The 2022 Leap; From 3D To 4D And 5D

As it was narrated earlier (see – DNI, The Portal 21. 12. 21. Part 5, December 28th, 2021), at the year-end, the new 4D space of Earth and the Subtle Bodies of the earthlings who entered into it has stabilized by 53%. Taking into account the dynamics, the level of 100% is forecasted until the end of 2022.

When a person enters 4D (after the Winter Solstice – approximately 1.943 billion, or half the total embodied Souls), after the first 40 days, an either sign of a rollback in 3D may appear, or a man will still be able to stay in the fourth dimension.

To avoid a rollback, a person must constantly keep his frequencies at least 1000 Hz for the first 270 days and gradually increase them to 1200 Hz.

Only in this way he/she can fill the Subtle Bodies and energy reserves with the maximum possible frequencies for the easier and more complete 4D programs perception.

And in the future to form the Light Body that is necessary for being in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

The transition to 4D is possible when our consciousness and Subtle Bodies emit freqs from 950 Hz and higher.

Now the vibes POTENTIAL of most 3D people is within the limits: the lower level is 550 Hz, the average is 750 Hz, and the high is 950 Hz.

Today, a significant part of incarnated Souls that remain in 3D emits vibrations from 0.5 Hz to 7.8 Hz.

In 2022, we have a lot of work to do to survive in the new frequencies of Earth, which are continually increasing. This is manifested by more frequent magnetic disturbances and storms.

The strongest Solar winds and powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs) hit us. These jets contain huge amounts of plasma.

In our body, it delivers nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts that need them. The plasma coming from the Sun activates the 4D codes of our Subtle Bodies and transforms the physical corpus through them.

These are awakening codes. Co-Creators download them into every one to bring us out of hibernation and activate what is not yet connected to the 4D.

In 2022, the energies of the planets, stelliums, and constellations will play an important role in our transformation. Although neutral, they are very powerful in various combinations. Therefore, Light Forces transform us by them, and Darkies try to keep us in apathy and their submission.

In 2022, this includes the energies of the two main antagonists, Saturn and Uranus, with which LFs and DFs will continue to deepen reform our habitual lives. In the coming months, the confrontation between them will become even more violent.

Both camps will use a new factor that charges the Saturn-Uranus conflict with crisis explosive energy – the transition of the Lunar Nodes to the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and the conjunction of the North Node – the vector of evolutionary development of society – with the innovator Uranus.

This energy will be used by Co-Creators to purify, nullify, and create a new 4D/5D reality. And in society, to promote sustainability, security, and breakthrough revolutionary ideas that will continue to change the 3D with accelerating momentum.

Dark Forces and their “elite” will try to use the antagonism of Saturn and Uranus to continue wreaking havoc and agony on the earthlings as their hostages.

Key Trends In 2022

Amid major reforms exacerbated by the conflict of Saturn and Uranus energies, the planet of big ideas and long-term goals, Jupiter will begin its new 12-year cycle in 2022, moving into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.

It will enable us to move from painful reflection and stomping on the ground to decisive action.

We should not expect in 2022 quick results and solutions to all our difficult problems. The first energetic breakthrough may be followed by a pause, doubts, and self-analysis when Jupiter returns to Pisces and does this somersault twice in one year.

The implementation of our main ideas and projects will be like “one step forward and two steps back”. The energies of the planets will actively push us toward our goals, then, return us to our original positions, reconsider our original plans and agreements.

Jupiter’s erratic vibrations will emphasize the transient, contradictory, and heterogeneous nature of 2022. And a large number of retrograde planets will make it look like 2020 when everything was constantly changing and rearranging throughout the year.

In early 2022, in addition to Mercury retrograde, whose energies impact our interactions with others, Venus will also be retrograde. Its vibrations expose our true values and relationships with others. At the end of the year, Mars retrograde will cause us to adjust our goals and ways of reaching them.

Because of the lingering retrogrades, 2022 is more suitable for developing and refining existing affairs and relationships than for starting something fundamentally new. Although there will always be windows of opportunity for new beginnings.

There are turning points in April-May and October-November when the energies of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio are likely to cause dramatic changes in finances and security.

At the same time, the energies of 2022 will stimulate bright new ideas, breakthroughs in science and technology. From January to mid-May, good fortune will go with creative, unorthodox individuals. The period from the middle of May to October will bring success to active, proactive, decisive leaders.

Energies Impacts

In the energy war between Light and Dark Forces, both sides will take advantage of the Saturn and Uranus square, exacerbating the conflict of freedom and control with its vibrations. More specifically:

– Saturn is in Aquarius all year from 12 to 26 degrees, retrograde June 5 to October 23;

– Uranus in Taurus all year from the 11th to 19th degrees, retrograde until January 18, 2022, then from August 24 to the end of the year;

– Maximum Saturn-Uranus square activity: September through October 2022.

The antagonism of Saturn and Uranus vibrations is a powerful weapon in the struggle not only for freedom and control but for progress and conservatism in general. On the one hand, these energies will aggravate contradictions and conflicts in society, and on the other hand, move the world in a new direction.

Under the influence of the opposing energies of Saturn and Uranus, the State (represented by the systemic and rigid Saturn) will tighten laws and rules. But at the same time, the vibrations of the antagonist planets will increase protests against the new restrictions of an unruly population that is saturated with the energy of freedom-loving Uranus.

Dark Forces will try to use the energies of Saturn to manipulate the digital world and the pandemic, and of Uranus – to virtualize reality and subjugate technological progress to their interests.

Light Forces will apply the energies of Saturn and Uranus for positive purposes. Both planets are very similar organically, as they have an air-earth nature and rule the same signs, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Earth-bound Saturn is in the airy and freedom-loving energies of Aquarius. The progressive aerial Uranus, on the other hand, is in the earth element of the stable conservative Taurus.

And each carries the energies not only of freedom but also of control and order, without which freedom turns into chaos. This is what Co-Creators concentrate on, using them in their agenda.

Therefore, the confrontation between Dark and Light Forces, which fully unfolded in 2021, dividing society into two irreconcilable camps, is mirror-like.

This is a war of two concepts of the world order, for freedom vs. limitations. Only the Darkies mean one thing, while Co-Creators are the opposite.

Higher Light Hierarchy uses the conflicting energies of Saturn and Uranus to develop Earth’s society through the unity of opposites.

Progress is impossible both without the innovative, experimental, democratic ideas born of the energies of Uranus; and without the systemic, organizing, governing vibrations of Saturn, which form the necessary foundation and structure for a new future.

The final exact aspect of Saturn and Uranus took place on December 24, 2021, and was a key turning point in this conflict scenario.

As this aspect will be active throughout 2022, all the central world events created by the confrontation between Dark and Light Forces and their polar points of view on freedom and control will escalate next year.

At the global level, it will be manifested in confrontations between States, pandemic restrictions and society, conflicts between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, Democrats and Conservatives, ruling elites and the opposition, supporters of radical reforms, and adherents of the old order.

To win, both sides will try to make the most of such a factor in the irreconcilable vibrations of Saturn and Uranus as the movement of the Lunar Nodes during the year. Namely:

– Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis from January 18, 2022, to July 18, 2023;

– Saturn in square to the Moon’s Nodes March through September 2022;

– Ascendant Moon Node in conjunction with Uranus: July-August 2022.

The energies of the Lunar Nodes, which will move into the Taurus-Scorpio zodiac pair and come into intense interaction with the vibrations of Uranus and Saturn, will bring many crises, explosive dynamics to the events of the year:

– The South Lunar Node, associated with our accumulated experience, will move into the energetically powerful, power sign of Scorpio;

– The Moon’s North Node, which determines the evolutionary vector of society, will be in Taurus, in the same energy space as the extra-accelerator and reducer to null Uranus.

The transition of the Nodes to the new zodiacal axis and their conjunction with Saturn and Uranus in 2022 will not only sharpen all the smoldering conflicts and contradictions to finally resolve them but may also accelerate a radical renewal.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis is primarily about instability and security. Therefore, in 2022, there will likely be serious military conflicts and war operations, as well as the financial turbulence they cause.

In late 2021, at the conjunction of Venus and Pluto (rulers of Taurus and Scorpio energies), we saw new conflicts born and formed in the violent confrontation of Light and Dark Forces, which will develop in 2022 – 2023, using the energy of the Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

In our personal lives, all these energies will test us for resilience (the vibrations of the North Moon Node in Taurus), thanks to our accumulated willpower, the ability to keep the blow, to overcome crises, and to keep the balance of the Spiritual and the material (the fundamental energy of the South Moon Node in Scorpio).

The greatest tension is possible from March to November when Saturn energies form a tau-square with the Nodes, and the peak of aggravation will be in July and August.

At that time, Uranus will be in exact conjunction with the Moon’s North Node and Mars (July 31-August 1, 2022 is the exact date of the triple conjunction).

The critical turning points will also be the months of eclipses: April-May and October-November.

There will be four in all:

– April 30 at 20:28 UTC partial Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Taurus on Uranus;

– May 16 at 04:11 UTC a total Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees Scorpio;

– October 25 at 10:49 UTC partial Solar Eclipse at 3 degrees Scorpio on Venus. The upper conjunction of Venus and the Sun will lead to a peak of all that will be laid down at the lower conjunction on January 9, 2022, during Venus retrograde in Capricorn;

– November 8 at 11:02 UTC Full Moon eclipse at 17 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Mercury and Venus and opposition to Uranus.

During Lunar and Solar Eclipses, they activate the negative energy-exchange fields of Dark Forces. In such periods they especially intensively suck Spiritual and mental powers out of highly vibrational people.

Autumn eclipses will be extremely tense, as it is September-October when Saturn and Uranus square off at their highest energy in 2022.

The aspect will be only a few degrees apart, but it will never be exact because Saturn turns direct on October 23 and will not catch up with Uranus.

Mars will also stop at that time, only to turn retrograde on October 30, 2022.

And here the options are possible. Both the conflicts in society and our personal lives will come to a standstill. Or to resolve them we will have to reconsider the original goals and fix the ways to achieve them.

We need not be afraid of crises. Any crisis is an opportunity to break free from the daily grind, to turn the situation around, and to resolve accumulated conflicts and contradictions.

The energies of Taurus, in which the evolutionary Lunar North Node will be located, are the vibrations of creative materialization when the momentum of our ideas and intentions begins to take concrete forms and come to fruition.

With the vibrations of Uranus, which carries the energy of the Age of Aquarius, the Light Forces will undoubtedly crash and explode the ossified stability of 3D.

Relationships between people Co-Creators will build on the principles of Aquarius – highly intellectual friendship, ideological unity, joint creativity, and freedom of expression.

Therefore, the more we are open to the new, the greater our willingness to go beyond 3D models and values, the easier it will be for us in 2022. Otherwise, we cannot avoid serious losses and blows of fate.

To realize their plans, Co-Creators will use the vibrations of Jupiter, which in 2022 will move from the creative space of the constellation Pisces to the proactive and decisive energy of Aries. An important will be:

– Jupiter in Pisces from the beginning of the year through May 10, from October 28 to December 20;

– Jupiter in Aries from May 10 to October 28, December 20 to 31;

– Retro period from July 28 to November 24, 9 degrees Aries to 29 degrees Pisces, retro-loop from May 5, 2022, to February 14, 2023.

In 2022, Jupiter, the planet of ideas, big goals, long-term strategies, and worldview concepts, will combine the energies of Pisces and Aries in its retro-loop.

It will change them twice during the year, which will emphasize the transitional, contradictory and heterogeneous nature of the year, which will conclude the great 12-year cycle of Jupiter’s movement through the zodiacal circle.

Jupiter has a very strong position in Pisces, where it is at home, its dwelling place. It is the last 12th sign where all the energy and karma of the Zodiac is accumulated.

Its stay in this Constellation Co-Creators will use for awakening in us the high frequencies of creativity, Spirituality, peacefulness, unselfishness and compassion, generosity, and charity.

Dark Forces, on the other hand, will try, with the energies of Jupiter, to rise from the bottom of the deep karmic depths of the Zodiac the lowest-vibrational and toxic mixture of deceit, betrayal, meanness, addictions, mental illness, crime, racial, national and religious animosity.

In Aries, the energies of Jupiter also coincide with the fiery element of this Constellation, its vibrations aiming for decisive action and quick results.

It is the first sign of the zodiac, setting the impetus for ideas, goals, and any endeavor.

Moving into Aries, Jupiter begins its new 12-year cycle. Therefore, all its power Light Forces will put into a decisive onslaught, pressure, in the movement to new ambitious and breakthrough goals for the best future.

But equally, Dark Forces will do their best to amplify the low energies of Jupiter and Aries to increase anger, hatred, aggression, cruelty, violence, war, and conflict on the planet.

And these are the different energies Jupiter will unite with its retro-loop in 2022. Water and fire, inertia and determination, meditative immersion in search of deep meanings and creative ideas – and hot impulse of action, simple and fast as two times two: came, saw, won. And that is precisely how contradictory 2022 will be.

The first ingress of Jupiter into Aries on May 10 coincides with the beginning of Mercury retrograde, and the next on December 20 will be synchronous with the retrograde of Mars, the ruler of Aries. Therefore in all their important endeavors, Light Forces must maneuver skillfully. If necessary, they should roll back their plans and decisions; reconsider their usual approaches to actions and ways to achieve their goals.

This is the only way they can succeed in all global events, especially those related to politics, economics, and the social sphere. It is desirable to follow these tactics for us as well, in our personal affairs and plans in 2022.

Jupiter will be in Pisces until May 10. This is a favorable time for the formation of ideological and value concepts, a long-term strategy of creative and spiritual development. The energies of Venus and Mercury, which will move retrograde until February 4, 2022, will also contribute to this.

Then, from May 10 to October 28, when Jupiter is in radical Aries, it will be important for Light Forces to take decisive steps to implement new ideas, initiatives, and strategic plans. In our personal lives, this period will shape a new 12-year program for our life, success, influence, authority, and prosperity.

Because Jupiter will only pass the first 9 degrees of Aries, turn back on July 28, and return into Pisces on October 28, the LFs will have to rework and revise what proved to be raw and not ready for quick results.

Jupiter will remain in Pisces through December 20 in the last two degrees of the sign, the 29th and 30th, where all the conflicting energy of the Pisces constellation is concentrated as much as possible. This will compel Light Forces to solve the most difficult and most controversial problems before taking new steps to achieve their goals.

Then, on December 20, Jupiter will return to Aries. This time it will be during Mars retrograde. So, to succeed where it proved impossible from the first approach, Light Forces will have to do a deep and sweeping rethinking of goals and how to arrive at them.

Of course, Darkies will act in the same way, but for their destructive and parasitic purposes on a global and national level.

As for our personal affairs, in such an energetically challenging situation, we will have to face many obstacles. They can be:

Or the energies of Pisces, if we are not in contact with our Higher Self; do not have a system of values, ideology, and worldview based on the principles of higher Love, mercy, compassion, from which humanitarian and enlightening ideas and strategies are born;

Either Aries’ energies if we seek to get everything at once; push through the decision we want by force; act assertively, aggressively, and brazenly; make Napoleonic plans; focus on overambitious goals that are beyond us; want at all costs to get what is not rightfully ours; or, conversely, are too uncertain and passive.

Our plans will turn to rubbish if we get bogged down in a war with others under the slogan “the strongest is right”; or if we are stuck in fighting ourselves (our laziness and inertia – or our excessive haste and impatience).

Good luck in 2022 will accompany creative extraordinary personalities who are both active, proactive, and determined leaders.

This will be helped by the following aspects of Jupiter:

– Jupiter and Neptune conjunct April 12, 2022, at 24 degrees Pisces, active March 27 through April 30, 2022;

– Jupiter and Pluto sextile on May 3, 2022, activity period from April 20 to May 20, 2022;

– Jupiter and Mars conjunct May 29, 2022, in the 4th degree of Aries, active May 24 through June 4, 2022.

Jupiter in the first half of the year, especially in March-June, will be very active in opening us up to the greatest opportunities to realize our big ideas, creative concepts, and initiatives.

Its aspects with the planets will not only strengthen the period of Jupiter in Pisces and Aries, but also emphasize the need to combine in the new year both the ability to invent and dream, and actively implement the plans.

For creative people, and men associated with psychology, esotericism, spiritual development, especially productive period will be March-April when Jupiter in Pisces will actively interact with other planets, and most importantly, will be in conjunction with Neptune, the main ruler of Pisces.

The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will occur on April 12, a period of particularly active influence from March 27 through April 30. The two planets in the abode of Pisces, which emit strong energies, will unite, increasing both their best qualities and activating their darkest natures. It is clear who will take advantage of this and how.

From April 24 to May 3, the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will be enhanced by Venus exalted in Pisces. In our personal lives, this is one of the brightest, most creative, and happiest periods of the year when the most cherished desires are realized, large-scale creative projects are realized, and new spiritual experiences come.

All this is on the condition, of course, that we are in contact with our Higher Self. Otherwise, at this time, on the contrary, we may find ourselves at the broken trough of our unfulfilled hopes.

Jupiter will be in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn from April 20 through May 10 (exact aspect May 3, 2022). It’s a good time for coherent and constructive Light Forces, their thoughtful steps in accomplishing what they have planned. The energies of Jupiter’s harmony and creativity with Pluto’s purposefulness will be favorable for that.

Jupiter’s transit through Aries will be marked by its conjunction with Mars, the ruler of Aries. This is the beginning of a 12-year big Mars-Jupiter cycle that lays a strong start for our transformation.

The exact conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will occur on May 29, 2022. To Light Forces, it is advisable to devote the entire period of influence of this powerful energetic conjunction from May 24 to June 4 to launch important initiatives.

Despite the high productive potential of this period, when LFs will have a strong desire to get results quickly and move forward to their cherished goals, the beginning of the new Mars and Jupiter cycle falls on Mercury’s new retrograde.

That will make it more difficult to realize scheduled goals.

Light Forces can revisit them in December when Jupiter moves back into Aries.

But even then, many things will not be easy or productive, for Mars itself will be retrograde.

The combination of all these factors points to the need for Light Forces to be prepared to maneuver, change initial objectives and plans or ways to achieve them in the new year.

In our personal lives, 2022, because of the retrograde of the planets, is partly similar to 2020, when things were constantly changing and rearranging throughout the year.

In addition to the usual Mercury retrogrades, that reset our interactions with others, there will also be Venus retrograde in early 2022, reshaping our value system and relationship building; and Mars at the end of the year, prompting us to adjust our goals and ways to achieve them:

– Mars retrograde from October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023;

– Mars retrograde loop from September 4, 2022, to March 15, 2023, from 9 to 26 degrees Gemini.

The Red Planet will go backward from October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023, and its entire retrograde loop will cover the period from September 4, 2022, to March 15, 2023.

Since Mars retrograde will pass in Gemini, which affects the info-streams, the greatest stress will be in the information and digital environment. We can expect major shake-ups in IT companies, Telecom, information, marketing, and advertising agencies, and the fight against cyber-crime.

Throughout the retro-Mars period, not only Light and Dark Forces, but also we will refine and redefine our goals and how to achieve them.

And these, in turn, will depend on how decisions are made, what information the actions are based on; how connections are made, etc.

The peak of Mars retrograde always occurs during its opposition to the Sun (December 8, 2022, for this cycle), when the Red Planet, the Sun, and Earth line up, with Mars at its closest point to us.

At this time, goals and deeds or conflict situations come to a peak of realization.

Depending on whether and how one uses Mars energy to create or destroy, during its retrograde, and especially in its opposition to the Sun, one can make a qualitative leap toward constructive goals, or escalate a conflict with the world, plunging it into chaos.

Mars retrograde will be complicated by its square to Neptune and Jupiter, which will cause an acute crisis in the realization of the intended objectives at the beginning of the Mars-Neptune (May 18, 2022) and Mars-Jupiter (May 29, 2022) cycles, and also makes the struggle for truth and justice a key theme.

Mars retrograde will also be accentuated by the fall eclipse season and the hard energy of the maximum conjunction of Uranus square Saturn. Thus, we are in for a very busy autumn, filled with confrontations, conflicts, destructive situations, and over-burdening.

Retrograde Venus in Capricorn will also have its energetic influence:

– Venus retrogrades from December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022;

– Venus retrograde loop from 12 to 27 degrees Capricorn.

The current Venus retrograde loop began on November 18, 2021, and will end on March 2, 2022. Because it passes in fundamental Capricorn, its main theme will be a reexamination of our fundamental values that underlie everything we do.

Because Venus is in prolonged conjunction with the modifier Pluto, during its retrograde, we will experience profound changes in the patterns and concepts we have come to rely upon to make decisions. In other words, we must experience a transformation of our life’s fulcrum.

The new 1.5-year value program begins when Venus conjuncts the Sun. This retro-loop will occur on January 9, 2022. So until that day, we will complete the past 1.5-year cycle, and after January 9, we will begin the next one.

The end of the cycle is not suitable for new beginnings. It is a time to analyze and revise concepts, to reset them.

In 2022, Mercury, whose energies influence interaction with others and the world, communication, and connection, will go retrograde four times:

– From January 14 to February 4: retro Loop from 11° Aquarius to 25° Capricorn, December 29, 2021, through February 24, 2022; Mercury is conjunct with the Sun on January 23. Consequently, you have until January 23 to complete or revise matters and then start new ones. The situation is complicated by the simultaneous retrograde of Venus;

– From May 10 to June 3: retro-loop from 5° Gemini to 27° Taurus, April 27-June 18; Mercury conjuncts with the Sun on May 21. That is, April 27 through June 21 is the next time to complete or revise things, then start new ones. This is the most difficult retro-loop, as it will be associated with an eclipse season on the Taurus-Scorpio zodiac axis;

– From September 10 to October 2: retro-loop from 9° Libra to 24° Virgo, August 21-October 17; Mercury conjuncts with the Sun on September 23. Consequently, August 21 through September 23 is a new window to complete or revise things, then proceed to the next;

– From December 29, 2022, to January 18, 2023: from 8° to 25° Capricorn, December 12, 2022, to February 5, 2023, Mercury conjuncts with the Sun on January 7, 2023. Hence, from December 12, 2022, to January 7, 2023, we finish or redo things, then start new ones. It’s a difficult loop due to the simultaneous retrograde of Mars.

During these periods we will be busy rebooting our relationships, correcting mistakes, and looking for new ways to solve old problems. This is not a time for radically new endeavors.

Notably, the first three Mercury retro-loops will link airy and earth signs, with new Mercury-sun cycles always beginning in the first degrees of aerial signs.

It means that all the usual and established “earthly” connections and contacts, approaches in business and communications, ways of obtaining new knowledge and information, planning and organizing principles will change following the requirements of the new aerial era: to digitize and go online, to bring more freedom and creativity to daily activities, to unite in communities of like-minded people to solve common problems.

We will look for new tools to interact with other people and the world.

And to conclude, once again, on a very sensitive subject…

In addition to eclipses, there will also be New Moons in 2022. In the first half of the year, particularly powerful New Moons will occur on March 3 and April 1.

Mass meditations on a global scale may again be planned for the dates of these cosmic events.

Without repeating the situation described by Galactic Committee (see DNI, The Portal 21.12.21. Part 5, December 28, 2021), here is the message of the 25D Argorians, received on December 25th, 2021, at 09:52 AM CET. It has a harsh tone but that is how they see the situation:


On the Subtle Plane, energies entering the planet undergo adaptation, and their density is calculated depending on the effectiveness of their use, manifested actions, and results obtained.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the harm caused by the effects of collective meditations, the massive generation of unnecessary energy by people.

Because of their poor understanding of the Earth’s subtle energies structure, we constantly have to correct men’s deeds.

So once again, we urge you to pay attention to this warning and stop interfering with our planetary work.

Once again, we demand to mind your human affairs. Stop meddling in areas in which you do not understand. Not fall for the Dark Forces’ calls, do not feed them with your energy. Otherwise, their removal from the planet is inhibiting, and you and your kin receive the karmic retribution”.


**By Lev


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