Council of Overseers: Activating The Heart With Sun And Galactic Center

We are present with you, we are The Divine Council of Overseers, The Queen of Light, Sanut Kumara and The Pleiadian Council of Light.

The QUEEN SUN is The Center of our GALAXY with which our entire Solar System REVOLVES.

The Earth’s Sun is Aligning with The Center of This Galaxy On December 21st, 2021.

You may feel this NOW as your focus on your OWN Heart Center.

Now, breathe and feel this inner sacred space, and breathing slowly, focus on the SUN, the Golden Light frequency and the Center of The Galaxy, AS YOU BREATHE.

Feel this monumental Flooding of ALIGNMENT OF GOLDEN LIGHT that we are activating you in and through.

Within YOUR own sacred Center; your Heart Center, is the connection to the center of this Galaxy (Queen Sun) and this is connected at the Higher Levels to your Divine BLUEPRINT Higher DIVINE Purpose. We are activating this for You as a conscious EMBODIMENT that already exists.

The Mayan knew this well. This center of the Galaxy and this Alignment is the DIVINE you activated within your own HEART.

Where Sagittarius 27 to 29 exists in your own BLUEPRINT (Center of the Milky Way Galaxy) The Queen of Suns; AS a sacred frequency of your higher DIVINE awareness, we now merge this awareness fully as the ONE that is The Cosmic God Self that is NOW birthed INTO FULL AWARENESS. This is the manifestation of the New Earth Frequency.

As in the ancient stories, experiences and myths of the death and rebirth of The son of Suns, The Sun, the underground and arising, the death and rebirth. WE too, have our own solar alignment PERSONALLY that becomes manifested as the DIVINE AWARENESS THROUGH each being manifested MORE and More NOW.

It is only through this EMBODIED heart awareness that we MANIFEST THIS NEW EARTH.

THAT is ultimately the eternal awareness of what already truly is!

WE activate you now in all the Glory that ever existed as the ONE true Divine Love self. All Now.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


2 Replies to “Council of Overseers: Activating The Heart With Sun And Galactic Center”

  1. Francis Rodriguez

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  2. Erikah

    What would you think about a composite chart that had the sun located at the galactic center. With said relationship starting on the fall solstice of 2017.