Light Is Being Born Even In Darkness

This is a message I strongly feel inside as the world is changing and shifting daily at this time. Are you also feeling or noticing a change in our world?

There are waves of new energy and light entering the energetic collective field of earth. We are receiving light codes / frequencies that are connecting us to the field of oneness. In this field we are able to tap into and feel the connection that we have with all souls that are currently incarnated and with our soul family beyond the physical reality.

These connections are now established faster and are more clear. Whereas before it was less easy to establish because the veil was thicker now it is much more accessible and it manifests much faster into our physical reality. You have a hotline to your spirit guides and lightbeings so whichever you request will appear much faster. Become aware of your natural abilities because at this point they are enhanced and will continue to become stronger each week. You are expanding in ways that you have not yet before. Those that have already been aware will be the pillars of light and hope for those that are turning inward and discovering the hidden truth of their own higher consciousness and supernatural abilities.

People are awakening more and more each week and because of this the field of oneness is becoming more palpable and real as people are consciously starting to make connections through the heart. These heart connections are connecting like an invisible network of light. You may not see it with your eyes but you are connecting through the energy of resonance with others near and far from you because of your higher vibration that is match. This network of light runs through the whole world and supports others that are awakening so that they can plug in and access what they need. As people start to question beliefs and information that is presented to them from outside sources they are accessing and opening their own source connection and tapping into the universal truth. It is this field of universal energy that will allow for the whole collective to rise above division and start to use the wisdom of the higher heart over the logic of the basic human mind. This basic system is being upgraded to an advanced energetic version and this is what is happening right now.

Expect more people to become aware, expect more support, expect to see others like yourself from unexpected places. You have allies and you are holding the light for others so that they can see beyond the vision of the mundane world.

Your world is about to get more expanded and you will experience freedom in a way you have always dreamed to have.

The time of fighting, arguing, battling is coming to an end. Hold on tight even if it gets dark because it is in this darkness that light is being born.

You asked for change and change is here so now it is time to persevere and hold your light strong. Ground your essence into your body and into the earth so that you can stay steady for those that will need your strength.

You are holders of the light and your network is extensive. Trust in your abilities as a collective of conscious beings. Your light is becoming so big as more lights are being turned on from within.

Trust in yourself and trust in humanity. You are the light pillars of the divine light in this world.

This meme is the truth.

**By Dana Grozdanova


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