The First New Moon Of “2022” And The “Seed Planting Ritual”

The first New Moon of Gregorian “2022” occurs on January 2nd in Tropical Capricorn and Sidereal Sagittarius. The portal of that New Moon is now open.

Several “C-Class” and “M-Class” solar flares have erupted from our Sun in the past two days, and the magnetosphere is again filled and pressed-in upon our planet with cosmic energetic particles.

Another high-powered solar wind stream is expected by December 30th or 31st.

Thus, our solar system is bright with potent LIGHT that is cleansing, transforming, and upgrading creation.

Whenever strong cosmic events blast-off from our Sun which have been initially received by the Great Central Sun, it takes approximately three days (as the human consciousness calculates time frames) for them to fully arrive into our planetary inner and outer fields.

Then acclimation to them must occur which can take another approximate three days.

This portal of dynamic currents of energy—life force—is now overlapping with the New Moon portal and is causing intensified “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) as adjustments are made by the consciousness of our DNA and cellular records to handle the incoming frequencies.

Lack of restful nightly sleep, foggy thinking, exhaustion, anxiety, rapid heart rhythms, strange aches and pains, and many other “re-birthing labor challenges” are being reported all across the globe.

By now, most people are aware of the numerous spiritual and natural remedies available for comfort as the “Shift of the Ages” continues its movements with LIGHT as its engine.

Holiday festivities make fatigue an even more challenging symptom to deal with as family and friends endeavor to make-up for being unable to be together in-person last year—whether they are “vaxxed” or not.

Some families are still not coming together in-person but are communicating via internet services such as “ZOOM” and showing their decorations and gifts.

Besides the suggested powerful affirmations offered of “WE ARE BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT” and “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT” allowing them to soar from the third eye into Earth/Gaia and into the self (see previous article of December 28th) this is a superb time in which to prepare a list of needs and desires for “2022” as the New Moon portal serves as “seed planting” for the beginning of “blossoming” on January 2nd, especially since shortly thereafter on January 14th, Mercury will retrograde until February 4th.

The following ritual has been offered previously in various seminars, but as a reminder to some and as new information to those who are new to this particular website (“Disclosure News Italia”) to which I share many of my teachings, it shall be repeated:

1.) Obtain a lovely colorful sheet of paper or artfully decorate a plain sheet of white paper. It should be about 8 1/2 by inches 11 in size so as to be large enough to write-out your needs and desires as a letter to SOURCE. A handwritten letter is more powerful than a typed one because our handwriting contains vibrations which move through our fingers from the electrical frequencies of our thoughts and the magnetic frequencies of our emotions. Therefore, the entire electromagnetic current that our handwriting has is filled with life force.

2.) Begin your letter by addressing SOURCE by whatever title or name that you are comfortable with such as “DIVINE BEING”, “INFINITE PRESENCE”, “CREATOR”, “DIVINE ABSOLUTE”, “ALLAH”, “AMEN-RA”, “DIVINE MOTHER”, “SHEKINAH”, etc.—a male or female word makes no difference. The ALL acts in both masculine and feminine form. Express your gratefulness for the blessings and miracles of the past year. Then, in a humble manner, say something like: “Please bless me this year with the following”. Then proceed to list your needs and desires.

3.) When the letter is completed, fold it away from you three times as a symbolic gesture of moving it away from you and into the realms of the SACRED.

4.) Symbolically “stamp” it by anointing it with Frankincense oil after you have folded it.

5.) Next, symbolically “mail” it by placing it between the covers of your preferred holy book or by planting it beneath a thriving Evergreen tree.

6.) Light relaxing incense (Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rose, etc.) and a candle in a calming color, and be comfortably seated. Close your eyes. Envision your needs and desires as manifested. Take a deep breath, and then say aloud: “Into the cosmos I release these images”. Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth—one of the entranceways to the pineal portal.

7.) Remain seated for several more minutes, and just relax. Drink a glass of water to become “grounded” back into the material realm.

For those who wish to also employ a mala for this ritual, and then to wear it throughout “2022”, a “grounding” one is best such as “Amber”, “Boddhi Seed”, “Sandalwood”, “Lotus Seed”, or “Tulsi” (which is “Holy Basil”).

They may have “marker beads” of Amber or Turquoise or Coral which are standard gemstones in many Tibetan-style Boddhi Seed malas.

An appropriate mantra would be any one that is healing or which is meant for the attraction of harmonious circumstances.

Reminders of such mantras are: “AUM HARI AUM” (“Oh, Divine, please remove pain and suffering”), “AUM SRI DHAVANTRE NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Holy Celestial Physician”), “AUM SRI MAHA LAKSMAYA NAMAHA” (“Oh Divine, I bow to the giver of spiritual and material abundance”), “AUM NAMO NARAYANAYA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Sustainer”), or “AUM NAMO KWAN SHI YIN PUSA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to She who hears the cries of the world”).

There are other numerous ones which have been taught previously such as the great “Gayatri Mantra” and the “Medicine Buddha Mantra”.

Try to perform this sacred “SEED PLANTING RITUAL” before the New Moon.

The auspicious times of Dawn, Noon, or Sunset have special vibrations of energy so these are wonderful times in which to perform any major ritual of connection to SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Please also consider joining many of us who pray each evening at 8:00 PM (EST) for our planet, for others, and for ourselves.

The number “8” on its side symbolizes infinity so this time was chosen as a metaphysical concept.

The number “8” in Kabbalah is the letter KHET which is symbolic of “Health and Vitality”.

In Pythagorean Numerology, it symbolizes “Accomplishment and Attainment”.

The number “8” is also taught to be the sacred number of the “Medicine Buddha”.

With cosmic forces such as solar energetics and planetary alignments along with other events such as comets and meteor showers gracing the skies, and along with human collective consciousness at various levels, spiritual orientation is a MUST!

It provides a shield of protection, an energetic wave of empowerment, and a pouring down of the sparkling LIGHT of SOURCE which is the ULTIMATE DIVINE FORCE OF NATURE!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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  1. Hera

    While reciting the Gayatri, visualze the sun’s rays streaming forth into the world in, entering your own heart , and then streaming out from your heart centre, this is a powerful and life-enhancing prayer.

  2. Hera

    There is a prayer known as the Gayatri that embodies our sun Solaris.Adress the sun in this way:. You who are the source of all power, Who’s rays illuminate the whole world, illuminate
    also my heart, so that it too can do your work.tske care, love, light


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