Heading Into The Solstices And Opening The Heavenly Books

Earth/Gaia is moving through dense slow-moving magnetically-charged solar winds which are mixing with the planetary magnetic field, and this cosmic event could manifest as geomagnetic storms at the poles with colorful auroras in the skies in certain regions attesting to the explosion of coronal mass ejections.

Solar flares are presently occurring from the lower to the mid “C-Class” ranges with “M-Class” flares being a possibility today (Sunday, December 19th) or within coming days.

The magnetosphere surrounding Earth/Gaia is filled with dense particle waves from the aforementioned cosmic events— all of which tend to magnify whenever equinoxes or solstices begin their entrances onto the “cosmic stage”.

Such will be the case when the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere arrive on December 21st.

During a Winter Solstice, the Sun begins to rise to its zenith (high point), and daylight actually begins to become longer by a mere few seconds, although it is not very detectable as cooler temperatures or cold cloudy days and snow-filled streets and roadways become the scenery.

In ancient times, the Sun was known by Astronomers as being in its “aegeus” (Greek for “stable”) during the cool dark autumn season, but when the Winter Solstice arrived, this was called “The Sun Coming Out of Its Cave”.

The Sun reaches its zenith at the Summer Solstice in June in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ancient manuscripts such as the DEAD SEA SCROLLS reveal that the word SUN became SON, and the Hebrew world teacher and savior Yeshua Ha Messiah (known by the Latin name “Jesus”) was erroneously said to have been born in a stable during a cold winter season when there was no room for his parents at an inn in Bethlehem when his Mother “Stada” (given the English name “Mary” centuries later in 325 A.C.E [“After the Common Era”] during the leadership of the Roman Emperor Constantine) began to experience the pangs of labor.

It is said that Emperor Constantine—rather than totally abandoning cosmic and astrological teachings which many disapproved of, decided to turn them into historical events, and thus, many of the biblical accounts of the current era are actually cosmic events involving our Sun, various planets, stars, and other phenomena.

Another example is that the biblical discourse between Solomon and Sheba is actually a poem whereby the Sun and the Moon are sharing loving communication.

The HOLY BIBLE is a collection of Divine revelations as well as historical, metaphysical, cosmic, and mystical writings from the ancient civilizations of Kemet (Egypt), Bharata (India), and Asrae (Israel).

Many other holy books have stood on the shoulders of these ancient books.

Even the Prophet Muhammad of the HOLY QU’RAN in teaching his followers said: “This is not a new revelation.”

Thus, even though there is much cultural tradition in this book, it is also filled with some ancient truths prior to its arrival as the teaching of the Islamic faith.

Just a few (and the operative word is “few” because there are many others) of the ancient holy books which predate our HOLY BIBLE and our HOLY QU’RAN from the civilizations mentioned above are the following:

1.) PER EM HERU (“Book of Coming Forth By Day”)
2.) PER EM PETU (“Book of the Heavens”)
3.) PER EM AMENTA (“Book of the Hidden Eternal Land”)
4.) MAHABHARATA (“Great Land of the Light of the Soul”)
5.) BHAGAVADGITA (“Celestial Song”)
6.) UPANISHADS (“To Sit Down with Wisdom”)—There are 1,008 of these, 108 of which are considered as being most vital.

In terms of Yeshua, he was supposedly actually born in August in about 7 B.C.E. (“Before the Common Era”), and this is the primary reason why he is called “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. A lion is the symbol of the zodiac sign of Leo.

Also, a lion can be a ferocious animal when necessary, and as we know, Yeshua is said to have had normal emotional reactions to certain occurrences such as when he angrily marched into a temple and slapped the hands and the table of money-changers with a cat of nine tails (a type of plant with coarse stalks) and shouted: “You have made my Father’s house a den of thieves!”

It is sometimes the case that discourse regarding cosmic events cannot be separated from the historical tales which have followed them, and such is the case with the coming Winter and Summer Solstices.

Humanity has often personified cosmic happenings as historical experiences in attempts to teach lessons via metaphor.

Learning the languages of the world’s great holy books (ancient Medu Neter, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Amharic, Aramaic, etc.) and conducting research in other ways allows new brain cells to grow and for consciousness to elevate.

It can be a challenging task, but it is well worth the effort so that truth can be separated from falsehood.

Faith grows when it is fertilized by truth, and knowledge deepens when it blooms.

The blooms become the sweet fragrances of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE—SOURCE—INFINITE PRESENCE.

When there is an understanding that the heavens are a COSMIC HOLY BOOK, we can then also understand that it is the BOOK OF LIFE.

The ancient people of Kemet (Egypt) called what we know as “astrology”—HAPETSEBA—which translates as THE STORY OF THE SOUL IN THE HEAVENS and also as THE TEACHINGS OF THE SOUL IN THE HEAVENS.

In Bharata it was and still is known as JYOTISH which translates as GOD’S LIGHT.

Our holy books, which are sacred sustenance, must be read and cherished as DIVINE PRINCIPLES which are far more profound than is realized by the common mindset.

We are a part of the elements of creation—earth, air, fire, water, ether— and of the substances of the stars.

Our experiences are, therefore, encoded in the cosmos as well as within our DNA and cellular memories—which are being cleared of confusion and cleansed of toxicity that has made much of the human system incapable of securely connecting to SOURCE.

Many people think that they are being holy by attending a church, a temple, a mosque, or a center and listening to certain teachings delivered by a particular leader. It is certainly wonderful to worship SOURCE in a community atmosphere and to enjoy sermons and sacred music.

However, we must also remember that Yeshua taught us: “Know ye not that ye are temples of the LIVING GOD?”

In honor of his sage teaching to us, as we enjoy the holidays of Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the Winter or Summer Solstice, light a candle symbolic of Divine Light and incense symbolic of Divine Breath, and draw down SOURCE LIGHT from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of our solar system to our planet and into yourself from your crown to beneath your feet.

Then when you are enveloped in the LIGHT, pray from your heart for healing, peace, and love on our planet.

Then pray for others and finally for yourself. Drink a glass of spring water afterwards for “grounding” back into the material realm.

Many of us around the world pray each evening at 8:00 PM (EST) in this manner, and also many of us recite the Sanskrit mantra “AUM HARI AUM” (“Oh, Divine, please remove pain and suffering”) as many times as possible during a day’s time.


We believe that collective prayer, meditation, and mantra-chanting are powerful. Our planet is comprised of many different paths to the “Divine Throne Room”.

We should respect all of them.

As 2021 closes its show in the “Cosmic Auditorium”, and as 2022 arrives for its “premier”, it is very important to give thanks for our blessings and to petition SOURCE for greater knowledge and the wisdom to apply the knowledge responsibly and correctly.

Each equinox and solstice is special because a new seasonal vibrational frequency is being set onto our planet due to the planet’s movement around the Sun and the Sun’s angular variances of rays of LIGHT and HEAT.

The Winter Solstice has become most celebratory over the ages as a time of particular joy amongst humanity even for those who realize that Yeshua’s true birth date is not the cause of the celebration.

The purpose is to honor another of the miraculous forces of Nature orchestrated by SOURCE LIGHT which comes with the promise of warmer temperatures and colorful plants and flowers in months to come.

We should honor all Divine creations, and so, as Charles Dickens’ character Tiny Tim stated with sparkling eyes and a smiling face: “God bless us everyone!”

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


One Reply to “Heading Into The Solstices And Opening The Heavenly Books”

  1. Wanderer

    Holy books?

    Books are made by humans, so books are subject to them. What is written there is not necessarily true. In many cases these books contain dogmas which have to be believed, never questioned.

    If people declare such a book to be holy, they subject themselves to its content. Then they have made the book their object while they became subjects to the book, which was subject to them in the first place.
    Such is the beginning of a world of false relations, of mind-control via those who order such books to be written, of false believe in ideas set forth from ill-minded and power-hungry priests/magicians (from the word magos, a priest), and the perversion of spiritual liberty into spiritual slavery.

    No book or any other man-made thing is ever holy/sacred, because it is not of God’s origin. Period.
    Now, watch out what you are submitting to, what worldview you bind your souls to, because that becomes your religion (from lat. religare, to rebind)!

    The best religion one can have is truth. Truth is eternal. Truth is the matching of a perception with the reality of its object.
    In this sense everything should be tested, whether it is true or not. If it fails, discard it, even when others declare it to be connected with God, because then it is not. Don’t let them fool you! Don’t fall into a trap! You are the masters of your life. So, remember: