Ivo of Vega: Transmuting their Negativity

Sharon: Wow! The day’s just started and I’m already amazed. Yesterday (December 19th) Archangel Michael volunteered me to be a resource for Canadians who are looking to stay up on intel about current affairs. It was toying with the idea, but if he says I do it, then I don’t question him.

I remembered seeing protests in Toronto and there was one unusual guy all tattooed with spiky blond hair and I couldn’t remember his name beyond his first name, “Chris.” I see a post this morning on GAB of one of this man’s videos. His name is Chris Sky and I’ll be following him from now on. He’s very active and we need more people like him. I have to tap into people in Canada who are telling the truth and then deliver it on to you. I’ll be doing that via a website once I figure out how to do it. Canadians, if you want to be on the mailing list or think you can send me some tips, please sign up on our website.

I want to let you guys know that I got a message from Ashtar Sheran, while channeling his book, that I may be in trouble here in Canada. I am an active resistor of the government, which is trying to go communist, and we all know what commies do to their resistors. We’ve known for a while they’ve been creating “covid resorts” here in Canada, apparently for travelers who need to quarantine for two weeks. They say there’s nothing to fear, that’s all they’re going to use them for. As if! I also know that the Chinese Red Army landed in Canada a couple years ago, and they’ve been strangely quiet. Ashtar told me that they’re using the census responses and checking them against the vaxx records, and if you’re in there and not vaxxed, they’re going to come to get you and take you to their concentration camps. They’re determined to kill us, one way or another, folks. If you won’t do the jabb, they’ll find another way to get you. Well, I’m not in the census because I refused to fill it out, even having been threatened with a $500 fine. I told them to get off my property. Ivo is watching them to see if they’re coming for me, and he’s asked me to pack bug out bags and finish packing my house so that he can take me up into his ship if need be. If there’s no threat, then it’s for nothing but better safe than sorry.

I was hoping it wouldn’t be like this and I have the trauma of having to run from someone with ill intent to deal with as well, as I had to run from the crack addict that I had “disobeyed” – he had a fear of bugs and I was eating chocolates in my bedroom and not throwing away the garbage – so this would have been something he would have killed me over. Disobeying his orders. So I had to run already once for my life and I’ll tell you it’s not very pleasant. This brings that back up again for me.

Ivo’s got my back and it would be great being on his ship living with him instead of pining for him all the time. Merlin might enjoy it as well and I’m sure everyone would love him there. Of course, he’s coming with me. I commit to animals for life. I was hoping that my re-introduction to Ivo would be more romantic than this ugly scenario but it is what it is. Canada is not fighting back enough and it’s people who are resistors who are going to be targeted.

I will do my best to bring cameras and get footage of the ship and video’s of Ivo and Ashtar, Sananda and others who want to speak to you. So this may be happening sooner than I thought, and my life on 4D earth could almost be over with. That’s another strange feeling I have to adjust to.

We’ll still be buying the house in 5D and setting up a TV station and a light city, and perhaps a social media site, but this would just be one more step before that happens.

Anyway, thought I would tell you because I keep you up on things. Now I’ll bring in Ivo and channel on the question I had for him.

A friend posted a post about an empath and how difficult it is to be one. You love everybody but don’t want to be around them because they say hurtful things and mistreat you. I concur with that. It’s very difficult. My response to her was something like, “Well, that’s why you have to keep forgiving and some days I do that daily. After taking another lump, I have to deal with my anger and frustration at experiencing this all the time, then work towards understanding and ultimately having compassion for that person.” I said, “What I believe this is is transmutation of primarily their negativity.” So I’ll let Ivo explain whether I’m right or wrong on this one.

Ivo: You are correct my love. When you experience an altercation with another earthling, such as the person who donates large sums of money and then begins to demand what they would prefer you to channel, you simply set the boundary with that person. In this case, you told that person that you are the determiner of what gets to be channeled for these video’s, and you are also correct in your understanding that they are being channeled this way for the sakes of those who watch, because they are the ones who, whether you realize it or not, send in their telepathic requests so to speak, of what they wish you to see.

It is not by any chance this morning, my love, that you reviewed an old situation of sexism. You went back to your old workplace and remembered a time where you were always trying to prove yourself to the men you worked with. And you now know, do not play these games. You have nothing to prove to anyone, just because you are a woman. Or because of your skin colour, or because of your religious affiliation, or because of any reason at all. You have nothing to prove to others and those who demand it, are trying to fool you into a belief that you are less than they are.

Me: Yes, power over others ego games.

Ivo: You get these ideas from the people who follow us as we are all One, and there is constant telepathic communication between us.

Me: I didn’t realize it was that specific.

Ivo: It is. You get requests in the form of old memories being triggered. And in this case your friend was the requester as she put up a post about the issue. So you told her, and when she sees this video, she will hear my answer to her question. “Why as an empath do we feel so much pain dealing with others, but we love them so much anyway?”

It is because empaths are the most unity conscious people on planet earth. They tend to be of higher consciousness and this is the reason they are empathic. When you are of higher consciousness, you are in a position to be able to transmute the negative energies of others. And this is exactly what is happening when you interact with them and you get hurt. You take on their negative energy and then in going through the process of being angry, trying to understand them, and then forgiving them, you are in fact transmuting their negativity.

Me: Yes. And the other thing I posted was that the Indigo’s or the main transmuters of negativity, are about the last ones who’ll get to go to 5D right now because there’s still so much negative energy being produced. So your blue rays, your yellow rays, your pink hearts will all go up first before the violet rays because of the amount of negativity still being produced on earth. I have a violet ray personality so that’s the part of me that holds me back.

Ivo: Correct. When you transmute the negativity of the woman who attempted to control you by donating large amounts of money to Implant Communications, you are helping her to ascend. Staying angry at people is the worst thing you can do. Seek out understanding and compassion. All people on earth now deserve compassion for what they are undergoing.

Me: Yes, it’s incredible that even our identity has been stolen from us. Before I woke up I used to think I was an earthling and even saw past lives that “proved” this to me. I was nothing of the sort, of course! We are born maybe with a clue, but we lose it as soon as we lose connection with our intuition, because your intellect doesn’t know and it’s highly manipulated anyway. You have a false idea of who you really are. That’s incredible. But they’ve stolen even that from you. When I was 18 and my father told me to go get a job, I knew that that was wrong but there was nothing else to do so I did it.

You just know. I always have. For most of my life that was as much as I remembered about my past lives and I was always at odds with myself because I don’t know why I always thought things like that. I wanted to conform. It didn’t happen. I was engaged in an inner struggle all my life.

Oh yes, as far as this process of forgiving people who hurt you, or try to control you goes, it sucks but remember it’s for the greater good. Try to find understanding and compassion as quickly as possible and then you won’t suffer as much through it.

Others use other methods to transmute, but I find as soon as my emotions are negatively triggered, that’s where I’m starting from and the first thing I want to change. I do like chakra rebalancing meditations and do one frequently to help bolster my mood.

Attaining spirituality is a question of keeping your vibe high always, but on earth becoming spiritual is a question of being able to deal with your positivity and your negativity well.

If you can’t think of any reason why you’re having issues but you find that your body is unwell, look at your physical health. I did and I believe it’s the last hurdle I have to face in order to keep my vibe high all the time. I’ve got my blood sugar balanced with chromium piccolinate and a low carb diet now and it’s really helping. I’m hoping with that hormone balanced, the rest of my hormones will also rebalance.

I believe I still have an adrenal problem, but I seem to have enough energy right now despite it being a cold dark winter already. Other winters I would have been sleeping all day and absolutely miserable.

Ivo: They have targeted your central nervous and your endocrine systems in order to keep you from ascending. Keeping the pineal clean is important. Stop eating a lot of sugar, get off of white sugar and stop using fluoridated toothpaste. Also eat as organically as possible.

Sharon has used many natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and ginger because her arthritis necessitated large amounts of cortisol be produced. So now that her cortisol levels are in balance with her insulin levels, she requires other anti-inflammatories to deal with body pain.

With the lowering of cortisol production, the body will begin to produce more adrenalin and you will have more energy.

The reduction of stress in your life is important if you have hormonal imbalances, and many of you do. The process of transmutation we are speaking about here is important for you to practise at: anger turns to understanding, which turns to compassion and then forgiveness. If you do not get angry at anything upon your planet now, you are fortunate, however most people do.

We find that your idea of what being spiritual is is also the opinion of perfectionists. It is a perfectionistic, all or nothing, black or white definition that requires looking at. The truth is in the grey zone, it is not black or white. To be spiritual upon your planet now is not a question of a state as much as it is a process and if you are in the process and working this in your life, then you are spiritual. It is as if you say that a person is religious because he behaves as Jesus does. No, people are religious because they read the bible, follow its tenets and go to church. Does it mean they are perfect at it? No, it does not but for some reason many believe that being spiritual is a question of behaving perfectly all the time. No, it is a question of process. When one behaves in a lower frequency, they correct themselves. That is what being spiritual is on earth now. This is the fourth dimension. In the fifth dimension is where you attain and are able to hold a more spiritual frequency.

If you believe that Sharon is perfect then you are deluding yourselves. You must look at the reason why you expect her to behave perfectly. It has to do with your unrealistic expectations and the fact that you are inclined to place your trust in another person rather than yourselves. Many of you have been let down over and over, and the reason you have experienced this is because you do not trust yourselves.

Me: Ask S’Ananda. He must hear me every time I use his name in vain. But then he did tell me the other day that his real name is Yeshua, not Jesus. And that’s a good point: I know I can trust myself and my guides to show me what I need to see. The guidance process works perfectly.

We’ve discussed a lot of things here, Ivo. Are there any closing remarks?

Ivo: Just that 2022 will be a good year. There will be much work to be done, and for many there are still threats to be dealt with, but the outlook will be good. You are on an upward slope, going up a mountain and you are all looking for relief from this process because it is painful. The relief you seek is in accepting the lesson, not in fighting it. Look for your daily lessons in the Storm, in the news, from your politicians. Keep focused on what you want to see for the planet, but also keep focused on where there are opportunities to help yourself and others out. Humanity is a collective, a collective that has been divided by evil, and now you must re-unite to help each other out.

Me: Yes, big spiritual lessons to be learned in the everyday life. If you differentiate between everyday life and a spiritual path, I don’t understand you because every moment is spiritual. It’s just that humanity is at a very very low level of spirituality right now. Every positive act is a step forward for the collective.

Ivo: My love, although I do not want you to have to run for your life, I would be thrilled at your arriving on my ship to live with me.

Me: Me too, Ivo. I almost hope it happens. This is the other thing folks, do you see how progress in life happens now? Through adversity. I can be with Ivo and bring him and other ETs to you but I’d have to run for my life first. Welcome to earth. That’s the way it is right now. Adversity now will bring forth benefit. There are easier paths to walk. The loving path that the ETs live by works too, but it’s a lot easier than what we are going through here, a lot easier! Arguably my whole life was a bunch of shitty things happening, but look where I am now. There’s little I’d change about my life on earth and I wouldn’t want it any other way if I have to continue to live here in 4D.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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