Governments Call for Crackdown on Telegram Because Some People Are Using It To Organize Protests Against COVID Fascism

German bureaucrats have declared the Telegram messaging app to be a threat to “democracy” and a “hotbed of radicalization” because some people use it to organize protests against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism.

Fake news stories from German media outlets such as Tagesschau and Deutsche Welle have been consistently framing Telegram as a gathering place for “dangerous conspiracies, vaccine misinformation, and the driving force behind the ‘violent’ protests” against the country’s lockdowns, mask mandates, and compulsory “vaccination” edicts.

Since the beginning of December, in fact, the fake news media machine in Germany has been going nuts in opposition to Telegram – almost like they are all controlled by the same hidden hand of propaganda.

Thüringen interior minister George Mair, a member of the Social Democrats party in Germany, actually proposed trying to penalize Telegram if the platform refuses to remove “harmful” content that goes against the government’s Fauci Virus tyranny.

Mair says that bureaucrats like himself could set up “geoblocking” protocols to disallow Germans from using the platform. The service could also be disabled from certain regions of the country using IP protocol blocking.

Roland Wöller of the Christian Democrat party echoed Mair’s sentiments, suggesting that more “radicalization” on Telegram will occur if politicians like himself impose mandatory jab policies across Germany.

Wöller has suggested punishing the company behind the Telegram app if any “criminal” acts that occur in Germany can somehow be traced back to the platform’s use.

“Officials are also calling for the deanonymization of users on the platform,” reported The National Pulse.

Wöller further suggested opening criminal investigations into Telegram users after their anonymity is scrapped.

Germany’s tyrant political class says opposing covid fascism is “hate”

At no point have any of these corrupt bureaucrats even considered the fact that they are the ones who have been radicalized. Their total lack of self-awareness has led them to the conclusion that their imposition of mass medical fascism is completely normal, and that anyone who opposes it is a “terrorist.”

The truth, of course, is that Mair and Wöller and their kind are the true radicalized terrorists in this whole equation. They are the ones who deserve prosecution and punishment for committing crimes against humanity.

They do not see things this way, though. Nancy Faeser, the new German government’s interior minister, recently announced that her number-one priority is to fight “right-wing extremism” on Telegram.

Faeser believes that all opposition to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism represents “hate speech and aggression,” and that it must be punished with “strict measures” to stamp it out from all of Germany.

“What is happening on Telegram is not only disgusting and inappropriate, but also, in most cases, criminal,” further decreed Marco Buschmann, a member of the German Bundestag and yet another medical fascist leading Germany off a cliff.

“The law is clear on this,” Buschmann further declared. “We have to think about all the possibilities … my wish is not to have a German way … but a European framework, which will allow us to fight against this hate.”

It is important to point out that ever since these Fauci Flu fascists have started aggressively abusing Germans with all of their new “safety” restrictions, disease and death have skyrocketed.

Germany is now sicker and more blanketed with death thanks to covid jab “passports,” lockdown measures, mask mandates and other forms of tyranny that the ruling class is desperately trying to establish as the “new normal” for society.

“Mass formation psychosis or demonic delusion? Take your pick,” wrote one Natural News commenter about all this evil.

**By Ethan Huff


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