Mother Mary: Grounding and Constant Connection

Beloved people!

Come to the hearth of God and warm your souls! Come to the Mother of all life and fill your hearts! Come to me, because where I am there is life, love and peace.

To attain life, love and peace, that is what this message is about.

I am with you, I am MOTHER MARY

Today the noose of bondage seems to be tightening and many people are deepening their worries and allowing fears to dominate thoughts, emotions and actions.

The amount of destructive energies that surround you today is of such magnitude that it is difficult to live your own life in a self-determined way, to feel compassion and love for your neighbors, and to enter into peace.

Torn by the news and events of this time, some people lose the courage and will to live. People who practice spiritual exercises are also affected.

In this work of consciousness in the grace of God, we want to raise ourselves up again and strengthen our souls. We will fill our hearts with the light of God and lay a solid foundation for the challenges ahead.

For the keys to mastering this time are good grounding and a constant connection to the Divine. Both must be in place if you are to remain oriented and with yourself today.

Some beings of light lose themselves. Although they have an earthly body, they float around mentally and emotionally in a pig world.

Unable to bear the dark excesses of this time, they create an illusory world for themselves that has little to do with reality.

For lack of grounding they lose themselves somewhere in the cosmos. Who is not sufficiently grounded today, has it difficult to face the storms of this time adequately. At the same time, it is impossible to grasp the happiness of a human life, if someone stands firmly with both feet in life, but thereby fades out the transcendent reality of all being.

Today it is about a symbiosis between a good grounding and the constant connection with heaven.

Above and below become one as soon as some understand that they are much more than flesh and the others realize that they are pure light and pure love at the core. Divine beings from the invisible realms of the Creator.

So now I place in your heart a simple visualization that Jahn likes to do on his walks. I ask you now to present this to the people:


JJK: Now please imagine yourself standing in a huge forest. You are surrounded by beautiful, tall, strong and healthy trees.

– Look around and enjoy the sight! Feel the energy of the forest and the trees!

– Choose a tree now! Go to it and embrace it! Take in its smell and feel how it feels! You have closed your eyes. Now you feel how the energy of the tree is transferred to you.

– Visualize how you slowly merge with the tree – you become one with the tree.

– Now you perceive how your roots grow deep into the earth. Deeper and deeper they spread and further and further they expand.

– Stay in this feeling for a while and let yourself be completely captured by this vibration! Roots grow deeper and deeper, further and further.

– Now you perceive how your roots embrace the whole earth, now you are one with the earth.

Take your time and enjoy this feeling of connectedness, unity and peace.

– Direct your attention now to the crown of the tree! Feel now completely into the branches, twigs and tree trunks above you! Visualize how the tree crown expands and grows! Individual branches reach far up into the sky and grow further and further. Now you can no longer see the end of the treetop, it is reaching up into the infinite cosmos.

– Now feel the connection between your roots that embrace the earth and your treetop that reaches infinitely far into the sky. Feel this energy and perceive your perfection!

– Ask God, the original source of all being, now to anchor this state of pure perception in you, so that you can maintain the tension between heaven and earth in everyday life.

Pause …

– Now you perceive yourself again as a human being in the forest. Lean your back against the tree and feel the energy of the visualization you have just experienced spreading and anchoring within you.

– Now breathe in and out deeply 3 times – and now open your eyes. (visualization end)

MOTHER MARY: Many people today are brought from their center and they do not find balance.

To hold your own energy in the tension of this time and to stay with yourself means to master this time well.

Above as below, inside as outside – and everything is one. Knowing this is one thing, internalizing it and living it in everyday life is quite another.


Therefore, it is of utmost importance that today you are deeply rooted in the earth and at the same time remain connected to heaven. This tension must be maintained, because it is the means to live your life, to remain in love and peace.

Whenever you notice that you have lost your track, have come off center and are no longer with yourself, reach for this visualization. But it is even more effective if you go into the forest and do this exercise directly under and with the trees. Consider:

There are solutions to everything and the solutions are usually very simple and natural. What matters is that you implement them consistently and practice them regularly.

People today who are taken over by fears and who lament the absence of God have often forgotten to really turn to God and deal with their fears.

As long as you are complaining – about whatever circumstance – you are still in the victim role, you are inactive and not yet ready to change anything about yourself.

The spiritual levels of being, masters sonder number, angels and archangels in all their power, splendor and abundance have been coming to you for decades. They equip you with knowledge and provide tools for this time. They surround you and carry you when you cannot go on.


However, once certain emergencies are overcome and the worst is over, you often tend to return to the old life. Instead of looking deeper and fully mastering a trial, old ways of living gain the upper hand and what you thought you had overcome returns.

Why do you think so many people are surrounded by repetitive suffering?

Because they are always asking for salvation instead of striving for it themselves.

Those who do not delve into their unique and singular life story – as a repeatedly incarnated human being – are reminded of it by life. In this way, strokes of fate can be explained.

Today, many people are faced with the situation that they can no longer “get their own life together”, as it is proverbially said.

They simply can no longer find their way in this world. This is the nature of this time, because everything changes and old securities break away – they never come back!

Today it is impossible to return to the old life, to everyday life with familiar habits. That is what distinguishes this time from all others.

People who are untrained to work with themselves and face their own issues now face almost unsolvable tasks and challenges.

Although much can be accomplished by asking and through prayers, profound healing can only happen through your efforts!

Destinies repeat themselves until the causes for them are recognized and the karma is redeemed – and fears remain a part of your life until you really deal with them.

Getting out of the cycle of life and death? Find life, love and peace – but how?


This message shows you the first step! It is the first step and at the same time the most important moment in your life, when you succeed in developing a method to stay centered in yourself.

To be in your center means to stay deeply rooted in the earth, to be connected to the divine. This resilience must be held and anchored in your cellular consciousness.

This is what we have accomplished today, here and now.

Please practice the visualization given here until the storms can no longer uproot you this time.

The Divine manifests within you, confidence, joy and peace can only be discovered within yourself. All paths to God lead you first to yourself.

How can you tell that you have come closer to God? By the peace that you can perceive in the midst of chaos within you.

Peace always points to God and to a soul that has realized God. The spiritual development of a person can be read by the degree of peace.

A peace that sets the rhythm of the heart is like a rock in the surf and withstands even the strongest storms.

This kingdom of peace is to be attained and through regular work of consciousness you will reach it.

Prayers, petitions and injunctions are not enough for self-realization! It needs you.

So I invite you now to surrender yourself completely to the new energy qualities of this time, to resonate with the light-filled energies that are now flowing from the CENTRAL SUN to the Earth.

What is the best way for you to resonate? By facing your issues now and renouncing long breaks that make you forget what you have acquired.

Now many things that were impossible before are possible – you only have to want it and then really do it! Do not complain – about nothing and about nobody! That is unworthy of you. Take your life into your own hands, because reaching the Kingdom of Peace within you is your business alone.

You must understand that this time demands a decision from you:

Either you go to the well until the pitcher breaks, or you dive into the water of life by yourself in time by jumping.


Beloved human being,

this time you are invited and challenged to complete your transformation in a single lifetime. It is a unique opportunity that has never existed on this earth before.

Find your center and live! Practice simple exercises that bring you joy, but practice them. Achieve peace, take every opportunity to unite above and below in you.

This is the position that gives you the strength for life. This is the ship that keeps your soul safe on the water in stormy seas.

Do not slacken in your efforts to really get to the bottom of your own affairs.

From the center live your life and keep the kingdom of peace within you!

With every challenge you become stronger, after every test you are bigger and after every realization you come closer to your actual goal – God.

Live and love! Find peace in you – not a temporary peace, which depends on external circumstances, but deep inner realization, which is no longer subject to time.

Begin with this work or continue it – and see there: The light becomes brighter with every step, the love more unconditionally with every healing and peace rules in your soul.

It is silence – and you meet GOD.

I love you infinitely.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by