Archangel Michael: Be Ready

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

Being here as always and as has been said by all, is always a reason for much joy and much light for us. A time of total unbalance, a time of surprises, not so good, is approaching. It is not for anyone to be terrified, much less to be afraid. The time is for trust. It is always that time when the world will fall down around you but you will fall back on your feet, because you trust. So this will be the greatest test.

We have been telling you here for some time now, be ready. It is as if your world, as you say, will turn upside down. Everything will go out of order, nothing will make sense anymore within what has been determined and defined for you, a lot will change. It is exactly these changes that we want you to be ready for, that we want you to accept without anger, accept without judgment, accept without commentary. We can always say the following: Father/Mother God is never wrong!

So once again let us state, that everything that happens in your world, has nothing to do with decisions from Father/Mother God, with punishments from Father/Mother God for you to be punished. You are only reaping what you have sown over time. But now I can say, yes, there will be the hand of Mother/Father God interceding on this planet. No more mess, no more disruption. You will be an evolved race, and as such, you need to act like an evolved race. Then everything that binds you to the past, to terror, to everything that was not planned by Father/Mother God, will be eliminated. You will have the chance to live in a New World with very different concepts and laws than you have today.

So we can only say that now, yes, there will be the hand of Father/Mother God at work all over the planet. And how will the hand of Father/Mother God act? Through us, we are His representatives. The Beings of Light that are around, all those who are participating in this evolution of the planet, are following orders from Father/Mother God. We know it won’t be easy, we know you won’t understand; and worse, we will judge. I just say, we are not worried about that, you have to learn to live in the New World where the universal laws will have to be obeyed. The planet will no longer have its own laws, you will live under Universal Laws that are much stricter and much more productive than the laws you have on this planet.

So it will be up to each one of you to find that point of balance, to find that point where you will continue to believe in us or not. That is up to you. If you are going to want to judge us, no longer respect us, that is a shame, because you will still be stuck with everything that you were taught, that brought your planet to where it is today. So, how is everything you live by right? Look at the point you have reached, do you live happy and peaceful lives? Is your world equal? No one goes hungry, everyone has the right to everything? Many will reply, “But that’s the way it has to be, everyone gets what they deserve!” Then I answer: it’s a pity, because you are still stuck in the beliefs you have been taught for a long time.

So it will be up to you, in the moments to come, to simply erase from your minds, everything you have learned, everything your laws and rulers have imposed on you, and to start seeing the world in a different way; a truly egalitarian world, a world where everyone will have the right to everything, a world where no one will go hungry, where no one is superior to anyone else. If this is a utopia for you, or something that doesn’t resonate in your heart, that’s okay, then you will continue to follow your road in the Third Dimension, no problem. You still have a long way to go, to learn that the world is not this, the world cannot be this, it cannot be what you live in today.

So start taking a stand, start placing yourself without judgment, start placing yourself just living each moment. It doesn’t matter what comes, it doesn’t matter what you will see, it doesn’t matter what you will know. What matters is that you are being set free, what matters is that you are totally free from any kind of bondage. So start cutting the ties, with a lot of what you believe and what you think is right.

The truths will not be easy, and you will need to have a lot of faith, a lot of determination, a lot of balance, so that you can stand up and fall down. Otherwise, you will blend in with the rest, and all the walking you have done so far will be for nothing. Because you will not be accepting anything, you will be judging us and regretting that you have come this far. But we always say: The choice is up to each one of you. Each one of you…; it is as if you are finishing a cycle in school, where now you have to decide which way you are going to go. Are you going to try to get to higher levels, or are you going to stay there; what you have learned is fine… “That’s enough, I don’t need to go any further”. Great, so you’re making a choice, and you’re certainly not going to live it on this planet.

Now, if you choose to evolve, then yes, you will have a series of obstacles and trials. Nothing ends, nothing is set in stone, your journey is just beginning. Like everything new that you start, you never know if you will finish. But if you have willpower, faith, and confidence, there is no reason why it can’t work out, there is no reason why you can’t get there. So just choose what you want to live, whether you want to accept what was said doesn’t matter, what will be said you will trust, you will accept, you will not judge, you will just continue on your way. I just say one thing to each one of you: What will be done in your world, will not directly affect you specifically, unless you want to hurt yourself for the other, unless you want to suffer the suffering of the other.

So once again I say: Look at your walk, forget about the other’s walk. Take care of your path, take care of your evolution, forget about what happens around you. Will you be hurting yourself for someone you thought you knew, but who deep down was not at all what you thought they were? I would tell you that it will be a waste of time. You have grown accustomed to idolizing humans, you put humans on a pedestal. And I will tell you, from these pedestals, the great majority will fall, and you will regret, very much, idolizing them. You do not idolize another brother, you do not idolize anything, not even us. We don’t want idolatry, we don’t want passion; we want a light and pure love, that’s all.

So why idolize a brother? He is as human as you are. Is he everything he appears to be, is he as perfect as you imagine? Or is that just a shell? You will get that answer. So stop idolizing, whoever it is, because nobody deserves idolatry. Idolatry is a Third Dimension thing, where you stop living your own way to live the other’s way. We have already talked about this several times here. So start, if you haven’t started yet, to look at your own path, forget the other’s path, and forget what will happen to the other. Ah, you have suffered for the defeat of the other, for the unmasking of the other, why? Is that other part of you, is that other part of your body? So why hurt for him, so why suffer for him?

Nobody has to suffer for anybody, each one has to look at his or her own path. Suffering is part of one’s path, and if that other has encountered suffering, it is part of his or her path, you don’t have to suffer together. Understand this. Many still don’t understand and many still don’t accept this. They think that they have to annul their lives in order to live the suffering of the other. And I tell you: this also reverberates, this also has a harvest, stop living the suffering of the other. I’m not telling you here to abandon anybody, you can love, you can care, but without suffering the suffering of the other, this is entirely possible.

So be ready, every day more ready, because every day “The Great Day” approaches. Many people think that once again we are lying that nothing will happen. So just wait, and when it does, then you will believe it. And then I will want to see how you will behave. Will you trust and fall on your feet, or will you get tangled up in the mass, in the wave, in the mud that will form around you? Then I’ll want to see each one of you.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


23 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Be Ready”

  1. Bill

    Judging something as being false because it doesn’t fit your believe system, is kind of what Archangel Michael is talking about going forward.

    1. Susla

      It is not about belief system, it is about their internal discernment system.
      Vania almost always has channelings with spots of darkness.
      Could be because she is channeling from darkness, that are lying to look light, but not completely able to show pure light.

      When people have an intuition, it is very sad that you shame them and distort their intuition for future experiences. They should ALWAYS trust what they feel, and NEVER ever should they listen to you, and outside person, or any other external source.

      So stop judging people because they dont like what you like. Their belief system can be as good as yours or even better.

  2. Bill

    This message is talking about who will be ascending to 5D. I believe what Archangel Michael is saying in this message is to stay neutral when you see others receiving judgment for past crimes or for not following universal laws. Be concerned with your own path to ascension and not what befalls others, for what you think you know about someone you may have worshiped (rich and famous) may not be the whole truth. Don’t let their suffering bring you down. In other words, you cannot make someone else ascend. You must work on your own ascension. He is not saying that you should turn your back on your own children when they are hurting. I believe a child that is under the age of accountability will go with the parents, what ever path that is.

  3. Tess

    This message, among other things, is warning you that those who cling to 3D teachings, and that includes those things of some traditional faiths, those who put certain persons on a pedestal, who may or may not be worthy of such admiration, those who choose to feel personally for those who align with 3D thinking, no matter what relation, those who are prejudiced against anyone outside their perceived group, are about to be tested through changes that will occur to bring the planet up to speed with universal law. The message is to not grieve with those who haven’t evolved enough to get through this next stage, be they someone you know or someone you idolized. Be not afraid, be not personally and emotionally invested in another’s fate as all have walked their own path up to this point. Santa has been watching, knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.. Lol. Seriously, due to the way minds have been steered in this 3D paradigm, it could get hard to cope when justice comes knocking on the door. The community has been learning and learning that which is not told through MSM, When the going gets tough, stand firm in your Light.

  4. david k gates

    With each message I read, I watch my feelings and how the message makes me feel.I felt 2-3 jabs that didnt sit well with me and my intuition noticed immediately.

    EGO—-“If you are going to want to judge us, no longer respect us, that is a shame, because you will still be stuck with everything that you were taught, that brought your planet to where it is today”

    I see others felt this as well

  5. Misha

    Any message that brings fear and division in our hearts are not of higher vibrations. This message is ego based and not of an Archangel Michael!

    1. Misha

      Another message in opposite TO THIS WARNING that comes out of this dense message above.

      This is from Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka



      When you see those who dwell in darkness and fear, flow to them your unconditional love so to awaken their inner light and allow them to serve all beings upon the earth.

      1. Gordon Jackson

        Oh please, Darryl Anka is a failed actor that found this gig that brings him some money by conning gullible clowns. He is no more authentic than Blossom Goodchild or Hilal Kejrag

    2. Galaxy

      This message Feels quite murky and disjointed. Let us offer it up to a Brighter Light and keep going.

  6. Diamond Black

    Mantra: ALL dark spells and rituals manifested upon humanity must be reversed immediately.

    A key can lock, the same key reversed can unlock.

  7. John Sutter

    Humanity has been living in a matrix of perceptual control for who knows how long. These falsely manufactured perceptions create the insane reality we now suffer under.

    And this Archangel says WE are reaping what we have sown.

    The only hope we could possibly have is that there is some break in the MSM/Government control grid of information. We talk of people awakening but it’s far too little too late. Even people on here believe the Wuhan lab story and Fauci created SARSCOV2. It’s just a cover story to keep you believing in the virus.

    There are so many people out there(the overwhelming majority) that have absolutely no critical thinking skills or ability to think independently that whatever comes from Govt/MSM is accepted without any question.

    You could feed them a poop sandwich and they’d lick their fingers clean.

    I don’t think there are Archangels. I think these messages from such alleged beings are to lead us astray.

    1. Lara

      The jury might be out on archangels (although I believe in them). But most of these “channeled” messages are fake. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water….

      1. John Sutter

        She said most, not all. And, does not the owner of this site post these channels for you to read and draw your own conclusions?

        Even when he makes his own posts he tells you to make of it what you will.

        So I don’t understand your question to Lara.

        1. Lara

          Thank you, John. Well said.

          Bill: I read widely — as any curious, educated person does. And when I read, I try to be discerning — as any sensible person should.

  8. Pla

    As the time goes, this all human reality looks like a large genetic-mental-souls torturing experiment. If God is almighty, why would he need experiment?

  9. Hera

    Thank you Archangel Michael, but what if who suffers is our children, do we just turn away from them also, l couldn’t do that and no one else l reacon would either, we didn’t have that much time to be ready, being bought up much different than you for so long, we are all here to live and create our realities with our families and friends, now your saying don’t help anyone, l don’t feel you are the real ARchangel Michael, certainly not the loving and caring one l have come to know, thank you for your thoughts on the matter, love, light, peace, joy and harmony.

    1. Linda Rosa

      Hera–I too cannot imagine or permit myself to think only of myself while my children might be suffering and hurting. Did not Jesus Christ suffer and shed His precious blood on behalf of all of humanuty? I choose to follow the peace, love, beauty and Light of Jesus.