Are You From A Fairy Bloodline?

It sounds like something from a sci-fi novel, but the theory of fairy bloodlines comes from Celtic folklore. The Celts believed that some members of the royal family had fairy blood that elevated them to a higher position in society. Not only were they members of the royal family, but their task was to protect this unique royal blood both for the future of their family and for securing the future of the entire human population. (An avid ufologist would see it differently, but let’s leave the cute legend with his charm.)

As the royal bloodline spread, so did this story. Various cultures and religions have seized the rumors of this gift and longed to marry the fairy bloodline, hoping that they would also be blessed with their gift.

Fairies, as depicted in ancient Celtic folklore, were very different from the tiny, magical winged creatures that come to mind today. They could often pretend to be human because they were the same size, but they had magical powers and did not seem to age. They had no wings or other obvious physical differences, which allowed them to walk unnoticed among humans.

Welsh people even believed that fairies were mortal, but their lives lasted much longer than the lives of their human counterparts, often living for hundreds or thousands of years.

As these fairies moved freely among us, it is no wonder that there were rumors of romantic relationships between them and humans. In many cases, people are not even necessarily aware that their partner is a fairy.

If these relationships gave rise to a child, it was one of two ways: A child born to a human mother and a fairy father looked human, but probably had the magical abilities of the fairies he inherited from his father. A baby born of a fairy mother and a human father, on the other hand, was born in a fairy world and was described as “etheric.”

Other stories told of fairies who stole a child from a human couple and left a fairy child instead. Without knowing that the confusion had taken place, the parents raised a child with abilities that they could not explain. Some people, on the other hand, believe that it is not a blood heritage, but that the fairy souls are sometimes embodied in the human body.

Do you want to find out if this legendary characteristic fits you?

Take a look at the following speeches and judge for yourself if it’s just a legend, or again, that on every bit of truth.

  • From a young age, you have been attracted to everything related to spirituality and folklore. You were curious and wanted to know more, even if it was contrary to the faith in which you were brought up. Whenever you decide to experiment with any of this, you will find that you are naturally gifted in these areas.
  • You have a lower body temperature than the people around you. Some individuals who come from fairies of the bloodline have consistently lower temperatures than their human species.
  • You hear white noise almost all the time in your ears. It’s not a distinguishable ringing sound that can be explained, it’s more of a feeling. The sound amplifies whenever you get premonitions about the future, or you experience strong inner feelings about what’s coming.
  • Your eyes seem to have their own magical powers. Others describe that they are attracted by your gaze, fascinated and enchanted. Usually you don’t have to say a word to get others, you just have to look them in the eye.
  • You are attracted to healing, you want to bring happiness, goodness and healing to the world around you. This has probably brought you to a field such as a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, masseur, counselor, veterinarian or something similar in the field of healthcare. Whether you are performing another, community service activity that fills you with the satisfying knowledge that you have helped someone. That’s why you’re here.
  • Your sleep mode is at one or the other end of the spectrum. You may be constantly tired, sleep EVERYWHERE and awake, you are only active for a very short time. On the other hand, you can fight insomnia, sleep much less than your surroundings, and yet you have more than enough energy.
  • During your childhood, you had no shortage of invisible friends and were VERY real to you. To this day, you firmly believe in these relationships and may even hide the fact that you have invisible friends in adulthood.
  • You are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields, you feel headaches, stress, tingling in the skin, rashes, burning sensations and other health-related symptoms whenever you are near them. This applies to all frequencies, including fluorescent lighting, mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers.
  • You may feel that something is wrong with your family dynamics, but you can’t name it exactly. You may doubt that your parents are really your parents, because you feel as if you have been adopted.
  • You love everything that has to do with music. It concerns listening to music, singing, playing a musical instrument, composing one’s own songs and dancing. You believe that music is the key to expressing and managing all the emotions and feelings you can encounter in the world.
  • Your personality is often described as “different,” “unusual,” or “unique.” However, despite being different from your surroundings, others generally find you particularly attractive and seductive.
  • When you are surrounded by nature, you feel incredible peace and quiet. Plants, flowers, trees, insects, animals and bodies of water are known to help you gain energy and focus your thoughts.
  • You feel that you do not belong completely to the world in which you live. Despite your best efforts, you can’t connect with others, or with activities and events that you feel you should connect with and that you should do or want. Instead, you feel distant from the world, eager to travel and find something more.
  • You dream regularly, you are often lost in your own world. It’s a pleasant fairytale realm. Even if you look awake, you are somewhere else.
  • You have noticed that children and babies love you naturally, they are always happy and satisfied when they are in your presence. You also get closer to most animals than most other people. Regardless of the type of animal, you can calm it down in seconds just by being with it.

**By Alue K. Loskotová

**Translation to English by


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    It’s full of judgement, Creator creates even us all, the grand experiment, and love is what Creator is and loves all, that’s why we are Sovereigns.

  3. Hera

    Fairies are amazing, their Queen is Butterfly Moon and take care of the plants for Gaia, l have seen one years ago but didn’t see me, and they do wear boots.