Early January Cosmic Update; Major Solar Energetics

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has detected 35 sunspots on our solar disk, and one is being called a “behemoth” because it is larger than our entire planet!

It is expected that over the weekend of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (January 7th, 8th, and 9th) that strong ultraviolet rays from solar flares will explode.

There have already been medium-strength “C-Class” flares today (Friday), and solar winds are slightly above normal and flowing at just over 400 km/s (kilometers per second).

All of this is likely to change perhaps into “M-Class” flares and solar winds in the upper 400s to over 500 km/s.

Heightened energetics will proceed over several weeks and months.

We are likely to have more “X-Class” flares as well.

Besides the usual “Light Activation Symptoms”, increasing numbers of people are reporting that their technological devices such as computers, laptops, cell phones, etc. are either having major problems or are not working at all.

Even the “tech support” personnel who are trained to correct defects in technology are having difficulty deciphering what the issues are with the devices.

Although there have always been difficulties at various times with technology since its first development, it seems that problematic issues are happening more often on a world-wide regular basis.

Even when people purchase new equipment, it too is having challenges in properly working.

There are two scenarios being discussed amongst people around the globe, and they are:

1.) Some people are saying that world powers are preparing to dismantle the planetary grid which, if true, will remove all technological capability of the general world population, and only those in high-level positions in world governments will be able to use technological equipment. This would eventuate into control of human brain function to the degree that people would do what is wanted of them with no individual thought processes being allowed. Unfortunately, this has already been experimented with over many years by certain institutions comprised of political leaders and scientists.

2.) SOURCE is orchestrating the removal of harmful technology as one of the aspects of clearing-out and cleansing planetary lowered consciousness and establishing a planet of greater LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION from and into the ethereal realms.

Actually, both situations are occurring.

While certain dense and disharmonious actions are being taken by forces of manipulation and control, SOURCE is disallowing, and therefore removing the continuance of their dissonant, loud, and rambunctious “tones” which are interferences to the gentle, healing, and LIGHT-encoded “Divine Symphony”.

First, for those who write lengthy documentation on their computers, it is best to print-out a hard copy of each page when it is completed and not wait until the document is totally done to print it out.

Many years ago, a former university teaching colleague of mine wrote her complete doctoral dissertation on her computer without printing-out each page as it was finished.

She had planned on printing-out the entire dissertation later.

However, a problem occurred with her computer, and the entire dissertation which was hundreds of pages in length was lost.

She had to start over again writing it from her hand-written notes.

Her doctoral committee did not allow her to do the “Dissertation Defense” (a process whereby doctoral candidates must lecture about their research and then be questioned by the committee members) without having submitted the completed dissertation beforehand for them to read.

She did eventually graduate but later than planned.

This was a lesson to me when I studied for and received my doctorate degree later on.

I did not wait to print-out my dissertation until it was completely finished.

I printed it out page-by-page and then had the complete document bound for each of my committee members.

Next, try to have more than one way of contacting family, friends, clients, or students.

Do not rely just on a cell phone or on computer e-mail.

There may come a time when “old-fashioned” letter writing and mailing—just like we do holiday greeting cards—will come into focus again.

In an emergency, we may have to drive to someone’s home to relay an important message.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if humanity were ready to apply the powers of psychic intuitive contact as was done in ancient times on a regular basis?

Some people who have achieved heightened levels of consciousness are capable of doing this now, but it is not a common and normal aspect of the “3d” world just yet.

It will be in the “New Golden Age”.

Finally, experiment with sending psychic messages to others by clearly envisioning the person at your third eye surrounded in bright LIGHT.

Speak to the person as if he or she were personally in front of you either standing or sitting.

Take a deep breath and say aloud: “I now release this message to the magnetic frequency of (state the person’s name).”

The messages, however, must be righteous—not adversarial or have evil intent. Otherwise, the message will be like a boomerang and zoom back around to you as bad karma, and you will pay a consequence for your disharmonious action.

Only experiment with this ritual when you are properly anchored to SOURCE through daily prayer, meditation, and performance of good deeds.

For psychic protection, remember, no harm can come to the righteous.

They are always protected by a “COUNCIL OF LIGHT” comprised of Avatars, Sages, Saints, Ascended Masters, and Divine Forces of Nature (Angels—spiritual atomic frequencies).

Wearing protective oils such as a combination of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood and protective malas such as traditional ones made of Amber, Rudraksha, Sandalwood, or Turquoise are also helpful.

Further, carry in a purse, wallet, or tote bag a protective prayer from your path which you have written out by hand.

Read the research of Dr. Masuri Emoto on the powers of water.

What we speak in meetings or on social occasions around water is recorded in the crystal formations of the water.

We can write words such as LOVE, PEACE, or HEALING on slips of paper and place the paper under glasses or bottles of water.

The cells in the water literally “read” the energy in what we have written.

A powerful ancient water blessing from the Vedic scriptures is the following.

Hold both of your hands (thumbs down) over the water and pronounce the mantra aloud:


Translation: “Oh, Divine, I bow to the Supreme Lord, the Celestial Physician, the Immortal Crystalline, Swift and Timeless, One Who Destroys Evil, Eternal of the Three Realms, Holy Great Sustainer, I bow to Thee!”

With this mantra, the water takes-on healing vibrations for physical, mental, or emotional issues. It has been used in the East for centuries!

It truly works!

Stay in the peace and protection of SOURCE LIGHT as conditions play-out in the “3d” world which may be troubling in days, weeks, and months ahead.

We cannot hide our heads in the proverbial sand as if there is no disharmony still endeavoring to be activated by those who have disconnected from SOURCE FREQUENCY.

We can, however, refuse to be affected by their poor choices in usage of their free will.

Choose the LIGHT.

It is winning!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali