Pleiadian Council: Upgrades to Your 3rd Eye Chakra

Greetings Dear Ones. We are the Pleiadian Council. We would like to speak to you on behalf of Physical Ascension Symptoms many of you are experiencing as you draw closer your upcoming year 2022. You have been pushed by your universal Higherself to work on your spiritual consciousness. Many of you have already begun receiving consistent upgrades to your 6th energetic vortex known as your “3rd eye chakra” as you enter into 2022.

As you have been Awakening and coming into alignment with your true Divine nature, your human bodies are losing density as you shed the layers of your emotional turmoil within your physical vessel. This creates a rewiring of your physical and energetic nervous system. The energetics of your year 2022 have designed to stimulate physical metamorphosis of your human form, so that you may physically sustain form within Earths 5th dimensional template.

With many physical changes being made to your human vessel, feelings of electricity moving throughout your body mainly legs, neck and shoulder areas, stiffness in joints and lower back are commonly experienced. The constant feeling of needing to stretch your body and limbs. As you release old energy this creates pressure and stress within your muscles creating tension and muscle spasms. Many of you are having feelings of drained energy. As your physical transformation takes place much of your energy will be centered around physical metamorphosis, leaving you feeling fatigue during your days and restless hours during the night. On the other side of 2022 ascension energetics many of you will be experiencing heighten states of consciousness, higherself unification, excessive amounts of energy with heighten states of spontaneous creativity.

The energetic light coded frequencies scheduled to integrate within your planetary system throughout your year 2022 have also been designed to amplify activations awaken your 6th energy vortex for those of you on the Ascension journey. Inability to sleep will be heighten due to your consciousness adjusting to higher frequencies. Frequent headaches, inability to focus, scattered thoughts, blurred vision, temporary memory loss, light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity is to be expected. Fear not as these Ascension symptoms are temporary, yet necessary for your physical metamorphosis to recalibrate into higher frequencies.

Valuable advice we give you to cope with these symptoms is your Awareness. Awareness is the key, your body is always talking to you sending you signals and directions on how to properly care for yourself. Your awareness is needed to guide your physical vessel as you move into higher dimensions within yourself and your reality as each and everyone of you will require different adjustments to your personal self care requirements.

Self care and hydration purification is of upmost importance throughout your year 2022 as it plays a significant role in not only maintaining vibrant health but also the cleansing of debris within your physical vehicle. There are exciting times ahead as we have been observing your ascension very closely, you have come so far on your journey Dear Ones…

We send each and everyone of you Our unconditional, undivided Love as we close this transmission. Your services to the Earth is Honored, We Thank you.

**Channel: Parallel Brittnie


10 Replies to “Pleiadian Council: Upgrades to Your 3rd Eye Chakra”

  1. Frann Loffler

    I feel all this and more

    The very strong muscle spasms that manifest themselves mainly at night. When I get some sleep I wake up with these severe pains in my back, sometimes in the kidney region and they are so strong that I feel like screaming and it goes away after a few minutes. I wake up every two hours to pee. Every night. I confess that this is too stressful. And then when I go back to sleep I have completely crazy dreams and terrible nightmares. Dizziness and blurred vision have become so common that I no longer care. The sounds and noises got really unbearable. But I’ve been dealing for years with this sensitivity that has been expanded.

    I also see many brightly colored geometric shapes and designs appearing in my field of vision and as they start to appear they get bigger and change shapes and colors. I can see these shapes manifesting in the corner of my eye and getting bigger as the minutes go by. At first I thought I was having some problem with my vision as I have many floaters since I was a kid I thought I was starting something else but thankfully it’s nothing serious.

    And I’ve still been going through a lot of emotional purges. I feel energies of anger, anger, hate, sadness and loneliness still coming from within me to be released. This part I confess that I still feel a lot of despair because feeling these energies that are coming so strongly from within me is not at all easy to feel and deal with. And I know I have to be compassionate and patient with me because they need to leave. I’m doing the best I can.

    I sincerely hope that at some point all these symptoms subside and even come to an end. … because it hasn’t been easy at all.

  2. david k gates

    100% feeling all this…but I have been experiencing this since …2012?
    Was wiped out the other day and just lay in bed… napping on and off. Physically exhausted and purging more stuff.
    The GREAT PART— We will be the first ones to start shining and then can help all the rest!

  3. Harriet

    Other ascension symptoms I still feel are pin pricks, creepy crawlies on my skin, tuning fork in my ear, painful joints, burning hands and feet, indigestion, sudden gulps of air, short energy bursts, and I’m losing my memory.
    I’m smiling though, these are all reminders of great things to come. Perhaps vitamins and minerals, essential oils, crystals, flower essences and homeopathy can help with some of this.

    1. Denise G

      Started losing my memories a decade ago in my early 40’s, last couple of years has been a little rough, started losing the memories of my sons childhood too! Now I can’t even differentiate between time, something that happened a few days ago seems like it was months and stuff happening months ago seems like days! Just gotta roll with the flow, I’m just happy to know WHY now after all those expensive tests to find out why😂

      1. david k gates

        SAME but it is the daily stuff as far as memories go. I’m making a lot of simple typing/computer work mistakes, simple concentration stuff.
        Feels more like I am detaching from all this, as that is my goal. Im alone and can see the letting go to all things third dimensionally

    2. VonKitty

      Yes! I’m having those same symptoms as well. I keep having this sensation of something crawling on my arm but there’s nothing there. And I can’t remember a thing! I just do my best to breathe and keep going. It’s been a rather exhausting time but I know it will be worth it. Much love and light to you all ❤️

  4. Shelley Bennett

    Oh wow! I feel like this email is specifically for me as these are all the symptoms I have. I can rest my mind at ease now knowing I will be just fine even though this is incredibly exhausting. Thank you so much for this wonderful news! Blessings for all who helps above.. much love your way
    Shelley Bennett 🌟