Archangel Gabriel: The Reconnection

Greetings, I extend my blessings, my love, to you now, I am Archangel Gabriel. It is an honour to be in your loving presence, your radiance, and your glowing light. I, in return, emanate my glowing light and all that is my love to you.

In a previous communication, Archangel Metatron spoke of the Initiation of Separation, which is unfolding now. It is a very powerful initiation that can be very challenging for many souls and yet it is one that creates and activates the greatest strength, power, and transformation. It truly allows you to accelerate along your ascension journey.

In this communication, Archangel Metatron spoke of how separation is encouraging a reconnection. A reconnection with yourself and reconnection with others, those in your reality, and essentially all aspects of the Creator.

This reconnection is essential now. It is a journey of growth, it allows for growth and ascension within your own being, therefore you view yourself, and your reality with a new higher perspective that allows you to recognise the presence of the Creator more fully.

The reconnection with others allows you to build relationships on light, and from light. The opportunity to create old relationships in a new reality and to let go of other relationships which are no longer needed or no longer serve you.

You are essentially drawing to you all the souls that will support you in your spiritual evolution. Creating connections with others and perspectives of yourself, others and your reality that is born from truth, love, and peace.

As we recognise the separation initiation, we realise we can understand its truth, be inspired to reconnect with ourselves, the Creator, and each other on a new vibration, thus we acknowledge that we are being propelled into a new reality.

A reality that began last year when the New Earth Ascension Blueprint manifested. A reality where you are in your power, you create from your loving, truthful power and this is the same for this initiation now.

It is allowing you to perceive your connection with yourself and with other aspects of the Creator in a new way from truth, peace, and love, thus entering a new reality for yourself upon the Earth.

I, Archangel Gabriel, encourage you to contemplate:

How do you wish to react and act to yourself?

How do you wish to connect with others?

What would be the most ideal outcome of the highest vibration or most truthful communication?

How would this manifest for you and in your relationships with others?

Would it mean that you become more confident and in your power?

Would it mean that you open your heart and simply give love?

Would you find yourself being kinder, wishing to care for others or maybe asking for care and support for yourself?

It is time to reconnect with yourself and those around you, to recognise that you are and will be existing in a new reality. Every transformation you experience, allows you to take a step deeper into that new reality, to be more grounded in the new reality. You will find that with grounding into the new reality and a reconnection with yourself and others that you feel so much more energised, fulfilled and of course, connect it to the Creator.

The Over Lighting Project is a current of light that flows into and across the Earth now and throughout the New Year imprinting light into the cells of many beings.

As the light is imprinted into cells, it activates wisdom that is needed, wisdom that has been forgotten and wisdom to aid this new reality that is dawning. This wisdom is needed in your relationship with yourself, and it is also needed in your relationship with others.

You do not need to dictate wisdom to others more, so you are wiser in your connection and communication with yourself and with others from a space of truth, and love.

How Do You Experience This Reconnection?

It is first as Archangel Metatron mentioned to recognise separation and to focus inside of yourself, to the light that is within you, to share this light with others. To direct it like a beam of light to others, and those you wish to reconnect with on a higher vibration.

Contemplate your connection and your communication with others and yourself. How would you like it to be in an ideal world, in the new reality?

You will understand the area that requires focus, what needs to be developed from within your being.

Is it your compassion? Is it your grounding? Is it your ability to understand others or understand yourself?

It is important that you understand the message that is coming from the reconnection, it describes how you can connect once more on a higher vibration.

This is a very powerful energy of transformation, and many may find it challenging. We do wish for you to understand that we are present, the Angelic Kingdom, to serve, to heal, and to embrace you. To simply be your companions.

You are not alone and one of the most obvious impacts of this initiation is that you feel lonely or alone.

It is important not to become too focused on this energy.

Recognition is needed, however, recognition of your connection with all aspects of the Creator and the entire Universe of the Creator, this is where the truth lies, this is where your focus is required to remain.

It is so essential to be loving and kind to yourself, especially as this time may be quite confusing. The more you can love yourself unconditionally the easier you will navigate through this initiation process.

And of course, there is a need to act, to bring forth the way that is most appropriate from the truth of your being from the truth of the reconnection.

My love is with you eternally, I thank you,

I am Archangel Gabriel.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson


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  1. Juanita F J Ellis

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