of life.

SOURCE is still creating, sustaining, transforming, and renewing creation without the need for “ITS” creation to grant permission.

However, free will “paint” is still existing. It can produce as it chooses to the extent that it is allowed.

The “creation” is subject to the CREATOR—not the other way around.

In other words, if sentient beings decide to create an “artwork” which sees all that has been originally designed by SOURCE as connected to SOURCE and thus an aspect of “IT”, then spiritual atomic frequencies can be enhanced and filled with greater LIGHT, for it is LIGHT that is the ultimate “paint”, and it is the “Akashic Record” which will display the decisions of our free will for all space/time continuums to come.

We can be immortal LIGHT or darkness destroyed. Each is allowed to choose his or her “canvas”, “colors of consciousness”, and “paintbrushes”.

The “studio” is open. It opened at our inception, gestation, and birth into the current incarnation.

Although the birth came with previous ancestral imprints, the imprints that were/are from unwise workings of past free will can be demolished with the intent to do so and with the thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that attest to such a desire.

Thus, keep praying and meditating for guidance and performing the rituals of your chosen “path”—your chosen “artwork”.

It can be the saving “masterpiece” which hangs in the “GALLERY OF SOURCE LIGHT”.

As December of 2021 A.C.E. (“After the Common Era”—for calendars are human conceptions only for purposes of convenience and organization of the earthly realm)–brings the Full Moon on the 18th (or 19th based upon time zones), the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) on the 21st, the pre-shadow of the next Mercury Retrograde on the 29th, and the humanly derived New Year’s Eve on the 31st, we have opportunities to decide on a new “artwork” via a shift in consciousness and a desire to connect more profoundly with Super-Consciousness.

We can decide to become a “masterpiece”.

We must still work within time frames created by human conceptions and calculations. (To add a bit of humor, a person would be fired from employment if he or she decided to come to work at any time they chose when start time was to be daily at 8:00 AM).

However, “real time” is beyond human knowing. It can be surmised only. SOURCE—the DIVINE ABSOLUTE—is the author, the producer, the director—the “ULTIMATE ARTIST”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali