4 Reasons Why Empaths Get Sick When Around Certain People

Have you ever come away from spending time with certain people and felt physically ill?

Did you ever feel like you had a hangover after an evening out with friends, but weren’t actually drinking alcohol?

Or have you had a brief conversation with someone, only to feel pains or physical symptoms in certain body parts?

Have you ever wondered why this might happen?

There are a number of reasons that could be causing these reactions, but here we will look at the most common causes for Empaths to get sick after being in the presence of certain individuals.


Did you ever seen the famous psychics on TV who describe how someone passed, by explaining how it feels to them? They may experience a pain or pressure in a certain area within their body, which might, for example, tell them what body part of the deceased was impacted by an illness.

This is similar to what an Empath might experience, when they intuitively pick up an illness or imbalance within another.

Just like their ability to feel another person’s emotions, some Empaths can also pick up on physical imbalances, which might make them feel sick or weak in certain body parts. They may not know what it is they are sensing, just that they don’t feel great.

The sensation normally lasts for the duration of time spent in said person’s presence, up to a few hours after.

The good news is once the Empath understands what they are enduring, the easier it is for them to ‘switch off’ the sensation in the future.


If someone you are interacting with is highly negative, if they have bad intentions, or if their vibration is running at a much slower pace than yours, you can have a physical reaction within your body.

Anything from fatigue to feeling fluey could be experienced.

You will have a worse physical experience if said person also makes you stressed.

Stress contributes to and worsens any health problems. Stress-related illness can lead to autoimmune conditions. These conditions, that often go undiagnosed, cause many complications for the unaware Empath. Which might lead them to becoming physically sick when with certain people.

If someone is no good for you, especially if they activate your adrenals, which release stress hormones, your body will tell you by giving you a physical reaction.

In these cases, staying grounded and protected is your best option for prevention. However, with some people, avoidance may be the best option.


When you have a compromised immune system, or an autoimmune condition, it is very common for you to have illnesses and physical reactions to chemicals, certain foods, and drinks. But that’s not all, you can also react to people’s energy in a physical way that makes you feel ill. This works like a ‘people allergy.’

The problem is, many Empaths don’t realise that a compromised immune system is making them sick after being around certain people. But if you are sensitive to energy, in any way, you can react in mysterious ways to people’s emotional energy.

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, whether that be food, chemicals, emotions, or people.

If what the Empath is experiencing, after being around certain people, is immune-system related, the physical sensations, or not feeling well, can last for 12 to 48 hours after exposure. This post has 6 ways in which to quickly reduce these reactions.


Most Empaths come to realize they have a leaky aura when they experience near-constant exhaustion, and physical symptoms, after spending time around people. These people don’t have to be negative, angry or ill for this to happen. (This is also interrelated with number 3 on the list.)

Anyone whose auric field is permeable will experience discomfort when spending time around others. A healthy aura protects you from ‘ingesting’ the energy of others or any external influences.

Think of a shoe, when there’s a hole in the sole it allows in water, stones and other fragments that could damage the foot. Repair the sole and the foot remains dry and comfortable. This is like the aura. When it is leaky or permeable it lets in energy that doesn’t belong. Repair the damage and you become better protected.

One of the biggest indications of having leaky aura is if you remember a time when you weren’t so badly affected by being in the presence of others. If you want to learn more read this.


Many Empaths have an inkling of what they should or shouldn’t do to stay happy and healthy, because their inner Knowing is constantly guiding them. Those nagging feelings, that something is not a fit, is your intuition at work trying to get your attention.

If you get physically ill after spending time around certain individuals, and you are not intuitively picking up on their pain or a bodily illness, take it as a warning sign. Either the other person is not good for you, or you have imbalances of the physical or energy bodies that need addressing.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Until next time.

**By Diane Kathrine


2 Replies to “4 Reasons Why Empaths Get Sick When Around Certain People”

  1. Susan

    5. Another reason empaths might feel sick around another is because the other sparks a fear, or some unconscious wounding that the empath does not want to see, deal with or clean up in themselves. Thus, the empath uses spiritual bypassing to project their own unhealed issues onto the other by saying your energy makes me sick. Everyone is a mirror to something in you. Quit blaming others and take self responsibility.