Full Moon; Venus Retrograde 12/18/2021

We are PRESENT WITH YOU during this monumental Shift of experience and consciousness. These shifts lead toward your HEART awareness of BEING. We are The Divine Council of Overseers, present with The Queen of Light, The Pleiadian Council of Light and Azoora.

This Gemini Full Moon With Venus Retrograde, may feel like a very fated period of experience for you.

Things my come up from your past, either to clear and renew, or things may shift dramatically connected with your own personal destiny.

Many of these experiences that are connected to past lives, may carry with them a sense of Déjà vu for you. This Full Moon on December 19th, 2021 at 12:35 am AST (check your local time zone) may be an auspicious experience and also may be a very trying for some of you.

As we pass though all experiences, always remember we are the eternal flow, the awareness that observes, what is flowing through us.

Destiny and Fate may hold many different beliefs within your subconscious mind. And it is in this, the subconscious mind, that Full Moon energies ALWAYS LOVE TO AMPLIFY, within you.

So when it feels like bad things are happening and your experience is NOT what you think you desire, remember to always turn to your HEART awareness as this is the only true sanctuary of the eternal. This exists in the perfect love, through the ONE that observes. You are the observing of the Flow and even now, breathe deeply, relax and feel your heart space. List to the sound of your heart. Allow your heart to so expand it surrounds you with its radiance.

The Golden Light from the Central Sun activates this entire energetic and magnetic field that we call Earth. You are held within and beyond this sphere of consciousness. And it is only through the heart that you become the MASTER OF FORM and become the LOVE and DESTINY that you desire.

Eternity awaits the acknowledgment of that that which is now, for you.

That is also your ASCENSION. WE love to say being your Cosmic God Self. As ascension sounds like something to be done based on time. Whereas BEING your Cosmic God Self is something that you already ARE. This exists in no time. No effort. It is the ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR HEART with your ETERNAL SELF.

The process feels as though this is in time, that is not so.

Now, back to the Full Moon and the propensity towards an emotional uprooting of what you felt you were done with, and/or, being catapulted into as a destiny experience.

This Full Moon trine Jupiter, may bring blessings and the EXPANSION of your Heart awareness we are activating you through as you read this. The Full Moon is also quincunx Venus, quincunx Pluto, with Venus being retrograde and Venus conjunct Pluto. NOW, the opportunities for great DEPTH of transformation is off the Richter scale here. Even though the ultimate response of the transformation may feel challenging, ultimately it is for your GREATER awareness and Love.

With the energetic impulses of frequencies that the Full Moon itself brings up through you (Sun Opposite Moon) we have the profound fate and destiny ASPECT THAT is most likely to play the most major role through your experiences. With Venus Retrograde Conjunct Pluto, we have the power and the presence, along with Jupiter (frequencies)THROUGH OUR ETERNAL SELF, to land into the awareness of being, our Divine Cosmic God Self. With all the awareness that this brings, DESTINY ITSELF greets us.

As the BEING THE alignment through our heart. Receiving and Being the Eternal Unconditional Love, that is a PRESENCE that is so glorious, that this is, you are, ALL THAT IS.

It is in this DIVINE LOVE, that we activate you and BLESS your journey, to be one that is the awareness of the ETERNAL YOU. SO THAT there is nothing to do, only to BE. In forever love.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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  1. En-Kai-Ra

    You are a glorious Being of light
    Bless you and your purity of divine communication and communion dear friend of the light.
    May you be honored this Holy-Day season in Joyous bounty and blessings for your service 🎄✨🙏🎁