We Can Intensify the Rising Energetics of Gaia

The Spirit of the Earth has had a predominant resonant energetic frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. This is very slow compared to the frequencies of our technological communications, but it is the frequency of life on this planet. We have all aligned with this frequency in order to live here. Now, however, due to external cosmic-ray injections, as well as changes in the consciousness of Gaia, her resonant frequencies are showing increasing levels of energetic quality in several octaves higher. To this development, we are all having to adjust and evolve spiritually. The Earth is going through a physical and spiritual metamorphosis.

The effect of this development upon humanity is becoming dramatic. It is becoming more and more obvious that the negative, low-vibration evil is coming out of the shadows, and those aligned with it are becoming uncomfortable being here. Those who were the most negative have become so unstable, that they have already left. Those who remain have become disoriented and delusional. This includes most politicians and corporate officers. The rising frequencies are coming into closer alignment with the conscious expressions of the Creator. This situation is affecting all conscious beings.

There are cycles in consciousness at very long wavelengths. Some are longer than we can measure or calculate. We were at the bottom of a 25,920-year cycle, and we’re on our way up. The decision of the consciousness of humanity as a race of beings, to deepen our understanding and experience within a conceptual range of frequencies that we would otherwise never be attracted to engage with, has compartmentalized our awareness within the negative polarity, fear-based frequencies. If we can change our polarity and raise our vibrations, we can move into greater alignment with higher consciousness and move into the vibratory spectrum of love and its compatible frequency patterns.

To change polarity means to live mostly with positive emotions and life-enhancing thoughts. This can be an intimidating change. It transforms our personality. We may change friends and even partners, who no longer align with us. We may change nearly every aspect of our lives. Our process is like an MC Escher graphic design, in which everything, which is a fractal of the Whole, changes mathematically (In this case, us) continuously in complete synchroneity with the One universal consciousness.

From the negative perspective, this is all unimaginable as a viable lifestyle. There have to be miraculous shifts at times in order for things to connect properly. How can this happen? It is because consciousness is the creator of every situation, and the quality of any situation for us depends upon our own resonant frequency in comparison with Gaia. Our alignment adds our own conscious life force to the ascension energies of our planet.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


3 Replies to “We Can Intensify the Rising Energetics of Gaia”

  1. bbbb A.I. is evil

    Right thought,right action,right words,right focus.Meditate upon photos of beautiful Shan,Ur,Earth,Terra,unspoiled by pollution and send love and gratitude.Plant helpful plants for the wildlife and feed them.Stop driving,buying,wasting,flying so much.Indoor garden,solfeggio frequency 528,laugh more,sing,watch funny shows,volunteer,donate supplies to wildlife rehab center or animal shelter.Regarding above mentioned Indian prayer,Ive listened to it many times online and it is very relaxing and restorative,supposedly helps immunity.Think we humans should superthank ALL THE HEAVENLY HOSTS,ANGELS,ARCHANGELS,CHOHANS,SAINTS,ETC.as well as our ancestors of light and love!

  2. Hera

    There is a prayer known as the Gayatri, address Solaris our physical sun in this fashion: You who are the source of all power, Whose rays illuminate the whole world, llluminate also my heart, So that it too can do your work. While reciting the Gayatri, visualze the sun’s rays streaming forth into the world, entering your own heart, then streaming out from your centre. This is a powerful and life-enhancing prayer. Love, light and peace.