The Avalanche; The Great Quantum Transition

For a better insight into the results of the third wave of the mass transition to 4D that occurred on December 21, 2021, (see – DNI, The Portal 21. 12. 21., Part 5, December 28, 2021; The 2022 Leap, December 31, 2021) here is additional info.

As DNI narrated earlier, the first two waves took place from August 15 to 21-22, 2021, and from September 21 to 27, 2021.

The December Transition continued the selection of Souls for the stay in the 4th dimension, and on the Subtle and physical planes divided earthlings between 3D and 4D.

On December 21, 2021, the density of the fourth dimension turned on in Earth, not at full capacity but by 53% taking into account our readiness.

Now, we officially have two working densities to which Co-Creators switched the entire planetary system.

But only those who have passed the first three waves can see 4D.

The preparation and Transition of the next groups will take place gradually over the coming months. In turn and as we are ready…

How did it happen to those who travel between 3D and 4D alternately in the physical and Subtle Body?

They were hit by an unprecedented avalanche of energy from Higher Light Civilizations, our Curators. On the Subtle Plane, by clairvoyance was seen that its power exceeded the personal energy channels’ section by three (!) times.

In each transient, the incoming Light tidal wave was unpacked into many Light folders and literally shot from their heart in different directions with Light balls. All parcels were named and intended for specific people.

This is how our Higher Mentors transmitted the Light Codes through each of their wards.

What are the Light Codes?

It’s is a set of numbers put together in certain mathematical and geometric formulas.

The Codes are transmitted in compressed archived form.

On a Subtle Plane, the Codes look like spheres glowing with a bright white light, containing mathematical signs and formulas inside.

They carry information from higher densities.

The body of those who received the Codes was activated so that all systems, including the heart, started working at a frantic pace. Many turned to their Mentors to help them adapt to enormous overcharge.

In the first days, they had to do everything and even speak very slowly to withstand the energy avalanche. But soon everyone got used to it. It became easier.

For transitioning to 4D, it was a throw-in at the deep end. The Higher Light Hierarchs sometimes lead us through such a test of strength without warning.

And given the coming events, it was important to check how everyone could withstand the trial of necessary Light Intensity and its potential.

What’s next?

Those who have got the Light Codes should not only raise higher their vibrations but also distribute the Codes telepathically among conscious people in the form of informational thought packets.

During the test, the crystal conductivity of recipients was used at all 300%. It was hard but everyone ????d.

Now, all participants in the Transition started the second stage: unpacking the received Light Codes folders and dismantling the personal Veil between dimensions. In short, we all have a lot to do in the New Year 2022!

**By Lev