Our Inner Work Part 2; From 3D To 4D And 5D

In its December message, the Galactic Committee designated three dates for the next phase of the Transition: January 02, 2022, February 02, 2022, and March 23, 2022 – its end and stabilization (see – DNI, The Portal 21. 12. 21. Part 2, December 13, 2021).

These are not borders, not a watershed but landmarks, like road signs warning of a difficult section, turn, intersection, rockfall, etc.

Why did Galacom select these dates?

2 JANUARY 2022

January 2, 2022, is the 29th Lunar day, one of the most dangerous, so-called Satanic Days when the activation of Dark Forces is especially great. Its symbols are Hecate, Octopus, Hydra.

On this day, protection is built against Satanism and the intense aspect of Mars and the Black Moon which will last until January 17, 2022.

This aspect provokes the manifestation of reckless bravery, impatience, rashness which can generate erroneous actions leading to losses, as well as cause conflicts with others.

The second important event is on January 2, 2022 – Mercury passes into Aquarius. Under the influence of the vibrations of this stellium, mental activity, and physical mobility increase, intuition sharpens. There is more friendliness, curiosity, and sincerity in communication. Acquaintances and contacts are easily made. It’s a favorable time for studying astronomy, astrology, and natural sciences. In social life, a person concentrates on affirming freedom, development, and innovative ideas.

22 FEBRUARY 2022

February 22, 2022, is a unique mirror date, or as it is also called – the Day of Six twos.

The combination of digits – 22.02.2022 – is equally readable on both sides and is also called a palindrome.

Such coincidences happen very rarely.

For example, there will be only 60 mirror dates in the current millennium.

And 02/22/2022 is one of them.

Energetically, the number “2” in numerology is very interesting. If we highlight the main vibrational properties of this figure, then it is duality, pairing, symmetry. It may seem that the concepts are similar but the essence is different.

Duality is the division of one into two parts. Pairing is the similarity of two objects or the union of two into a whole. Symmetry – mirror image, equilibrium point, invariance.

Thus, the date 22.02.2022 has all the qualities of a “deuce” raised to the sixth power, and is, in fact, the symmetrical number itself, doubly strengthening the point of energy equilibrium.

Conclusion: this date is perfectly suitable for the role of a dividing line, a pivot point of everything that is happening on our planet.

Nothing special may occur on this day, but it is later that the NEW will receive a powerful energy boost. On this date, as in a mirror, all the events of the past will be reflected and will be mirrored in the future. The zeros that complement the six twos contain an infinite amount of energy that can both create and destroy.

What picture will be in the sky on 02/22/2022?

Here even more important details are revealed which will be very useful in our inner work.

The Moon is in the constellation Libra. The 22nd Lunar Day adds two more “twos” to the date 22.02.2022 and the time 22:22, for a total of 12 twos on this day. This is the number of Truth, the vibrational boundary between transition from one level of consciousness to another. On this day, the Moon in Libra will balance the past and the future, and guide us on the path of partnership and prosperity.

Venus and Mars are in the constellation Sagittarius. Earth, Venus, and Mars line up along the same line at this hour, forming a small parade of planets, and combining two opposite beginnings.

Venus, the female symbol, controls refined emotions – Love, beauty, harmony, friendship – everything is subject to the influence of this planet. Mars has a harsh masculine character, a thirst for life, passion, aggression, and anger. Two planets, two opposites influence Earth. The dualism of the two takes on the features of a certain confrontation.

Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn are in the constellation of Capricorn. Capricorn in astrology is a very symbolic “being” – “goat-fish”. And here again, the manifestation of the duality of the two is read – the union of two in one beginning.

Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn at 22:22 will converge at a turning point when the organization and strategic management of their actions, self-control, and organization in the past will lead to deserved success and positive changes in the future. But the decisions made on this date, Pluto will make cruel and uncompromising.

The sun and Jupiter are in Aquarius. In 2000, the Sun entered the Age of Aquarius, and all this time it has been bringing us a colossal amount of quantum energy.

With the advent of a new era, humanity has risen to a new stage of development, technological discoveries are being made, people’s relationships are transforming on a planetary scale, and climate and the state of the entire surrounding world are changing.

The simultaneous presence of Jupiter and the Sun in Aquarius will direct the energy of the Sun to the embodiment of progressive views. The vibrations of Jupiter will balance the irascibility and unpredictability of the Sun.

Neptune is in Pisces. In general, a neutral sign carries neither negative nor positive consequences after the date 22.02.2022 22:22. But this stellium will strengthen the desire to know the secrets of Existence. Phenomenal and psychic abilities will manifest in many people which will accelerate the Transition of consciousness of humanity to a qualitatively new level.

Taking into account the energy uniqueness of the date 22.02.2022, Co-Creators have outlined it in an attempt to change the polarity of our consciousness.

What is it?

Let’s remember by what principle humanity lives now, which paradigm of consciousness sets the tone for all life processes. The principle is the same – the division of all and everything: into Light and Darkness, plus and minus, good and evil, and so on.

There are two components of life that, in a constant struggle, create conditions for the release of life energy. The principle is the eternal struggle of Light and Darkness. But when one of the sides wins, polarization occurs, the poles change and everything starts over.

Such a change of poles does not bring big changes – there is a change of priorities, more often in the degradation. It can be observed now in the Western World, where Light is forcibly re-polarized into much worse than Darkness.

It is believed that the pole shift that is taking place is an alternative to the past. No, that’s not the case now. This is a breakthrough to another level of development – from duality to binary. Not a change of poles from plus to minus, but an exit from finiteness to infinity.

Duality is the separation of one. A binomial is a compound of two.

Duality is possible only in the paradigm of separation into Light and Darkness. Binomial is possible only with unity on the principle of two Great Foundations merging – Masculine and Feminine. This is what the Transition is aimed at.


When dividing the whole, each part releases much less energy. When combined, energy is released many times more. This is the worst nightmare for Dark Forces. And that is what they are trying to prevent with a pandemic, lockdowns, isolation, the whole culture and lifestyle being planted. Divide and Conquer.

Similarly, the new paradigm of consciousness implies not life in the System but life in the constants of infinity. Mathematical analysis reveals to us the laws of infinity. In physics, it is quantum mechanics. In chemistry, it is the primary atom that is the first crystallization of an instant of Time (a pulse of force), based on which all laser and nuclear technologies are built.

Today, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, the Galacom, and friendly cosmic races take us beyond all spheres of consciousness and limitations.

This suggests that if we hold on to the previous paradigm of consciousness of the battle of Light and Darkness, then the transition is very painful and it is not a fact that it can be carried out. But it won’t be any other way.

And finally, the third landmark is March 23, 2022.

23 MARCH 2022

This is the day when the energies of Jupiter will receive full power from Saturn, which will hand over its reins of power (March 20, 2022) for the rest of the year.

But the significance of this stellium is much greater and deeper.

Two years earlier, on December 21, 2020, at the moment of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the Age of Aquarius came.

This grand astrological event opened a new historical period. It will determine the development of our civilization not only for two centuries ahead but also for 2000 years.

The cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is decisive in world history and social processes since these two planets are directly responsible for society.

Saturn embodies the principles of structure, control, management, and boundaries and, most importantly, is responsible for the passage of Time itself. Jupiter runs the expansion and development of social and public institutions, the value philosophy of society, and determines the strategic vector of civilization development.

Jupiter and Saturn connect every 20 years. Their cycle in astrology is called a mutation, since it is always accompanied by a crisis change in power and politics, economics, and finance, affecting the development of not only individual States, social and social processes but also the entire world order.

On December 21, 2020, a Big Mutation began when Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius, joined at 1 degree of the sign on December 21, 2020. And in the next 200 years, they will unite in the signs of the air group – Aquarius, Libra, Gemini.

This means that the 200-year-old earthly era of material values, conservative principles, and models, as well as the type of society based on private property, and people being exploited, became obsolete.

A new, progressive, freedom-loving era begins. It’s an air-type society where equality of opportunity is ensured regardless of financial shape.

The leading values are freedom and individual rights, social development programs, as well as technological progress that will bring a fantastic breakthrough in the next 20 years.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn joined in Aquarius was 794 years ago – on March 4, 1226. From an astronomical point of view, then they were at the minimum close distance from each other – only 0.1 arcminutes (usually planets do not approach closer than 1 degree), actually merging into one luminary, as it happened on December 21, 2020.

At that time (in 1215), the Magna Carta was created which forced King John the Landless to agree to new rights for the population of medieval England. These demands arose because of the heavy debt burden, cruel taxes, and repressive governance. And as a result, the population had new rights, which became the basis of the future of English law.

This was the realization of Aquarius’ ideals. During the preparation and conduct of the English Revolution, the Charter acquired the significance of a symbol of political freedom, becoming the banner of the struggle of the British against royal despotism.

The Magna Carta also became the foundation for the development of the institution of human rights in many countries of the world, which relied on some of its provisions when writing their Constitutions.

The guarantees contained in the Magna Carta have come a long way and found a new home in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They continue to set the standard for the protection of human rights in national constitutions.

It is also very important that soon, in 2023/24, Pluto will also move to Aquarius, which will remain here until 2042. Its energies run the mass collective consciousness. Therefore, a qualitative leap in the development of society in favor of the principles of Aquarius in the next 20 years will fundamentally consolidate all the changes that have been outlined and will serve as a starting point for changes in the next 2 thousand years.

**By Lev