Twin Flame Ascension Report: White Hats Are Gaining More Control By The Day

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now with much news to share with you ever evolving humanity.

As we move into this new solar cycle, it is very important that we focus our attention on creating the world that we wish to live in, as opposed to obsessively reporting on the crumbling of the old narrative.

We are extremely potent and powerful manifesters, every single one of us, and it is important that we understand that the old controllers have sought to hijack our consciousness, to have us obsessively focus on the old, instead of using the power of our divine consciousness to focus on creating the new.

There are no words that can adequately express how powerful this is. We are the harbingers of new earth. We are the ambassadors of new earth. New earth is born through each of us individually.

There are many ways that we can bring in the new earth codes, even by drinking water and blessing that water, telling you your body that the water is cleansing and replenishing you.

This is something that we would do in the new earth and this is something that we can apply now.

I would like to speak about the large ascension group called “The Event is Happening”. This is an extremely important hub of the 144,000 star seeds and, in many ways, has acted like a sleeping dragon in the last couple of years, what with all of the mind boggling censorship and control from the social media platforms.

However, there is a strong urge to awaken the sleeping dragon that is this group, in order to create a space for us to start living as though we are coexisting on a new earth.

So everyone reading these words, please make sure that you join the group and come and be part of the new earth co-creation story that will be taking place in this powerful hub of star seeds.

The energy is now building up to the 11:1 transmission.

We are being specifically guided by the White Hat Operation to work with the jibby Juice that has been given out.

We are going to be activating a light dispensation into the current matrix, and we will be transforming the evil substance into saline and placebo.

The more of us that can hold the vision of this, the more we will align with the timeline where this is taking place.

We are also going to be working with the dismantling of the 5G network through working with our galactic, celestial brothers and sisters in the higher realms.

This is an extremely important transmission to participate in.

We will also experience an auspicious blessing for all twin souls as 2022 is the year of powerful and triumphant twin soul union for the collective.

I am currently receiving an unprecedented level of emails every day from people saying that they are coming into union with their divine counterpart.

I can tell that the energy has shifted based upon these emails.

If you are reading these words, please expect contact from your twin flame, please know that you are visiting them in the dream time, please know that they’re being bombarded with synchronicities of you, and please know that many karmic relationships are entirely collapsing. As the old structure collapses so too are all of these old karmic relationships that were built and based upon lack and unhealthy need.

There’s so much to share with you all, brothers and sisters. This is so important that we come together this year of 2022, and we stop being lazy.

We need to organise as the ground crew. Our unification is what the old controllers mostly fear. We must understand that they have been very organised for hundreds of years and we as a whole have been extremely lazy and have allowed these nefarious controllers to have too much influence in all the different areas of our life.

We need to break free from these old paradigms and we need to organise and come together on a regular basis in order to work with the higher angelic forces to fully get our world back.

Please know that the divine plan has already won on the higher dimensional planes.

The light has already won, and the lower dimensional plane is playing catch up.

We are living in extremely unprecedented times at the moment, and there have been such huge shifts on the etheric level with the entire reptilian strand being removed from the central core of Gaia.

This is having a huge knock on effect on the multidimensional chess game.

Please hold the line, and know deep in your heart that the light has won and the light is winning. It is very important, if you are reading these words, that you hold the line and hold the faith.

I love you to eternity back, jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

Please see below for the full details on how to book onto the 11: 1 transmission.

The 11:1 transmission will take place on the 11th of January at 7.07 PM UK time. In this transmission, we will be working directly and specifically with The White Hat Operation to transform all of the vials of poison into vials of saline /placebo.

It’s very important that as many of us come forward to be part of this transmission as possible. We’ll also be working to dismantle the 5G network, ensuring that the towers are used to send out 432 Hertz, which is the angelic resonant Hertz for the planet.

We will also be experiencing a profound, personal blessing for each individual twin flame coupling that comes to be part of this powerful transmission,

Please know it is my deepest honour to show up and serve you, my brothers and sisters.

I look forward to being with you all on the 11: 1 transmission.

In love and eternal light, jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.


13 Replies to “Twin Flame Ascension Report: White Hats Are Gaining More Control By The Day”

  1. Daedalus

    How nice of you to sell your “spirituality” left and right. Im sure its all “super-spiritual” and people will find all answers on their questions for only 9.99 €, or maybe if they only buy that “super-ultra-spiritual pack” for 22.22 € they will get even more.

    Honestly, the “spiritual” snake-oil-sellers disgust me to the core … all of them are failing deeply into the misery theyre creating right now and right here. Theyre exactly the part of the system that is dying.

    1. Nicky

      I too agree with Daedalus! It is difficult to accept anyone would charge to have people come together to meditate for the betterment of humanity. I understand everyone needs to earn a living but at times like these and for seemingly such a noble cause this just reeks of opportunism.

    1. Denise Guay

      hey sharon,
      just click on “source” at the end of her entry
      it will take you to her website and you will find it there. there is a charge, however, of 22 euros..whatever that is in american dollars i dont know.
      blessings to you.

  2. Nicky

    I would love to take part in 11.1 transmission but I can not find the link. Please advise how to register or join. Thank you

    1. Skidbladnir

      I would love to take part in 11.1 transmission but I can not find the link. Please advise how to register or join. Thank you