Argorians Update: Cosmic Dust

On December 14th, 2021, at 10:06 AM CET, another minute of Earth monitoring and the work of friendly space races was received from the Argorians and the Sirius tracking station on the Moon at 23D. Below is a summary of it.

Cosmic dust is dispersed in near-Earth and Terrestrial space by power fields emitting blue energy that carries new programs and codes.

The Argorians Earth’s control center brings the energy of parallel dimensions to the planet.

Cosmic pulsar jets affect the field formed by the orbital motion of the planet around the axis. This field sags in the middle and works like a giant dish, receiving more quantum fluxes from the center of the Galaxy.

Under the impact of force fields, the planned Souls’ evacuation continues in strict accordance with their vibrations.

Matter radiation controlled through a Hologram accelerates the removal of 3D plasma through the Portals of the Quasitron formed by the Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean Sea, the Devil’s Sea in the Pacific region, and the Mediterranean.

The Quasitron brings cosmic particles into the natural world of the planet. Vital energy and matter are entering a Time spin which corresponds to the new Earth’s programs.

The pulsating power protection of the planet controls the incoming energy flows. The transportation of Souls through the Bermuda Triangle occurs by the impact of hurricane vortices that are observed throughout the region.

With the help of force fields, that radiate Intelligence plasma, Time flows are compressed, stimulating and accelerating the distribution of earthlings across various vibrational dimensions.

The sorting and receipt of 5D plasma into its receiving facilities continues. There, by applying the violet energy, it is granulated and assembled into clumps.

The system that transmits 3D energy from the Earth’s center, as well as a 3D Hologram, is being phased out.

With the help of a converter on the Moon, balanced and compacted 5D plasma through the channels of the subcortical network is directed to strengthen the energy shield around Earth.

Formed in the information field, active molecular processes are transferred to other temporary programs that modify the composition of matter.

The orange energy of Time brings new changes to the evolutionary processes. By turning on energy blocks, Portals for the transformation of biological species are opened.

Using the force fields of the Siriuseans’ repeater on the Moon, stele-receivers are switched on at full power, speeding a quantum condensing of 5D energy and matter.

The waves directed from the Subtle Plane produce thought forms for the new Transition phase in parallel with the expansion of the Time continuum.

The position of the layers and the composition of the planet’s air envelope are changing, opening the way to new atmospheric formations for upgrading mankind.

The Pyramids of Giza continue to play an important role in the run of Earth from the Subtle Plane. The protection of the entire complex is the highest possible. The training of its operators, chosen among people, takes place before the incarnation.

At the moment, Giza is receiving streams of blue-violet GELUS energy. With its help, Argorians scan and gauge the accumulated Intelligence plasma, determine the strength of resistance to external influences in the molecules of protein organisms, as well as to incoming wave pulses.

Energy flows from the Gerios Galaxy are directed into the Earth’s core. In it, the white-pink with blue shades MITRON energy is synthetizing. It equalizes the atmospheric pressure on the planet, evenly distributes the gravitational stress of matter, and saves the accumulated 5D plasma from destruction by vortexes.

The MITRON impact is made through the descending plane of the 28th parallel where the materialization of energy begins.

The tense situation persists on the continental shelf off the island of La Palma. The active eruption of the Cumbre volcano continues. The output of planetary energy here is accompanied by large lava emissions.

**By Lev

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