Message from Telos: Love Is Emerging From Within You

We greet you dear children of the Earth. What can we talk to you about at this time when you are going to celebrate the birth of the One who loves you much more than you think, your brother, our brother Jesus?

We will, of course, talk to you about Love. Oh! of course, we know that most of you are very skeptical about the Love that can now be released on your beautiful planet. Love does not seem to exist there any more, it seems to you, because everything seems to be going to ruin.

It is true that you are in a very complex doldrums where the place of Love is very small. You are more caught in the net of contestation, spite, fear and Love in all of this does not appear there.

However, we tell you that the exact opposite is happening. The Love around you is not apparent, you do not feel it and yet it is emerging exponentially deep within you.

What do we mean by this? Quite simply, current events make you react deep within you through all the questions you ask yourself and which are changing your consciousness. Indeed, the more the events are present and delicate around you, the more you feel a desire for Peace, Serenity and Love.

We see in your energies that many of you are transforming. From a being ignorant of the beauty of Life that you were before, you become a being who “clings” to this beautiful energy that is Peace, True Peace and to the sweetness of Love.

Right now you are so lacking in Love that many of you want something to happen in your life for you to see and look at the Light, the True Light of Love.

The more delicate the events, the more your desire for Peace and Love will grow and will make you turn to the Divine who is the True Power of Life within you.

This is why we have told you in previous messages that those who want to have a grip on your life now see their efforts gradually come to naught because everything they had put in place for this has the opposite effect of this. that they were waiting for.

They did not think that the human being as a whole would go in search of this Peace not only outside himself but, above all, would seek all the means to find it more deeply within him. Of course, this is not visible around you, of course you are sometimes not aware of what is going on deep inside you, but do not doubt that new events to come will make this desire burst. Love and Peace within humanity.

Of course, there will always be humans strongly attached to money, materialism and small earthly power, but another part of humanity will see dawn, before the gaze of its heart, the gentleness and the Beauty of the world. ‘Love and His Peace.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, remember that your beloved brother, Jesus, came to show you the Beauty of Life even if he was not understood when he addressed the crowds who accompanied him. . At that time, humans were not yet ready to understand all of this. But the seeds sown at that time have ripened and sprouted to come to the time that you are living to hatch in your consciousness.

Children of the Earth, there are still some difficult times ahead of you, but tell yourself that all of this is preparation for the coming of the New Earth. It will be necessary to prepare yourself for it by offering around you the help, friendship, sharing, and compassion that will be required in these events.

You will all be called to act to help the other near you or further from you, by gestures of comfort or by the offering of Love and Light through Thought.

You are currently preparing family or friends reunions to celebrate Christmas, so we say to you: take this moment to understand the importance of strengthening the bonds in families, with your friends, with your neighbors. Stop neighborhood quarrels, for example, be in the flexibility of life that accepts the one who is by your side with the generosity of the heart.

All this is a “job” of every moment, “a job” of gentleness and tenderness that you offer to all that is around you and to all those who accompany you on your journey to the New Earth. Whether it is your family, your friends, your neighbors, the peoples of distant lands, you are all committed to the path of Divine Light.

Have confidence in the Life, the Real life, the Great Life: it brings you the best every day but, for that, it is important, we repeat it, to meet your inner divine being, your soul, to thank it for giving you life but also and above all to thank her for bringing you the Peace and Love that you are looking for so much.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we join you in this blessed Christmas period to amplify your wishes and desires for Peace and Love.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by