Argorians Update: Progress Report

The space squadron of 25D Argorians continues to transport 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the five-dimensional space of Gerios Galaxy. On January 1-8, 2022, new reports were received on the op’s progress, a summary of which is given below.

On January 4, a space convoy led by the flagship, pulling Earth behind it on an energy tug, entered the next, eighth (out of nine) cascade in the third ring of the filter between dimensions. The destination is the same – the fifth orbit around the Star Oryx.

The squadron maintains close interaction with 3D Earth and both of its Moons – physical and neutrino. On them, in 3D and 23D, there are Sirius stations for monitoring and controlling quantum flows coming from the Central Sun of the Milky Way to our planet.

A long time ago, when Argorians sowed Earth with plant, animal, and human plasma, Selena (Moon) existed as a planet in another Galaxy.

Having served its time there, it became in handy in the Milky Way. Agorians’ flagship-traueleventator transported Selena to near-Earth space and installed her in the orbital field. Such fields are formed as a result of the rotation of the planets in orbit and allow setting in it the satellites loaded with specific software.

The programs of both Moons and their location are controlled by strict parameters. Each is aimed at an individual function.

So, the Moon is placed from Earth at a distance of 239,000 miles that is necessary for transforming the energy type and mass.

Its orbital period is 27 hours 7 minutes 43 seconds. Such a parameter is required for changing the Hologram’s work by the introduction of energy into men’s mental activity and its correction.

The Moon’s diameter is 2,160 miles that permit to control and encode of the immune system of all living things on Earth.

The mass of the Moon, equal to 7.35×10²² kg, provides the introduction of energy into the spheroid quantum system with the cyclical beginning of life.

According to a similar scenario, Argorians created and installed all the planets in the Solar System, including Earth. And in the same way, each parameter (numeric code) regulates a specific function.

Thus, the distance of Earth to the Sun is 86,000,000 miles, needed for optimal mixing of cosmic and Solar radiation, and decomposition of molecules into particles.

The eccentricity of the orbit is 0.017 provides the origin and transformation of energy into a thermal glow.

The distance to Venus is set at 92,760,000 miles to make a protective field around Earth and to run the Time cycles.

The inclination of the Earth’s orbit to the Solar System’s ecliptic plane is taken as 0, to determine the starting point of the multilayer origin of vital matter.

The equatorial diameter of 7926 miles permits to better fill with energy the planetary system and maintain its stability.

Escape velocity 7.0 miles/sec. is synchronized with the introduction of quantum energy into Earth, without which life is impossible.

The force of gravity, equal to 1, guards against the energy and matter loss.

The mass of the planet, equal to 1, is optimal for working on a Subtle Plane of power blocks and maintaining average temperature to start and preserve life.

The tilt of the axis at 22° 44′ is necessary for stimulating the work of human thought.

The axial rotation period of 23 hours 56 minutes maintains the required tension in dimensions.

An orbital period of 365.2 days is needed for the generation of purple PURZH energy.

It compresses the space of the planet, creates its protective field, and cleans Earth of spent plasma.

All parameters are monitored from the Lunar station. With the help of friendly races, it was equipped as a repeater-converter of the incoming energies.

How does it work?

The Lunar station is installed in such a way as to capture the radiation of all the planets of the Solar System in turn.

Then, it cleanses, transforms, and sends them to the core of Earth. Without these energies, there would be no life on it.

The station is located inside the Moon and is equipped with a power system at 23D that provides Earth with filtered energy flows from other planets.

These flows are concentrated by Saturn, its rings. Arriving on the far side of the Moon, on the receiving 23D system, the energies are processed and converted into rhythms, impulses, and cycles that are necessary for Earth.

Its new eon, combining 3D, 4D, and 5D, allows the development of four- and five-dimensional matter, Intelligence, incarnations of Star kids from the most remote sectors of the Galaxy.

This is the basis of the future Sixth Race. Currently, on the Subtle Plan, there is a lot of preparation for these embodiments. Many earthlings also help it by supporting and generating the Light on the planet.

The phases of the Moon, its reflection, and illumination at the full moon are also tuned to this.

Each Lunar phase is a separately operating repeater-station mode that regulates the cyclical change of climate, Nature, and man in full compliance with loaded programs.

The development and reproduction of all kinds of matter depend on it. Each type has a Numerical Space Synchronization Code, according to which it receives the necessary flow of ultrasonic and color-sound pulses.

The Moon does not reflect the light of the Sun, as is commonly believed, but radiates it independently. The received and processed stream of energy particles is directed to Earth from the visible part of the Moon.

The Lunar phases work as energy dispensers for a certain area and at a certain time. This is how the power needed to ensure life is distributed on the planet.

Eclipses also create the necessary impact on the Earth’s life support system and ignite some programs.

There are a lot of craters on the Moon, but they did not make by the meteorites’ fall.

Like Earth, the Moon and its tracking stations are protected by a powerful energy shield.

It is formed by the orbital rotation field of our planet.

There is nothing counterproductive in space. Everything is interconnected by a single mental network.

Any matter understands other matter and coordinates its actions.

The craters that we see are energy emitters. Each works according to their soft. All these parabolic antennas are combined and controlled as a single complex.

Many craters are heavens for space crafts which are increasingly observed near the Moon, the Sun, and in low-earth space.

Some of them have the form of spheroids, plasmoids, tube-shaped, and cloud-like objects. Some are modules of spaceships, which, due to their gigantic size and energy, do not enter the Milky Way to not destroy it. Some, the smallest, come from other Galaxies.

According to the law of the Greater Cosmos, they are forbidden to visit 3D planets. We see only those ships that belong to 3D and 4D, to inner-planetary worlds and near-Earth space.

On January 3, 2022, in a message transmitted at 09:12 AM SET, Argorians briefly outlined their energy work for the coming year.

They will continue to process Earth with the scarlet FERMO energy that forms Matrices with new programs for info fields and a new consciousness of humanity.

With rays of SLAMO’s white energy, Argorians will combine the four main quantum streams that they will direct to Earth in the coming months. Namely:

– The red-golden ERFAGO with which the range of sound flows is regulated;

– The light lilac GLAZIR for accumulating free Intelligence of l-gamma particles in the space of the planet;

– The dark blue with silver ERMAGO for the run of other dimensions’ energies;

– The golden LOBE for influencing temporary programs and the Earth’s signal system, and removing unnecessary and spent energy.

The arrangement of the six-dimensional quantum level continues, where a 5D world is being created. The work of the resonant basis of the Local Universe and Earth is leveled. Programs for the embodiment of new life on the planet have been activated through the central communication center.

For each month, Argorians have developed a separate set of ops.

In January 2022, they fill the Earth’s space with red-golden energy ERFAGO which changes the timbres of sound streams, and bright yellow SFIRO that neutralizes side effects when atmospheric pressure jumps.

With the help of light blue BLICADO energy, they rapidly form a new 5D fractal of right-hand rotation (right-twisting spiral), and the energy Intelligence is filtered.

The combined 3D/4D/5D eon is processed simultaneously by several energies:

The purple KAROS compacts particles, and clears the space for new formations;

The dark blue GRIKADO forms the life support structures of the Earth;

The blue and gold ERMO changes the environment by temporary programs for the development of matter;

The dark yellow with a brown tinge of FUARO energy regulates the birth of a new 5D matter;

By the green ERGINO energy, Argorians control the worlds of Nature, stimulate the vital forces of matter, regulate the magnetic fields, equalize the energy of the planet, run the climate and the work of the Hologram;

Applying the brown with yellow tinge ERMIGO energy, they transform the spent and ejected energy;

By the dark green FEARIS, Intelligence layers are formed.

Argorians use the light pink SLES energy flux from Space to preserve the Intelligence plasma, and the blue-azure GRISPO coming out of the Earth’s core for additional purification and changing the space dimensions.

With the help of the red ERMA energy, Argorians remove unnecessary plasma from the planet, control its aura and power grid, and by the direct vibrational impulses of the dark lilac color GLEGES energy cleanse near-Earth space from unnecessary emissions.

The plasma of the three-dimensional world is rapidly removed by an ultrasonic reflector. New plasma clumps are transformed by standing waves.

All these actions are aimed at breaking new ground of environment and life in 4D/5D. The purification of the upper and lower layers of the atmosphere continues using cataclysms and natural disasters.

They are controlled by Light and sound converters, increasing or decreasing the tension on the outer shell of the planet.

In January and throughout 2022, the Subtle energy structures that kick off the programs for the formation of a new civilization will be adjusted. On Earth, there wouldn’t be a place for the old anymore.

**By Lev


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  1. kiwimuzz

    how do you make this stuff up. It would make a great book or movie but its just words. Nothing will ever change as it never has

  2. Douglas A James

    25D total bull.. we aren’t going to a new galaxy earth and Gaia is simply vibrating higher as we enter the photonic belt of our galaxy and highly charged particles blast earth . 25D never heard of agorians.. see why channeling can be fake..