January Energies: Inner Power

As we begin the year of Creative Harmonics, we are asked to focus our Inner Power on aligning with the higher octave that life is offering. As the January energies of Inner Power initiate the year, it will be a continued and foundational focus that will support the details that follow each month.

To hold your harmony when life is in a different note requires concentration and a listening for the unobvious possibilities that complete a circle. It requires the willingness to express an opposing note that builds on the tension and release that is constant in life. The change state.

The blend of opposites is the dance of creative flow.

Within you is a key to Life’s flow, the broader harmonic that holds the fractal note within it. It spirals up and out, or down and out, depending on your perspective.

It is your Inner Power that helps you navigate the peaks and valleys, the waves of the music.

In the vision of 2022, (see video for more details) I was shown the spiraling flow, then the Barbury crop circle. I heard “entering the mouth of the dragon.” For years now, Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, has said the spiral is tightening. This is a cycle, not an earthly moment; so for about another 3 years we will be in this intensified flow.

As the spiral tightens, like any centrifuge, it creates a strengthening of strong bonds (love) and spins off/separates weak bonds like fear and control. We’ve been seeing increased polarization where the bonds are weak.


Here we are entering the mouth of the dragon, or the space where change intensifies.

The preparation for change is teethed into vulnerable skin. Fear not, dear Life, there is no end for you, only a within.

For where you go, you become. Life becomes, too. For the inner of the dragon is within you, too.

It is the infinite and finite that always touch, defying easy math. It is the inner and outer that always touch. But your Inner Power is the gatekeeper that defines the path.

Gabriel’s horn sounds when the time has come.

The triangle is the circle spinning stopped in time. It is the circle breaking in line.

The triangle is a catalyst for your inner power to hold, as it spins the movement that changes the bold.

What will you bend and break in the flow of life? The chewed up and spit out couldn’t hold their power, not knowing the broad support that awaits the final hour. There is a deep silence in the noise that amplifies self. There is a deep connection in the break that only builds through moving time.

Your Inner Power is the circuit completed. It’s not a switch, but a ditch that hides what’s beyond. It’s a space between neurons for Life’s signals to jump. Your Inner Power jumps lines as they break in two (into). Your Inner Power flies free when too [sic] becomes you.

Your Inner Power spirals up and out as it goes deeper down, knowing waves are the tip of the movement that mesmerizes eyes with sound.

As you enter the mouth of the dragon, you feel the wet heat of power. As you enter the mouth of the dragon you test your own faithful tower. It seems as if it’s you against giant, but it’s your moment to discover how giants become.


The triangle spins, but really it’s spun. For the circle is the movement that Time has begun. Your Inner Power is to hold the self when the line breaks. Don’t resist the reforming, let it spin a new rung.

As you move through the spiral, you are spinning anew. Your Inner Power is a quest answered only by you. To enter the dragon’s mouth is to twist through tongue and teeth.

Let the spiral of earth move you into the spiral of Life. Time’s gift is in always, as the change focuses wide. Gabriel’s horn prepares to announce a new flow’s tide.

The triangle spins and breaks into new. But the circle of power is always within you. Time’s movement spirals you against the wall offering new view. You are not limited, though quelled, yet supported from fall.

For those strong enough to observe as the view pushes wider, they find a chord within the chaos that offers a hand. Harmony’s dissonance overwhelms and pulls. You won’t see control, you’ll see fear, but Time always culls. It dissolves the old into new, as strength becomes clear.

You are entering the dragon’s mouth to become the elements of creation.

Broken down to elemental base, is the secret to Life. That within you is All. Within you is Life.

Create through change, for you are not swallowed for naught. You are the breath of fire that transforms what life has wrought.

Hold your inner power, dear dragon. For what seems the end spins again. And you begin.

**By Jamye Price