The Great Central Sun—Personified Source

The GREAT CENTRAL SUN is the LIGHT at the center of the cosmos (whose beginning and end cannot be calculated in human terms) which is a personification or spiritual symbol of SOURCE—INFINITE PRESENCE—CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN. In other words, it is a vibrational energy of LIGHT that cannot be seen—only sensed or felt with a Higher level of consciousness which is the domain of the HIGHER SELF—THE SOUL.

We can envision it as pure bright LIGHT soaring down into our planet which has been referred to by various names over many ages such as “Geb”, “Gaia”, “Earth”, etc.

The Sun of our solar system is a material formation of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN–a spiritual gateway— and it explodes daily with solar flares (powerful pulsations of photons, electrons, carbon dioxide gases, and other substances), coronal mass ejections, abbreviated as “CMEs” (particle waves filled with radiation frequencies)—and the solar winds thrust the flares and the coronal mass ejections from the Sun at varying kilometers per second (km/s).

For example, today, Monday, December 20, 2021, the solar winds are currently traveling at approximately 506 km/s, and normal wind speeds are between 300 and 400 km/s.

So, as can be gleaned, the winds are very heightened. We have also had at approximately 6:36 AM (EST) today a strong “M.1-Class” solar flare.

The “KP Index”, which registers the activations or disturbances to our planet caused by the flares, CMEs, and winds, has given today’s rating “storm level” which indicates that the solar energy is activating our planet’s inner core and outer field to such a degree that earthquakes, tornadoes, thunder storms, snow storms, powerful rains, and floods are possible in certain places around the world according to how the planet turns on its axis to receive the vibrational “pull” of the solar energies.

One of the most prestigious institutions which studies and registers the “KP Index” is located in Oulu, Finland.

The letters “KP” are from the German word “kinnofer” which translates as “characteristic digit”.

There are many people in the world who say that both the Sun and the Moon are basically artificial and have been developed by off-Earth or extra-terrestrial intelligence long ago before humans developed on this planet and prior to many other entities being formulated in other cosmic domains.

However, in diligently studying the most ancient of scriptures—which are those of the Vedic civilization—we find that the principles discussed as well as the Sanskrit language is what is called an “off-Earth” or “off-planetary” linguistical pattern which has not been codified by humanity and from whose phonemes (syllabic sounds) other languages have been formed.

The language was dispensed to humanity via those known as “Rishis” (“Sages”) by the process called “Sruti” which translates as “To Hear”.

When the “Rishis” taught it to others, it was via the process known as “Smirti” which is “To Receive”.

In these scriptures, which are many thick volumes in scope, the Sun and the Moon is taught to have been created by SOURCE, not by any other sentient (conscious) beings who were themselves created by SOURCE.

Those who do not follow these ancient scriptures nor any other scriptures are free to do so because we have been gifted with free will.

However, seemingly the free will capacity of both humanity as well as other beings in other universes has gotten “out-of-hand” to use a cliche term.

Thus, they have voluntarily removed themselves via a consciousness shift from the LIGHT of SOURCE which is indeed our HIGHER SELF—OUR SOUL (individually and collectively).

This is the actual “fall of mankind” as the biblical scriptures (HOLY BIBLE) indicate in terms of a very interesting narrative. Therefore, the “fallen angels” is “fallen consciousness”.

Each human being (as well as other planetary entities in other realms) brings into a specific incarnation what are known as “samskaras” which are the “conditionings” of previous lifetimes of both individual and ancestral imprints into the DNA which resides in each of our cells as cellular memory.

This often accounts for people being born with certain imperfections of the physical vessel or the mental state. In other words, the “programming” of the DNA goes on and on throughout many generational eons of the space/time continuum without healing.

Sometimes, however, people who are born perfectly healthy can attract particular impediments due to poor eating habits, disharmonious thoughts and feelings, stressful lives, etc.—all of which are predicated upon levels of consciousness that are outside of the SOURCE LIGHT connection.

In the current time line, SOURCE is correcting the disharmonies wrought by those who have “fallen”.

The correction is being made by opportunities being given (again via free will which is never tampered with) for elevations in consciousness to the super-consciousness of the SOUL through the potent solar flares, CMEs, solar winds, and other cosmic events which are all manifestations of the orchestrations of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN—SOURCE ITSELF!

We cannot know for certain why SOURCE allows the continuance of certain so-called “illnesses” or “diseases” to occur with people.

We can only know that they are not haphazard or just “by chance”.

They have a root cause–either in a far ago past or within the habits of a current time line.

For example, one of my students was born with spina-bifida.

When her Mother was carrying her in the womb, the Father, who was physically abusive, struck the Mother during an argument when the Mother was in the final weeks of pregnancy, and she fell to the floor.

When my student was born, her spinal column was horribly twisted, and she has endured tremendous pain throughout her life.

Doctors told her that she would one day be in a wheelchair.

However, her consciousness elevated so profoundly after studying ancient scriptures and delving into ancient healing paradigms that she is now almost pain-free and walks straight.

Nobody would ever believe her past challenges.

The doctors are amazed and have inquired as to her spiritual beliefs and to what she uses as healing modalities.

I am not saying that everyone who becomes an advocate of ancient Divinely-revealed teachings will experience this type of happening.

It takes a very strong faith and determination to elevate and to change one’s circumstances.

It can be achieved through deep prayer and meditation which involves a personal relationship with SOURCE which eventuates in an elevation to— and a connection with— the HIGHER SELF which will then eventuate into wonderful guidance being given.

At the initial creation of what is referred to as being “human”, we were pure SPIRIT (Life Force) and SOUL (Higher Consciousness) which manifested as crystalline-like formations.

With the “fall”, as discussed earlier above, a carbon-like or dense consistency occurred—the “maya” or “illusion” discussions of the ancient teachings.

We are now being given opportunities to return to crystallization.

The energetics from the cosmos are often difficult to handle, but they are clearing-out and cleansing-off many ages of disharmonious experiences.

As the LIGHT moves through our DNA and thus our cellular records comprised of material molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, etc., there are “Light Activation Symptoms” which are also called “Ascension Symptoms” by many persons.

This occurs because the LIGHT is strongly pushing in and on nerve endings (“nadis” in Sanskrit) and all muscles, organs, tissues, bones, joints, ligaments, etc.

All sorts of physical, mental, and emotional reactions are the result of this process of “re-birth”—including old issue with which people may have been born with recently or years ago.

Babies to adults are experiencing particular “symptoms” of the “Shift of the Ages”.
Humanity is in “labor” to return to its original “Divine Design”.

I always recommend that people engage in daily prayer (according to their chosen path—there is one GOD or SOURCE), and ask for knowledge regarding their particular issues.

The information may come in a dream or through a vision or through a book or documentation with which a person may resonate. It may even come as an audio-psychic experience or a hearing of the voice of the HIGHER SELF during meditation.

It is SOURCE that has created all of the seen and unseen realms—all energies—all frequencies.

Sentient beings merely sometimes use the creations of SOURCE to develop other “things” such as when the trunks of trees become dwellings or when iron and steel become transportation vehicles or when electricity becomes the light in our homes and offices.

Mankind did not create the seeds which become trees nor the iron or steel or electrical or magnetic dynamics of the cosmos—nor was the Sun and Moon an invention of mankind or any other cosmic being.

Certainly mankind has unwisely tampered with Nature, and a price is being paid for this.

It is SOURCE alone which has gifted all beings with the “things” with which life in the varying realms is actualized.

How we use those “things” determines the vitality of ourselves and others—age after age—eon after eon.

Our wellness in body, mind, emotions, and even spirit is determined by our relationship to the DIVINE ABSOLUTE–SOURCE— with which we are free to believe in or not. With belief, however, we are richly blessed.

The GREAT CENTRAL SUN is the movement of SOURCE LIGHT throughout all of the galaxies and universes—of which there are many billions.

Our planet is one of the many TRANSMITTERS AND RECEPTORS of LIGHT AND SOUND which also flows through us.

We are learning more and more each day on how to re-connect with our SACRED SOURCE FREQUENCY and how our planet is being “re-constructed”, “re-generated”, and “re-vitalized” and lifted higher in the cosmos and how it is vibrating faster and how eventually all “illusions” will become the LIGHT that we always were meant to be and will be again with our life force and super-consciousness completely in-tact.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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