The Disintoxication Process Is Intensified


It’s not being easy for any of you! The roller coaster of the uncomfortable symptoms that each one is experiencing, seems to have no end. When calmness arrives bringing the long-awaited relief, it doesn’t last long as new and different symptoms appear, causing many to despair. You have to trust the Divine Plan! Don’t give up now because the worst is over.

The energy adjustment, especially of the physical body needs to be made, since carbon-based, will rise to a crystal-clear foundation. Many souls have made a plan for the current incarnation, choosing not to go through the process, and so disincarnate before the change. Others, however, chose to undergo transformation into tangible life, and now feel each symptom of energy change, not only of themselves, but of everything on this planet.

In a previous text, it was said that YOU ARE NOT GETTING SICK. In it we bring a range of symptoms that may in fact be closely linked to the frequency adjustment each is doing. If anyone doesn’t remember or didn’t even read it, come back a bit on the date here in this series of texts and you’ll be able to compare to what’s happening

Another text was also recently written about FIVE DOORS IN 40 DAYS. In that text, the main measurement was that many would be hastening the change of their DNA in this period, and in times to come. Moving from DNA to GNA requires much more efforts than human’s simple energy change.

In this DNA exchange, physical bodies undergo a deconstruction of physiological systems to activate new systems and frequencies. And in order for this to happen, a DISINTOXICATION of the physical vessels, i.e. human bodies.

This detoxification process is not the same for everyone, although many symptoms are the same or similar. It also doesn’t necessarily occur at the same time for everyone, since we’re in the same world, but changes imply in a number of individual factors. We could compare to a fruitful tree: not all its fruits mature at once; some before and others after, but there is a period whose time is sufficient to complete the maturation of them all.

I leave it on record here beforehand, that I will not answer repetitive questions about such symptoms, because as we always say, all symptoms without apparent cause, may be linked to the changes that occur now with most humans.

You go through this change and there’s no running away from it. Even those who did not choose to rise their soul in this current incarnation, the day will come that will feel the energy vibrations conflicting with their own. Of course, it doesn’t have to be now, since their bodies don’t have the need to remain on the New Earth.

Today’s topic requires attention in a very important detail in order to reassure the most distressed. As the energy generated by the opening of the 5 Portals in these 40 days, will change the DNA of the physical bodies considerably, a very deep DISINTOXICATION is needed.

We could compare to the work a mechanic will do on a car engine. Before starting the work, you need to clean the whole engine, removing the buildup of dust, dirt and all the dirt stuck in the component parts.

Our physical body is ′′ dusty, dirty and contaminated ′′ by energy impurities, but mostly heavy metals. This includes the elementals that have also been mentioned in previous texts. Chemicals impregnated in air, water, food and especially medicines. This is all stored in the human organism, and for the DNA exchange, detoxification is urgently needed.

The viruses and the known bacteria have always done a certain cleanup for all time. After all, that’s the role of this existent life form on this planet. This justifies the higher frequency of flu symptoms that some may be experiencing, even if it’s mild and passenger. But in these days, many other symptoms have intensified, such as pains and discomfort in the stomach and intestines; abdominal stew; after meal burn; liver, bladder and bilic problems; renal discomfort; passenger diarrhea; nausea and vomit anxiety; extreme fatigue; abnormal sleep; and a few others since you can’t quote them all.

Most of these symptoms are connected to the digestive system. Many can no longer eat certain foods that used to be pleasant to taste. Now they cause some repugnance because the body doesn’t want them. The amount of food before ingested, now starts to weigh much more. It’s urgently needed to reduce this too.

Much has been said here before that food would change soon. It has begun! But don’t worry too much about it, as each one will do their own process individually and naturally. Don’t force anything! Be compassionate to your body. He just needs you to understand him. YOUR NOT GETTING SICK On the contrary, you are healing from all the known evils so far. You are turning into the NEW HUMAN!

How can you help yourself in this process? So that the subject doesn’t extend too much and becomes exhausting reading, I’ll split it into two articles. Next, I’ll try to put into words some techniques that are passed on to us by Angelic kingdom, and also some experiences that many report and bring incredible results. Turn time is coming! Everything will get more and more intense and vibrant. The process can’t wait! You who are ready, can’t wait either! Up and down the energies compress now here in the Earth’s crust. This is the long-awaited time for all Eras. And here we go to New Earth!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is to clarify.


**By Vital Frosi


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  1. Teresa Bain

    There are many foods that I can no longer eat. Any type of animal is at the top of that list; I cringe at the thought of consuming the flesh of another living being. And I find myself craving fruit and vegetables and nuts and lots of rice instead. All of that “happened” and was not a conscious decision. Listening is so very important now. God bless!!