The Sieve – From 3D To 4D And 5D

How does the consciousness of other races and civilizations embodied in human bodies interact with planetary consciousness?

Human bodies do not always serve as a physical shell for a pure Soul. Dracos, Reptiloids, and Orions, as well as representatives of other civilizations of both low-vibrational and high-spirituality, have long learned to incarnate in them.

While on the Subtle Plane, it can be seen quite clearly, on the physical one, only a few can check from external signs only to which race or civilization the possessor of this or that human body belongs.

Now, during the fateful period of the Earth’s Transition, many representatives of highly developed civilizations from Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, and other known and less known cosmic races, have incarnated on our planet.

A lot of them, just like humans, had memories of their true origin erased when they were embodied on Earth. But to some, it was restored.

This is particularly true for the Souls who have come to our planet with a specific mission.

But even those whose memory was blocked retained the best qualities of their home civilizations. They are quickly reaching a high Spiritual level and then lead others to follow.

Among them are many famous people distinguished by unconventional thinking and “strange” theories and information that they share through websites, blogs, and other means of communication.

This is how their deep memory manifests itself. It breaks through the layers of the three-dimensional world and conveys the true knowledge that was available to them in their space travels and previous incarnations.

Many of these people will soon become Spiritual leaders for those who will pass the trials of these days and all the last years with dignity and, having made the Transition, will begin to build a new world on the Earth of the fifth dimension.

As soon as Gaia crosses the last vibrational boundary and finally moves into the 5D, the collective consciousness of all highly evolved space races will reunite with their representatives incarnated here, on Earth.

At the same time, their collective conscience will begin to merge with the consciousness of the planet because they will all be on a single vibrational wave and in single energy space.

This applies ONLY to highly advanced civilizations.

A very different fate awaits the Dracos, Reptiloids, Orions, the beings of Alpha Centauri, and other negative civilizations that are unable to reach the level of the fifth dimension with their vibrations and to come through the 5D sieve.

Already these days, they are detached from Earth that is radiating 5D frequencies. With each week and month, the vibes gap will be so great that they will no longer exist in this lethal for them high-vibration space.

Stayed on Earth, they will face imminent physical death. Their collective consciousness will begin to disintegrate, burning up in the rays of new quantum energies, in huge volumes intensely coming to the planet from the Source through the Galactic Core and our Sun.

In the most difficult position are the possessors’ victims, the bearers of two Souls, who had to make their final choice.

For them, everything depends on the strength and age of their primal Soul. Will it manage to get rid of the undesirable “neighbor” in a short time which doesn’t allow developing spiritually, and prevents from passing to another dimension in the current physical body?

Or a man will reconcile with the System, the familiar way of life, with apathy and the endless reliance on the Event, the Flash, the liberators, etc. that will instantly bring a holiday and happiness to replace the maddening pandemic everyday life.

Now, more than ever, we need our Soul, our thoughts, and our body to survive physically in 4D/5D.

On December 18, 2021, the active phase of the transition kicked off. The gate to the new dimension opened as widely as possible, and through them, the energy flow of the highest vibrations in abundance pours out to us.

Very powerful beams from the Galactic Core, reaching a certain point above the Earth, begin to structure, expand, and reshape space.

On the planet, they create the network of cells, one by one. They resemble honeycombs.

These are the “storage lockers” of experience that we will be gaining in the fourth and fifth dimensions. What they will be filled with depends only on us.

In general, the structure is already built but not yet filled up, not brought up to design capacity. Much depend on the Earth’s Crystal work. Now, it is adjusting and synchronizing with this framework, emitting the 5D plasma that is pushed through the crust by blue pulses. The changes will be smooth, not abrupt.

This structure is neutral. It encompasses all levels, all layers of our being. Everything in space is changing now. We, too, will be changing. One cannot be without the other.

That is why it’s so important for us to watch ourselves, our changes because we too are structuring and filling this space by our thoughts, feelings, and consciousness.

Before our eyes, the reality is rebuilding dramatically, and soon it will be very different, and everything old and rigid is already local, doomed, and going away forever.

Our memory is also changing. It is largely tied to the magnetic field, so when strong fluctuations happen, there may be gaps in it and pieces of recollection may get erased. In some cases, it will be the memory of childhood, in others, the events of yesterday.

Co-Creators’ work with our memory for a long time. On the one hand, it is partially switched off, so that old experiences do not hinder the new ones, freeing up space on our “hard drive”. On the other hand, memory could be overwritten by 3D Matrix, so that we do not remember the changes and do not pay attention to them.

Often, our memory can also be spoofed. It explains the Mandela Effect – the coincidence of several people’s recollections contradicting the real facts, and other forgetfulness.

Another aspect of working with our memory is the temporary removal of information that is unneeded to us. Our Guardians and Higher Self can unpack it later if and when appropriate.

Everything that happens in and around us today (well-being, weather, news, etc.) is global in scale and process. It means that the System’s resistance is proportional, including direct and stealthy attacks.

It works like this.

The authorities constantly launch mental viruses that impose negative thoughts on us – “we are under guns”, “everything is bad, everything is futile, there is no meaning,” etc. Anger and panic are introduced in to us, forcing us to seek the enemies and inciting hatred towards them.

Our Ego is pumped full of fury, distrust, fears, and dogmas. If the enemy cannot be found, the outrage can be turned inward in the form of guilt and self-injury.

This is even worse than pushing them out because it concentrates viral and dark energies in one spot, and further leads to all kinds of diseases, including cancer. The Big Pharma’s Most Sweet Dream.

The emotional attitude repeated hundreds of times sooner or later becomes the reality of our personality. And then, it is passed along the chain to the neighbors, like a baton. Suicidal thoughts, especially among teenagers, are a direct influence of mental viruses.

What are the meanings behind the release of the fears?

On the one hand, it is our cleansing sieve for understanding and processing. Fear has no place in 4D/5D, where consciousness, thoughts, feelings, and reality are a single one, and fear can easily materialize into a chupacabra of hate or a vicious vengeance vampire.

Also, fear is a guard in the Transition course, inhibiting us from acting rashly as we create the new civilization whose cellular grid is now being filled with our experiences.

At the same time, just as any medicine can become a poison and vice versa, so fear can be a teacher or an instrument of repression, and in some cases a torturer. And, of course, the System will continue to use fear for self-preservation, and for maintaining power over us.

Have you not fallen for the bait of fears of war or a “pandemics”? You’ll get a betrayal, a major loss, or theft. In particular cases, you will be fired from your job or divorced.

If there is nowhere to hook us here, then there may be a boorish attitude in the store, hard trolling on our favorite website, social networks, or minor self-mutilation. Any method will do if we are ready to abreact.

The psychological attack didn’t work? What about energy hitting?

The latter is especially vulnerable for sensitive people, empaths, and anyone who dared to stick their nose out of bounds and to develop Spiritually.

Usually, in our body, these attacks are felt as heaviness or increased acidity, pain in different parts (more often in the head, heart, solar plexus, and spine). There is a lot of energy jellyfish in men’s Subtle Bodies.

Didn’t work for us? What about our loved ones, the kids?

After all, they are more hurtable, and our fear for them is of a completely different level than for ourselves.

However, not everything is so clear-cut.

Sometimes, all these situations have been “ordered” by our Higher Self as a training program to strengthen our Spirit.

There are several solutions on the crest of any emotional wave, but it is out of fear and resentment that most of us are used to reacting.

No matter how many new engines you put in a rusty car, it will sooner or later fall apart if everything is rotten inside. In the same way, we, multidimensional beings, will sooner or later fall apart if carry deeply hidden manifestations of fears. That’s why they have to be purged at all costs, or rebooted.

The more experienced and powerful the personality, the more “packed” it is, and the more the hard lessons to be learned.

Having passed the sieve and conquered such wild beasts as fear of death, poverty, and loneliness, most of us also have to work on such things as impulsiveness, arrogance, duplicity, categoricalness, inflexibility, betrayal, paranoia, and much more.

The multidimensional beings, often having thousands, sometimes millions of incarnations, are commonly referred to as magicians, although each of us is a mage to one degree or another.

We, as single mages, are much less dangerous to the System than groups. That’s why in esoteric circles and on websites they will be bumping heads, creating doubles and phantoms, which then strike, introduce subplots, misinform, distort reality, etc.

Everything is done by the System’s sieve in such a way as to prevent the assembly of teams even remotely trusting and able to help each other in difficult situations.

“Divide and conquer” is a principle that works without fail on all levels of the System and its viruses, even among the most conscious people.

The “pandemics” fulfill the same objective on a more global scale. It divides people, makes them paranoid, and alienates us from one another, “because everyone can get infected”.

When combined with fear, this principle becomes a failsafe. What kind of world-building can we talk about if we can’t even agree between ourselves?

Many of us who share information, including on the DNI website, may feel the System’s aggravated attention to us, manifesting itself in mistrust, malaise, apathy, depression, or hypes, indignation, and direct psy blows.

Any serious info and research mission implies an encounter with the object of research. Therefore, such situations are in many cases unavoidable and are part of the work of “messengers” and “lab technicians”.

It is impossible to expose, study, understand and erase the System without examining it from within, without disclosure its weaknesses and negativity to remove it.

It should not be forgotten that the System has a lot of methods of control and suppression.

They are turned on regularly.

There are plenty of red buttons. But it does not mean that we should be afraid of them and feed the System with our fears.

The reality is now increasingly stratified by vibration. It means that is advisable to be extremely careful in choosing our and our neighbor’s frequencies.

How can we help ourselves?

All of these types of influences have to be monitored and seen as a lesson but by no means an accident. We can succumb to the System’s provocation and manipulation, but do we have to?

As soon as there are outbursts of emotion or situations around us that try to pull us into their game, calmly step back and not get involved in the hypes.

Track down the source of any negative feelings and thoughts (destructive, dirty, aggressive, angry, guilty, etc.). Pause pathological relationships if they require too much attention and still can’t be resolved. Understand that fear alone cannot harm us, but that it can attract those events or qualities that we compulsively fear.

Any positive emotions, joy, good mood, and aiming high are excellent defenses against any negative influence. Even the hormonal system allows the body to heal faster and better if we are in psychological balance.

Stress, anxiety, panic, and hysteria can wreak havoc on our minds, creating mood swings and hormones, resulting in disruption of natural cycles and immune resistance, making our body sick.

Even more, chaos can be brought in by doubts about our adequacy and indulgence of other people’s attitudes, contrary to our intuition. We have to think over every key decision and try not to act out of anger, resentment, momentary impulse, under pressure.

Refine yourself. Raise your vibration with Love, gratitude, acceptance, minimizing complaints, and resentments. There could be pain on the physical plane if one is in these heavy vibrations.

Reconsider the diet (leave the meat for now), listen to your body, it knows what it needs when to eat and drink. Be attentive to your health, don’t overload it.

Consciously monitor your emotional states. Translate negativity into a higher mood (humor, joy, gratitude).

Gain and maintain awareness, feel your Subtle Bodies, Soul, and Spark. Build and attune your energy structures through creativity.

Don’t spare your Light. Help people wake up. Lighting other Sparks is our purpose. Our Spark should not only shine for itself, there has to be a balance.

Guardians recommend tranquility, harmony, and avoiding things that bring us out of this state. Pay attention to goal setting in life, listen to your Soul. Our true objectives are always tipped by our Soul.

**By Lev


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