Expanding Consciousness in Gratitude, Joy and Compassion

In our Self-aware life stream constantly flowing into us out of the One conscious Being, we have the potential of knowing infinite awareness and creative power. When we seek to recognize our higher Being, our awareness begins to expand greatly. We can feel the previously unrealized higher-vibratory emotions that come to us in our life force. As we intentionally align with the vibratory level of gratitude, joy and compassion in every moment, we can access our greater consciousness beyond time and space, and we can become our eternal Self-realized presence of awareness.

The greater we can open our awareness to higher vibrations of every kind, the more unlimited we become.  We become expansive in our expressions through our imagination and emotions. We can choose to live within the positive polarity of unconditional love as much as we can imagine it and feel it. As we come into closer alignment with our intuitive knowing, we can transcend any limitations. We can understand them from a more expanded perspective of greater wisdom and compassion. By our high-vibratory perspective, we attract situations that align with our energy signature. From the perspective of the ego, things become magical.

As we continue to desire to open to universal consciousness, we begin to recognize the essence of all Being. This recognition allows us to enter the consciousness of all beings. We can realize the awareness of our pets and favorite plants. We can imagine the presence of nature spirits and become aware of their awareness. We can elevate the presence of everyone whose awareness we enter through our own energetic radiance.

We were created to enjoy and celebrate life in all ways. Even now, we have that potential. We can have so much fun with our consciousness, once we free ourselves from out limiting fixations and open ourselves to eternal awareness.

**By Kenneth Schmitt