Mary Magdalene: Role Play Of Man And Woman

Dear friends, dear men and women,

I am Mary Magdalene. I am your sister and your friend. I know your journey; I have been human, too. I know what it is like to go through the depth of human emotion.

You are full of courage and I wish you would honor yourself. You all have a deep wisdom inside you; you all are old souls. You consented to take the plunge into material reality to again come back to Earth, knowing that doing so would veil your knowledge, your wisdom.

When you return to Earth, you come from a realm of peace and light. But in all of you are still unresolved issues that arose in previous lives. So when you enter a new incarnation, such as this one, you consent to again work with those issues.

There is a deep yearning in your soul to heal yourself and to become whole. And in doing so, while on Earth, you are also contributing to humanity´s growth. Healing yourself and sharing your energy with the world, are not separate things. Your soul is now transitioning into a heart-based awareness by letting go of an ego-based awareness, and this is also what humanity at large is heading toward. A new Earth is dawning, and you are its builders and creators. By healing yourself on the inner level, you contribute most to the birth of the new world.

Some of you doubt yourself and you think you have not yet accomplished much in your life. But this life you are now living is not so much about worldly accomplishment. It is much more about becoming a master of your own energy; about really recognizing that you are a soul, a divine being: that spark of light which was at the beginning of Creation, and about recognizing that light as your own.

You come from a past and a tradition where this spark of light has become stifled and repressed. And one of the ways that your light became repressed was through the struggle that arose between men and women. Your spirit is free and can dance with any energy that it wants to; you have lived both female and male lives. But, in your tradition and society, the roles of male and female became defined, and narrowed you down.

Women were forced to deny their true power, creativity, and independence. For a long time women were thought to be inferior to men, not having the capacity to reason and think clearly. A lot of that has changed, but you should not underestimate the traces that this tradition has left on the female psyche.

On the other hand, boys, from a young age, were discouraged from showing their feelings and being vulnerable. They were taught to shut down their intuitive female energy, they had to be strong and in control. And in this way, an artificial polarity was created between men and women, making it seem as if they came from different planets, as a famous book says, but this is really a tragedy.

No one can live solely from the male or the female energy. The true joy of a romantic relationship is in the meeting of two souls. And in that meeting, you also play the role of human man and woman. But that role-play is much more diverse and unique than the simple roles that were allowed to men and women in the past.

Another tragic effect of this history is that many of you yearn for a perfect partner. You often deny your own female or male energy and you look for it in the opposite sex. And if you fall in love with someone in this way, expecting him or her to make you complete, this will end up in disappointment. Because no one else can make you complete; only you can do this.

There can be a great attraction in the idea of a “perfect other half”, but it can also be a great pitfall. What you truly long for is to again become one with your soul: becoming one with the free and independent spirit that you really are. And when you enter into a relationship from the level of your soul, feeling whole unto yourself, then that relationship can be truly an abundant one; not filling up holes inside you, but adding love, joy, and harmony to an already full life.

I ask you to now connect with your soul in the following way: if you are a woman, imagine that your male energy is now coming toward you, and if you are male, imagine your female energy entering your energy field.  And you can see an actual man or woman, beautifully dressed perhaps – very handsome (laughing) – imagine whatever you like. If you already have images of a perfect partner, you can bring forth this image now.

Now imagine he or she is there for you and look into their eyes. Reach out your hands to receive this other person, and ask yourself: ¨Where is the energy of this being needed most in my body?¨ If you are a man, see how this female energy affects your heart and, if you can, allow her into your heart. If you are a woman, ask the male energy to support you in the area of your abdomen and lower chakras. Feel how the male energy can give you a sense of space and freedom within your own energy field.

If you let the male and female energies merge inside you, you will still be a sexual being. You will feel attracted to a partner of the opposite sex, but the energy exchange will be different. You will take full responsibility for yourself in a relationship, and this will bring joy and freedom into the relationship. You are then not expecting the other person to make you complete, you are whole unto yourself.

When you look at the transition and the general transformation of consciousness on Earth, it has a lot to do with how male and female energies relate to one another. As you complete your inner journey, and you find the sacred union between the two energies, you will truly become an inhabitant of the new Earth. You will have one foot in the human world, being male or female, parent or child – playing different roles according to who you are – while the other foot will be firmly in the realm of your soul, the realm of freedom. And this is how you actually channel or bridge the realm of the soul with the realm of Earth.

Finally, I am asking you to simply feel the energy of your true being, of your soul, all round you now. You are safe; you are carried in divine arms; you are a child of the universe. You are here to explore and to live – freely. Do not be ashamed; do not feel guilty. Be free.

Thank you.

**Channel: Pamela Kribbe


2 Replies to “Mary Magdalene: Role Play Of Man And Woman”

  1. Diamond Black

    Role is simple.
    Female is the creator, Male is the Curator.

    The original definition of curator is “guardian of a minor”. otherwords female has a baby, male is the guardian of the baby from predators.

    anyhow, it’s how it should still be but hmph, the archons really F’d things up.