Welcome to 2022! Start the Year with Daring

Imagine running with abandon like a wild horse, able to tap your passion and aliveness to create your best life in 2022. The horse has no linear clock to watch and fret over. It instinctively connects with other horses and rides in an adventurous way. Imagine you could connect with a similar unfettered energy as you navigate your life this year. Continue reading to discover 7 ways to manifest this kind of daring.


We have entered what will be a historic year of mega change and transformation of our entire societal template. Pretty much everything about how we co-exist together on Earth will get the spotlight.

The important thing to keep in mind daily is that these changes aren’t just “out there” in society. We are an integral part of the whole. Whether in this life or previous lifetimes, we’ve personally lived at the effect of societal norms that are oppressive and unjust. We’ve also, at some time, been the oppressor.

Beyond this big picture, each of us is alive now to heal things from our past – our own past and our ancestors. When we heal things on these levels, we also help to shift humanity as a whole.

We’re also being called to serve in very personal ways to co-create a more humane and loving world. We are to do this by fully engaging with the world–living by example, a dramatically different way of being. We are to do these things in collaboration with others.

All of this takes daring and passion. This is the opposite of sitting on the sidelines, complaining about the status quo and blaming others for the mess we’ve collectively created over time. Dare by definition is to be sufficiently courageous or brave to actively respond to something. Passion, which we hold within us at our core, is the juice that inspires and motivates us to be the changemakers we naturally are. Passion gives us the enthusiasm to keep going when it appears nothing is changing. We will need a great deal of it in the 2020s.

7 Ways to Manifest Daring

*Be open to changing your mind about your path and what you thought it would look like by now. Dare to look at yourself in a brand-new way–regularly–being flexible like wild horses running in an open field, sensing the changing winds and instinctively knowing to change direction.

*Connect with your tribe or community. None of us can do what we came to do alone. Connections with others can both ground you and expand the insights you need to go forward.

*Further develop your self-awareness, self-trust, and self-acceptance. This is an ongoing endeavor vital to your manifesting daring and contributing to society in the highest way.

*Develop a daily self-care practice that includes meditation, exercise, nutritious food, rest, adequate sleep, and focused inner work. Re-commit to your practice daily to keep it alive within you.

*When your mind starts obsessing about a topic in the news – like the pandemic in its third year – learn to catch yourself ruminating and invite a big picture of reality which is quantum. Energies, including pandemics, run in cycles. No energy or happenstance ever stays the same; it continually changes into something else.

*Let go of concern about what others think of you, how popular you are, whether you’ve done enough. These concerns are rooted in ego and cannot be satisfied.

*Explore and nurture your passions so you can embody them and bring them into concrete form.

**By Selacia