Yeshua: Becoming One

This channel takes place at the end of the year, so the Goddess begins with speaking about the ascension, the changes to the awakening, and inviting people to look at their lives. This was a wonderful opportunity to clear the past and in particular this current year.  Once this solstice is over (December 21, 2021) it will be the completion of the integration of this year.

This allows for a huge step up to take place in the year 2022.  We had the opportunity to look at all of this, plus just as with the last meditation, it is becoming very evident when people really don’t want to change.  They say they do, they complain about their life, but when given the opportunity; they do nothing. Moving forward, people will have a hard time hiding from themselves.  What I mean is that if you are not clear and authentic in your intention, then you will have discord in your life.

Sananda is the oversoul for all the world religions.  It was various aspects from his soul that manifested as Buddha, Abraham, Yeshua, Krishna, Mohamed, and more.  Where each aspect of him was quite separated in how he lived his life, moving forward there is a greater opening and flow from the oversoul, Sananda, into each of the aspects.  We as humanity will be doing the same.  We are becoming more and more of our divinity. We are integrating the various aspects of us that have kept us separate or giving the perception of being alone.  In the higher light frequency, people have the opportunity to become one within themselves.

We as the human race are moving through this massive transition.  It is the ascension, the awakening, the opening to the higher dimensions.  Through this everyone will have a chance to truly know themselves as their divinity and in doing so it will change everything within their life into a greater flow of ease and balance.


I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out to create an alignment within my own energies and yours.

You continue to move through your own ascension process.  This has been somewhat of a focus for all of humanity this year and it is a focus that is in some ways consistent between many different individuals. But ultimately it is a very private and personal experience that each one of you may have. Some of you have been upon this process for a very long time and do you remember when it seemed like year after year after year you were asking, we the angels, I the Goddess; when is this going to happen?

It has happened! you are here and so is the majority of humanity.

Your own personal growth will continue to evolve as you move forward living your life upon the earth. This time when we come up upon the solstice is a very powerful time of transition and it is always two days before the day of, and two days after. So, there is a five day period of time in which the energies of the solstice are available for you to actively align with, so as to create this transformation.

Beloved, we have spoken multiple times this year about opening to self-love about self-love being the focus for everything that happens within your life. We have spoken many times this year about you and your own personal evolution as you clear away the past and create the focus or the impetus for where you are moving into the future.

As we are here grounded, I invite you to just take a few breaths in and acknowledge for yourself how much you have done, how far along the pathway of ascension you have transitioned.  If from your perception things are not moving as yet, then I invite you to let go of anything associated with your ego so as to open up to the flow of your divinity and your God source.

Our last gathering was working directly with the central sun which is where all of that love vibration comes into you.  Feel and know what that is. There we go, I could feel a loving gentle movement just move through each one of you.  During this time of the holidays as so many people are busy frequently trying to do too much, taking this moment to let your energies come together is an opportunity for you to clear the distractions and again come back into center and source.  Indeed, indeed I can just feel each one of you expanding as we ground.

I invite you to create that ball of light around your head center you are becoming very proficient at working with energy. Some of you have been doing so for many, many years, but those of you that are new to this, you can create that ball of energy from your heart center. Then you take an aspect of it that goes down through your energy bodies and into Gaia.  As this links with Gaia, you can feel how it spreads out in different directions so as to anchor you, you as your physical.

As it becomes anchored within this space, you then can allow that energy of the earth to come back up within you, swirling through your heart center once more. And then it moves up through the top of your head. As it is moving through the top of your head, you’re activating your third eye, and your head center, as that energy moves upward linking with your higher self.

This is a place; it is a place that you have created where you will frequently come to process what might be going through and to experience opportunities that are made available to you. It can become cluttered; I would therefore suggest that if as you’re looking around the perspective is that you are closed in or you see your projects lined up; whatsoever it may be, take this opportunity just clear out this energy.

Some of you as you do this have a perception of not wanting to clear out this space because this is what you want to manifest. It is okay to clear things out because that will give you a new perspective. Anything that you are in the works of manifesting is still here. However, now you have the opportunity to look at it from that new perspective.

You allow that thread of energy to move even further as you align with the soul plane.  Your I AM presence is laid out in front of you.  Look with your inner eyes or perhaps feel or perhaps you just have a knowing of what this is. Some of you follow through the words but at this point have not a clear perception of what your divinity is to you. Please know that it is there. Please know that you are directly linking and blending with your soul. Allow the expansion to just move from your heart, allow it to flow through this space.

With the changes that are taking place both upon the earth and in the universe, there are less and less constrictions within the place of your soul.  For so many of you, your soul was somewhat locked into the cycle of the earth plane and it was very difficult to move out into the rest of the universe.  Now, those restrictions are gone.

There may be some of you that continue to align with that lower aspect of your soul. Your soul stretches through many, many, many layers of dimensions or frequencies or vibrations; whatever word resonates with you it’s a description of the many different aspects of you and the vastness of your soul.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you and as I do so, I embrace you the person in this lifetime and all the many aspects of your divinity.  As our energies merge, we shift into the space of the All That Is. Look around, there is a great deal that is happening within this space.

One might call the All That Is a frequency or perhaps a dimension or perhaps a collected space in which people will come so as to create changes within their life.  It is a place where you can look at your own life and see the Earth plane and the universe depending on how you open up the frequencies.

At this time, as we gather at the end of your calendar year, take a moment to get in touch within your heart where are you right now. Are you in the place that you wanted to be within at this moment?  Have you manifested what you wanted throughout the year? Have you moved into that place of letting go the past or fears or anxiety?  Was this year one that was particularly hard for you?  How much of the year would you say you were pushing against energy, like that salmon that is swimming upstream against the current?

Let us take a moment and consider what this may be for you, for those of you that have been pushing and struggling. Can you now look at your life with understanding? Why were things such a challenge for you this year? How did that support your growth as a human?  What was your alignment with your divinity throughout this time? Was this a pattern that you can see you’ve done lifetime after lifetime including this lifetime?

If it is a pattern looking at this lifetime, how many times throughout the years has your life been about the struggle?  As if you are allowing that all to just gather together in front of you here in the All That Is, ask to know the reason for why things have been going on the way in which they have and this time listen. Listen so that you may know. Listen so that you may understand whatever it is that you need to learn.

Okay, as I invited you to open up and learn what this may be for you, I saw a number of you putting forth a preconceived intention or perception as if to say you already know what your lesson is, however, I can see discord. So, if you think you know what your lesson may be, or you think you know what the intention was; take all of that, take all the experiences, take the preconceived notion and as if you are gathering it all up, let it go.  Just scoop it away throw it away, just let it go.

I still see that there are some of you that identify your life as one of struggle. For example, that is your story.  Your story is that you’ve had problem after problem after problem, you’ve had pain in your physical body, things have never gone the way you wanted them to and so you have created the story about the struggles of this lifetime.  I am acknowledging for you that we are now in a new frequency.  Your stories are not going to work anymore. Your stories are holding you back, pulling you down, keeping you in the old energy.

I would therefore say to you, gather up your story maybe it’s in book form maybe it’s a video, but gather up your story. ~phew~ Let it go! Let go of your story. Let go of that pattern that comes up again and again and again and again and then here as you stand in the All That Is, as you feel vulnerable and open and raw; let the love of your divinity flow through you.  Let the love of your god source energy be what fills you up so that as you move forward, you’re in a new frequency, a new vibration, and a new reality.

I still see fear in some of you.  Change can be difficult so if there is fear within you, let that fear come up. Bring it up from every lifetime from this lifetime and even if it is something that is triggered by outside sources there must be something inside of you that is in alignment with that. So, bring up that fear from within you; ~phew~ let it go.

For some of you, this may be a big change. You need not see yourself from point a to point z. Acknowledge that as you are living in this higher light vibration, as you are letting go of the structure that has held you in place and you are now in something that is wide open.  Just take baby steps.

Come back to this moment of breathing in love knowing that you are 100% supported by your divinity, by I the Goddess and God. So, allow the simple steps of change to take you into a new direction. And then before you know it; you will be across that space that had been filled with fear in the past.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

If you will cast your eyes towards the front, we transform this into what looks like an amphitheater and you see walking into the room Sananda.  Sananda comes in as this massive energy because he is the oversoul for Yeshua, Krishna, Abraham, Muhammad, and others.

Sananda is that level of vibration and frequency that is associated with spirituality as a means of interacting with humanity upon the earth.  Whatever religion you may have followed or most resonates with you, allow your focus to go within Sananda so that you may link with that with whom you most resonate.

As we are coming upon the time of what is celebrated as the birth of Christ, Yeshua himself will step forward and speak. However, each one of you will hear and know that you are aligned with that who most resonates. Sananda as the oversoul is a piece of every one of these and frequently there is a deep alignment between you and Sananda.

Sananda Speaks as Yeshua:  (I had this sense that people were tapping into Sananda and even though Yeshua spoke, they heard Abraham, or Muhammed Or Buddha.)

Greetings! It is I Yeshua.  I come forth at this time to speak with you on this anniversary that recognizes my birth.  This is a time of great celebration. This is a time of ascension. 

The second coming of Christ is here right now!  The second coming of Christ is every person manifesting the Christ light within them and then recognizing that they are one with God.  People referred to me as God and I am of a frequency of alignment with God.

As the frequency of the earth continues to rise in the way in which it has, it becomes easier and easier for each one of you to manifest this alignment. You will find that any of the religions that we represent will also undergo a dramatic change in the years to come. Not five, ten, twenty years, but you are already seeing it in this past year, and in the one to two years to come the changes will be dramatic.

Humanity is coming out from underneath a dark energy. That energy wrapped through just about every single person as a means of controlling and manipulating. It was virtually impossible for the majority of people to become free of this. 

As I look at you, I see that many of you gathered with me this evening are the ones that came into this life to be the way-showers, to be able to say ‘look you do not need to listen, you are whole and complete’.  Let that manifest and you can see it in the ways in which you align with humanity.

I open up before you an image of the time in which I was born into this lifetime that you know me as Yeshua.  You can see the difference in the density of the earth, the heaviness, the complete lack of acknowledgment for soul.  The complete wrapping up within the ego aspect of humanity and just as my brothers came through at different times to bring forth the consciousness of God. Every time it worked together creating the foundation for what you have done today.

This ascension is not just the past ten to fifteen to fifty to one hundred years, this ascension is thousands of years old and we thank you for choosing to be the humans that manifest this in this final phase.

Come back to now. Quite the dramatic difference is it not?  Humanity is ready to step forth into all of what divinity is for them.  Humanity is ready to acknowledge that life never ends, the soul lives on. Humanity is ready to let go the third dimensional truths and realities which is pain, suffering, fear, control, manipulation, and thereby opening into unconditional love and light.

Just as you looked back to when I walked upon the earth perceiving the density of the earth at that time and what it is now, you can see how that third dimension is deactivating. It is no longer in alignment with the majority of humanity or with the frequency of Gaia or with the alignment with the universe.  This is massive! I feel great emotion coming up through me.

As I perceive the many years of pain and suffering that people have gone through, I took on that burden in my life and then showed you that you can live again. Now humanity has a much greater understanding of what that is.

Breathe in the alignment with me and my brothers!  We are represented as the masculine because that was the society most prevalent upon the earth. However, we all had our counterparts so that we were always masculine and feminine blended and merged as one.

Look around, look towards the Golden future and frequency that is coming to you. Take a deep breath in breathing in your alignment with all! As the second coming, I ask each one of you to stand up as if to accept or receive that truth; that God is within you and you are one with God.

Look out through these eyes of love.  Look out through these eyes of ascension.  Understand that all is well and that this ascension is complete.

I stand before you merging back as one with Sananda. And as we do so all of those that were the aspects of Sananda come back and it is that one soul energy. Feel how that transforms your relationship with each one of us.  This is what you will be doing in the next several years to come, you will receive back within you the aspects of you that have lived in other life experiences. However, now it comes into you in a conscious manner so that you have all the love, the light, and the support that you may need.

As you live your life, feel my love, feel my embrace, and know that just as there is only one with reflections and faces of many so too you are only one with reflections and faces of many. As you move forward this next year embrace becoming whole, embrace becoming complete, embrace you as your soul!

We are all ever present and available for you~~


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

It is I the Goddess and as I come out of that space, I ask you each to look around. Can you feel the oneness that is created by each blending and aligning with the whole? Experience what that is.

I invite you to come back together as a group. You create that circle of light. This time in the forefront is all of you and in a circle behind you the energies of Sananda. In another circle behind them the many other angels and light beings. Most often there is but one and all are blended together.

However, as we come to this completion of this cycle, it is important that each one of you recognize and see yourself in all these different layers. You are whole, you are complete.

Coming up within this group is that hologram of the earth, you send the light and the energy into it. You are in particular sending your own energy as a whole and as that goes into the hologram, the hologram takes on new and different colors that blend together. That aspect goes out within the universe creating the balance and the alignment with what took place.

The remainder goes down into the earth plane, you see as it connects with that matrix that surrounds the earth and it moves through every piece and particle of the matrix. You can see now that it is becoming crystal clear. It moves through there and goes down until it anchors within the center of the earth. As it anchors within Gaia, it then reverses outward. Your own energies come up from within you, from where you anchored at the beginning of this journey.

The remainder of this energy comes up becoming available to every single human upon the earth. It clears out the waters, the grasses, the trees. It clears out the energy of the collective consciousness-raising the frequency of the collective consciousness so that all may blend at that higher light frequency.

As you anchor within this space, you call back, you bring back into you the remainder of your consciousness. It moves through the soul plane, it streams down through your higher, and anchors back within you. In your heart center, you’re bringing up the energy of the earth, you’re bringing down the energy of the universe and it all merges within you.

Take in some deep breaths allowing your energies to anchor. Just as Sananda spoke of the blending of all these souls that have ceded the religions of the world, understand that what he is saying is that they are all coming back and blending as one.

So too you in your own life, you can take this opportunity to blend as one of the many different experiences of this life and every other life.  And also have an understanding that as you move forward, you’re stepping into the higher light frequency for who you are and what life is for you.

Beloved, it is amazing what humanity has moved through in particular in this past year be open, to step into the flow and the light frequencies of the higher fifth dimension and more.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


**Channel: Shelly Dressel