2022 Miracles

Miracles will abound in un-imagined forms as the Earth herself enters a new cycle of time that accentuates learning and loving simultaneously. Earth Knows in her heart of heart, as every human should, that all is in Divine order no matter how much one splashes about in their daily spectacles. Goodness like Divinity is becoming a far-fetched commodity, top shelf only. It asks you to stand on your spiritual tippy toes to reach it.

All of Humanity holds the power of Miracles within their heart, as a species it is theirs alone, a parting gift from the Creator. No other species in the universe holds what the heart of humanity holds. The inner Wellspring humanity has been drained in the last few years leaving people parched for miracles.

Miracles themselves will Not fit the old paradigm and platform they were once served on. These miracles will be spiritual mustangs seeking new places to graze. A miracle can change shape purpose and Mission in a fleeting moment. A miracle can take the form of a feather falling from the sky or an instant healing. Love is a living value not imbued upon all species. Like a fire, it’s requires kindling and constant tending. The vibration of love, like all livingness wishes to expand and not stay stuck in past expectations

Like one in a very lively Airport, humanity has changed their flight plan, shifting the landing patterns into new timelines and destinations. Expectations themselves reveal many under coatings etched beneath the surface of things to come. All of humanity wears a different instruction of symbols. Like a key encryption it allows them entrance into numerous levels of light yet to be presented on earth. That key encryption is necessary for humanity to succeed. Time currents lift Humanity in and out of emotional debris, floating to the surface in past present and future increments.

Time gaps occur in and out of chronological order moving the human in an out of current events like a babe that is baptized over and over again in a multitude of time sectors. In 2022 Earth will enter a new curvature of time. This curvature is fluid of nature and incorporates all dimensions, all past lives, all future lives and all life in between. It asks you to cement the love that lives in your heart like a flagpole that waves through all extremes of celestial weather. The Matrix reveals what does not belong in its program.

**By Gillian MacBeth Louthan