Divine Holy Mother; Cathedral Activation Begins Part 2

Spiritual initiates around the globe are being pushed incredibly hard to surrender and let go of their previous station of identity aspects that are controlled by the fear and trauma recorded in the negative ego layers.

Through the lens of the final conflict of global spiritual warfare, each of us must find our way to shed the dead skin along with all the obsolete patterns, habits, beliefs and reinforcements that were connected to the 3D controlled narrative.

There is no going back to what was in order to escape the truth.

For those unaware that the outer events are reflections of personal spiritual lessons, this is the time of the dark night of the soul in which our heart must deeply cry out for help and forge a direct connection with God.

We must know that God is a loving force that exists within us.

Nothing outside can save us from the painful truth found in perpetuating self-deceptions. Instead, we must turn within to look at the inner contents and pray with great fervor to cross the Luciferian Abyss, so we can leap into the unlimited and abiding love of our Divine Holy Mother’s arms!

Through the return of our authentic Divine Holy Lady, she restores and resurrects our consciousness body through the purge of her initiator into the sacred mysteries of Solar Fire Water, through the immersion into the divine Aether elements she purges and purifies our physical form, our blood and our soul.

Every fiber of our being is saturated in her divine spiritual waters, cleansing and purifying elementals and distortions recorded in our cellular material.

If we have not been made strong from ongoing egoic purification in order to receive her most powerful initiator of solar fire water transmission during the ritual of Aether, it is possible that this highest initiation can transit us to the other side in order to find rest and strengthen within the Krystal Cathedral.

This sacred anointing of divine fire-water has begun en masse and this initiation happens while in a physical body or when disembodied, our position in time is of no matter when one has been chosen to receive this powerful initiator from the Holy Divine Mother Sophia.

We surrender to our Holy Mother and allow what will be in the Earth or as it is in Heaven, as we place our spiritual destiny in her hands, as to receive all means we must give all.

Thus, with the immense power and potential of the Ophiuchus alchemical laws of wound healing, our wounds arise from the inner unhealed shadows and we each endure some function of the phantom death, that which must die so we can be reborn anew.

We will never be the same as we are forever changed! She asks us to step out from the holy sepulcher mixing chamber of the volatile forces of nature and into wearing the holy robes of God, but we must surrender all imposters and demons, remembering the unconditional love of our Holy Mother Sophia with all of our crystal heart, as she has returned for us now.

Indeed, this is the time of great consciousness rebirth, and those spiritual initiates that have chosen the path of spiritual ascension are being crafted and molded through the application of tremendous weight and pressure that ultimately crystallizes the perfect intentions of the sparkling eternal diamond of the beauty upon beauties, the Christos-Sophia within.

I AM that I AM.

**Part 1

**By Lisa Renee


3 Replies to “Divine Holy Mother; Cathedral Activation Begins Part 2”

  1. Susan

    Boy oh boy, if we need cars to get around in 5D I’m going to be sooo disappointed. I’ve been visualizing the ability to fly and teleport.

    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

  2. Ghost

    A few points in this post coupled with others regarding the move into 5D has sparked a couple questions I would appreciate your input.
    We are leaving everything 3D behind, never to return? Does that mean my past in this lifetime is wiped? The purpose for everything that happened has been fulfilled and thus no longer needed? Pretty much a clean slate, I am learning everything new going into 5D?
    My other question is the wanting of a dream house or dream car or dream whatever material thing, is that a 3D thing? How would that differ in 5D?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. PS

      From what I understand from reading other sources, you are not supposed to have the amnesia you experience regarding your past lives. The way it’s supposed to work is that you’re supposed to REMEMBER what you did in your previous lives so you can learn from those experiences.

      However, for thousands of years we, humans, have been STUCK in a cycle of incarnation where we don’t get to remember what we did in our last life.

      With the move into 5D, that block stops and we can remember everything.