The Council of Overseers: The Matrix, What Makes It Real

The Existential question of what makes someone real, or a thing real is a subjective PERCEPTION based on what someone is identifying themselves with or as.

One might question is pain real? If the body responds to pain does that make It seem real? Yet if the eternal self does not feel it the same way, does it make the eternal self and observer not real? This depends on which IT* you are seeing your world through.

Being the eternal self, that is beyond the physical form, is this non existent and not real? DO I have to have a body to be real? This again is based on what you see the real you as? Although this may seem dissociative to know oneself only as the INFINITE self, is this not what enlightenment really is. Combining the state of eternal being with that of the finite self. Functioning through the form as a vehicle, with the driver; the eternal self being the ONE that makes all of this happen.

As one disassociates from being only the body, does the heart step in and heal all memory? IS not the journey even for this purpose, to eradicate all held pain within the form, to then TRANSFIGURE the form into the New Earth new form, way of being.

As one becomes not limited to the body, and becomes the larger self that exists throughout the Universe, does that then make the body unreal? Or solid objects unreal? Or does the expanded advanced state so commonly deemed unreal, despite a body, become the new advanced way of being for the advancement of the Human Species?

Will the new norm be the NEW SELF REALIZATION as being the larger infinite eternal self, that never dies and has never been born? If so, does this automatically transfigure and dissolve all pain as the world once knew it to be? Is this the New Earth?

If so, is the very suffering now, the fertile feeding ground, that is the source of the PUSH to expand THE HEART INTO this eternal space of BEING?

Is the Heart then the portal to the very dissolving of the disharmony, pain and suffering of the smaller self awareness of consciousness, of the it*?

Is this disassociation to the smaller self, actually the very portal to the heart expansion which is the ASCENSION to the New Earth? That literally dissolves all memory with a blink of an eye.

Is the MATRIX of mass consciousness then existing inside this pain and suffering awareness of the smaller self, actually the death of the human existence as we now know it to be?

And does the matrix style existence of suffering and separation only exist in a world we give our conscious awareness to? As to what we are? The smaller it*? That only knows a MATRIX as the only awareness one has?

What we think we are lands us then in a suffering world of the matrix, or a Heart filled world of harmony and peace that exists outside of this man made little self it* suffering matrix.

The infinite eternal self knows not pain and suffering and knows itself as the only true refuge as BEING THAT that knows only the heart and love. This is the embodiment and freedom to being all that one truly is, never born, never died, never separated.

Washed free of all memory of suffering.

Existing through the eternal self.

Not stuck in a world of suffering and pain as being that or it.

EMBODYING the fullness of ETERNITY.

Being the Ocean not just the wave.

Being the All THAT IS of the that.

Being Now, being love, being ETERNALLY SELF REALIZED. THE new way, The New Divine Humanity.

Being aASCENDED, free from the construct of pain of suffering held once in the MATRIX of a mass consciousness. Only to awakening and identifying to a NEW REAL, new YOU, NEW EARTH, way of being.

This is the BUDDHA, this is the Christ consciousness. This is the doing greater things. This is the believing that mountain does move. The is Your ASCENSION.

This is freedom from the matrix way.

With The Divine Council of Overseers, Azoora of The Pleiades, The Queen of Light and Sanut Kumara.

This is now and this is eternal, this IS THAT WHICH IS FREE OF THE MATRIX. Having entered the sacred ground of the NEW EARTH, the New Divine Humanity, we activate you in now!

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian