Archangel Jophiel: Each Event Strengthens You

I am Jophiel. I thank my great friend for this speech. I come to complete it, to express it in a perhaps different, more Western way as he says.

You are going through, as you know, a whole temporal period, a whole temporal period which allows the planet to rise at the same time as its population.

So, all the planetary movements are also movements of energy of your souls, of your hearts, of your bodies, and God knows that these movements of energy are accelerating today, are multiplying, giving you the impression of no longer being able to follow external circumstances.

What Master Lanto tried to express in his own way is how necessary it is to let go of the idea of ​​following everything that is happening, of knowing everything that is happening, of being ‘to inform of everything that is happening, but to be able to land in the present moment.

What Master Lanto tried to express – I just put it in a different way – is that the attitude he calls “standing in the present moment” is to observe without judging what is going on. very regularly, therefore, to be able, very regularly, to be in an attitude ultimately of non-judgment, of observation, of looking at this world exactly as if you were a tree, exactly as if you were a reed.

Observe the human as if you are not human, that’s what I’m trying to tell you, as if you belong to another kingdom. “Yes, but I am human, I cannot deny my quality, my human sensitivity.  ” I am not asking you to deny your human sensibility, I ask you to accept your natural sensitivity, accept your sensitivity in the plant kingdom. This sensitivity is that of allowing oneself to be crossed by energy and not only by events.

The strength of a tree is that of the bad weather it undergoes. The more a tree suffers the wind, the storm, the cold, and the more it will strengthen its trunk, space itself out, gain width, to undergo these events smoothly. He naturally grows in the face of these events. He adapts naturally to what is happening. Your true nature does this too and naturally adapts to what is happening.

When I invite you to ask yourself, to observe the events around you without judgment, it is to say to yourself: anyway, these events will strengthen you. Whatever happens outside, apparently every event will strengthen your true nature. Each event will reinforce this.

You can’t do it artificially. A tree does not put on a mantle, it creates its bark. What this means is that resisting in an appearance of course helps under certain circumstances, but does not actually strengthen your true divine nature, that nature of mastery. We feel the mastery, we do not add it. We can feel it.

What attitude to have? Sit on a bench and observe nature. Nature observes its own laws, but it does not observe human laws. Observe these humans who move, who ask themselves questions, who no longer even know where their energy really comes from, convinced that only earthly food can keep them alive. Observe them. Maybe laugh – you have the right to laugh at yourself, because you are part of them. Watch them move and ask that the Divine Spirit send you this understanding that each test, each event comes to strengthen your structure, comes to strengthen your energy.

There is no point in fighting for it. If the tree is to fall, it will fall, but if the tree must not fall, it will become stronger. So, keep this idea of ​​strength inside of you, of saying, “Everything I live, everything I go through, strengthens the Divine within me. ”

So little by little, with a little hindsight but a retreat without memory, a simple retreat, you will say to yourself: “I have granted the power to such and such a person to make me unhappy, or unhappy, I have left this circumstance to me. sweep away, and I forgot who I was. I forgot my true nature. I forgot the brotherhood, I forgot to seek outside help. I leaned towards myself, telling myself that the solution would only come from me. ”

You may not know it, but all trees communicate with each other. All trees communicate with each other by their roots, by emanations of energy from their leaves, by their own form, which is a state of communication, but it is natural.

It just happens naturally. In other words, someone who takes back their natural aspect, will allow another person to help them, to pick them up, to help them understand, but it happens naturally when you stop deciding that you are the solution.

You may be the solution for your brother or your sister, but the truth is, you cannot be the solution for yourself. God is the solution for you. And God finds his solution through the multitude of who you are, in your state of Higher Consciousness yes, but also in your state of apparent unity on Earth. So, the solution is common.

Don’t ask yourself who is going to help you or when they are going to help you. It will happen naturally, at the right time and the right person. Have faith like the trees. This is why this ordeal, which you are going through, and which will continue to put pressure on you, so that you learn, that you train yourself in this confidence, in this faith.

This is what is going through you in the present times, in the present circumstances. These apparent trials are there to put you at peace.

Some are already, others will be. Everything fits. Everything is placed in a very right direction, in perfect harmony.

Don’t worry about being too early, too late, again in judging your condition, saying to yourself, “but I’m already in this state” or “ I would love to have this state . Time and circumstances all work the same on you.

Everything fits. The leaves of a tree do not all grow on the same day, nor do they all fall on the same day. But the season is immutable, and the season does its work.

You are in the season of the renewal of circumstances, of planetary renewal.

I am going to insist on something that Master Lanto mentioned between the lines, but I will repeat it to you: you will live new and joyful circumstances, after circumstances which will be a little more unhappy, but what I want to tell you is: rejoice.

Rejoice, for with the retreat of space-time, in a new present time, your glory is pronounced. Which means that you are all going to rise up from what is happening on Earth, which is the rise of planetary energy, the rise of this Earth ship that you are on, the uplifting your consciousness.

It is not something that has to be worked on, it is something that has to be accepted.

Do you say to a young child, “You absolutely have to grow your bones. You absolutely have to renew your skin, otherwise you won’t grow taller”? No. He grows naturally. Its framework evolves in a natural way. So of course, from time to time it gets stuck, it hurts. Do you remember the pain that bones make when they grow up, that pain when you were a young child and become a young adult? Well, this pain also exists in the circumstances that make you grow taller.

You can’t force it, it’s not very healthy to force all of that, but let the being grow, let it evolve, let it make its bones, its new character, its divine character and let this character arise and s ‘to impose, in great gentleness, great peace and great wisdom, a great divine charisma, for you have this charisma and you have this strength.

Souls of Light and Love, our message today was that of Peace, was that of our invitation: Get up. Get up again, and again. None of you will regret it. None of you will really regret this time. Some, still in character, will find that they took too long to get up or that they haven’t got up yet. Maybe they think so, but in truth the work will have been done. You will have been passed through by the divine sculptor, and the work will be great, divine.

We will continue our messages of encouragement. We will continue our help in understanding.

We will not invite you to fight, we will invite you to Peace, because the real fight starts in Peace. Peaceful warriors always win.

Be blessed with the times and the circumstances.

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.