Pleiadian Collective: Your Future Of Light

Friends of Earth!

The Planet is Thriving As Lightworkers Communicate The Truth Of Your Future Of Light That Will Be Experienced As NOW.

It is Vital That You Remember You Have The Individual Freedom Of Perception.

For There Is One Truth And Trillions Of Changing Perceptions.

How Do You Find Truth?

Go Within.

Ask Your Higher Self.

And Most Importantly, LISTEN.

Truth Calls Out To You Each Moment.

You Are Never Without A Choice Of Light.

You Alone Must Choose For Yourself To Stop Listening To Puppets And Puppet Masters.

Cut Their Strings And You No Longer Find Them In Your Awareness.

What You Focus On Will Grow.

What You Ignore Will Slowly Lose Its Grip As The Energy Dissipates And You Lose Interest!

Realize That You Can’t ‘Need’ What You Do Not Already Have.

This Would Be A Complete Delusion.

What Do You Need?

Water, Food And Shelter From Cold Or Hot Temperatures.

You Must Breathe and Maintain Your Body To Live.

All Else Is Story Time.

You Convince Yourself You Need Many Things As Endless Ads Play For You.

As Others Wear Certain Clothing Or Live In Large Homes.

You NEED None Of This.

If You Truly Strive To Live As Your Soul And Move Gently Upon The Earth, You Will Connect To The Holographic Awareness That You Are Life Itself In Form For A Moment.

This Small Experience Is Significant For Soul Expansion And The Experience Of Duality To Awaken You Back To Origin, Where All Of This Is Foreign.

As The Earth’s Vibration Continues To Accelerate At Unprecedented Speed, You Are Close To Instant Manifestation.

Many Of You Are Already Noticing Changes In Your Personal Lives.

New Friends Have Opened Your Consciousness And Brought You To The Magnificence Of Your Akashic Lives And Your Shared Origin.

Indeed, Many Of You Are Family From The Beginning Of Creation And Are Meeting By Divine Appointment In The Final Dream.

The Collective Is Feeling Your Experience As We Are One Essence Of Source.

You Will Continue To Thrive As You Drop Judgment And Choose Love Over Fear!

Soon You Will Rise In Power And Remember The Reason You Chose These Waking Dreams.

All Dreams Are Carried In Your Heart Chakra And In One Flash, They Will Be Accessed.

You Will Find Joy As You Understand What You Gained And That Nothing Has Ever Been Lost!

Love One Another, For There Is No Greater Choice.


**Received by Judith