Siriusians: The War Is Over

Dearest Ones we come to you today to give you much hope for your year of 2022. We see that many of you are feeling exhausted and marginalized by what has been happening on your planet during the last 2 years. We are here to applaud you for your steadfastness in keeping up your own LIGHT in the midst of so much darkness.

We can tell you now that the war is over. The LIGHT has won. What you are seeing now are only small pockets of darkness fighting for attention but truly the LIGHT has won. We would like to say this to you so many times that you will eventually begin to believe those words.

Yes, we do see these pockets of darkness and if you are amongst this darkness you may not believe any of what we are telling you. However for those of you still fighting for your freedom amongst restrictions, we say to you, keep up your fight for much information is coming to the fore, to end those restrictions forever. Believe in your hearts that Freedom is your God given rite and restrictions will be no more. It is as if you are locked up in a prison thinking that you have a lifetime’s sentence and not knowing that the next morning you will be set free from your prison.

There is so much going on behind the scenes both on Earth and in the Higher realms that if you knew all the information, you would not believe it. You are on the very edge of an exciting new Earth and YOU are the way showers, Dear ones, for those who come behind you. YOU are indeed the fortunate ones for YOU have been privy to so much information of which many of Earth’s inhabitants are ignorant. YOU have been aware of the darkness that has been allowed to continue on the planet for millennia. When the information finally comes out, others, who are totally unaware, will be shocked and YOU will be much needed to help to inform and heal them. Dear Ones YOUR TIME is truly coming.

Much of the damage that the dark side have been trying to inflict on the planet in an attempt to de- populate the world has been ameliorated .We do re- iterate to you that your friends and families have been looked after by their guides. Even though they may not have believed your words and are going along with the current narrative ,they will be awakening soon and you will be vindicated for what you have been trying to tell them.

We do hear you say that when the Truth does come out, however much you all want to say” I told you so” this will not be the case . The words we do hear you say when others ask you how you knew will be “I used my Intuition or I just knew” !!!!!! Those who do not believe in any sort of God or Higher force will be more than confused when the Truth does come out and will need much healing from you as their whole world will be turned upside down.

And so Dear Ones it is time to go within and know that your time IS coming. You are all going through much soul healing and much is coming up to be cleared. You may notice that it is as if you are on a roller coaster. One day you may be feeling on top of the world the next you are feeling down and all of this may also happen in one day. Do not engage with what is causing all of these emotions to come to the surface. These are the last vestiges of the soul healing itself and as this year progresses you will all begin to feel amazing and you will not be going backwards. YOU came to Earth to help to heal others but in doing so you had to heal yourself first and you have all done an amazing job of that.

When you are feeling these darker emotions do reach out to your Angels and Guides and to those around you for help and healing. Have no Fear in any way Healthwise, practically or or financially, for your future will be assured.

Many of you have been feeling very much alone recently as your so called friends may have dropped by the way side. You will be looking to others who are on the same wave length as you, as soul groups come back together. Many of you will also be guided to move into different areas to start new lives. Have no fear about any of this for this is your soul’s calling and you will be guided.

Sadly many partnerships will be breaking up, as one partner wants to progress their soul forwards into the 5th Dimension and the other wants to stay in the comfort of the 3rd. It will be your personal choice to leave but if you do so, have no fear, for you will have much help from the higher realms if it is in your soul’s plan to do so. You will just know what is right for you and your soul’s calling for it will become self evident.

Those of you who are on your own and looking for partners will be finally finding your soul mate as you both come together to continue the work that you started in other lives. You have been apart for your own soul’s growth but now is the time for all soul groups to come together to move forwards into the New Earth.

Keep up with your meditations and connecting with Gaia for this will help you to assimilate the new energies that are being beamed upon the Earth from the Central Sun. As we have said before the Earth is going through much change. There will continue to be more earthquakes, volcanoes and violent winds occurring during this phase until Gaia settles into her own 5th Dimension. As Lightworkers be assured that you will always be in the right place and the right time to avoid any catastrophes.

And so dear Ones we applaud you yet again for staying the course and coming to this moment in time. It hasn’t been easy for many of you but times are changing and you will soon be rewarded in many ways for all that you have done to help humanity in this special time.

As always call on us for help and healing at this time.

We send you much Love and many Blessings and say to you yet again.


We are Sirius.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius


39 Replies to “Siriusians: The War Is Over”

  1. Lara

    AlwaysLight: I am sorry if I came across in any way as attacking or belittling your input. It wasn’t my intention.

    There are many who claim to know exactly what is going with the so-called ascension process. As you can see from some of the other comments here, people are exhausted by it all. And then we tend to jump the gun. I am one of those people. But that doesn’t mean *you* made any such claims — you are right.

    We are all doing the best we can. Again, I apologise if I created the wrong impression. I’m truly burnt out by it all. (“Hope deferred makes the heart sick…” Proverbs 13:12). I really wish you all the best.

    1. AlwaysLight

      Hi Lara, thank you for writing and making clear your meaning, much appreciated. And it is a very big thing as to how people are feeling about this and how many feel they have reached their limit. In replying in the first comment I made, I was aiming to bring another perspective that might bring a ray of hope and knowingness that although things look bleak to many, I genuinely get the intuitive information that this is about to break wide open.

      My take on why so many have said it’s nearly here and so on is that it genuinely looked (in the potentials) that that was a very high probability. But I suspect that the issues of delay is that the good guys had given corrupted people a deal to behave and play their part for a lesser way out, but many were in truth deceiving and playing for time, and reneged on their promise. This, I believe has led to a number of things being delayed longer than most would hope.

      But I also believe that the good guys, while watching those compromised puppets, learned of further branches of this that they were hoping to sniff out and go after. This seems to have created an extension of the operations behind the scenes from what I feel.

      So my take is that this is once and forever operation to finally rid the world of this, and in doing so, show the public the face of the enemy in action.

      So as a friend I would always encourage you and anyone to keep going inside and feeling the truth from with the heart, the mind can easily misunderstand and cause depression and hopelessness. But the heart, as I’m sure you know, see’s it all as it really is, this is going to be a wonderful year of the ending of this garbage, once and for all.

      I truly believe that and would encourage anyone to not judge this by what is seen on tv or anything like that. The creatures creating that are on their way out, but through separation, try to keep a dying charade going. Please keep they faith of your heart and feel for the truth. Lets keep encouraging each other and support those in need of a shoulder of help 🙂

      1. Lara

        AlwaysLight, we need all the hope we can get, so I thank you for keeping that going. It’s no small thing. Like you, I feel somehow that we are reaching a turning point this year…lots of small indications sprouting quietly, and it’s difficult to see the full picture unless one reads very widely, but it’s looking promising…. Interestingly, the astrological view supports this.

        We are winning. The light is shining brighter every day — that’s why we’re seeing the cockroaches and dead bodies emerge from the shadow right now. A necessary part of the process. I understand that. But man, we are tired. As I’m sure you must be, too.

        I wish you a beautiful 2022. Thank you for taking the time to respond with patience and in detail. I appreciate it very much. See you on the other side, friend. Godspeed.

  2. John Robbins

    Thank you for sharing friend. It’s as difficult (head) or as easy (Heart) as we alone decide it to be !!

    1. AlwaysLight

      You’re welcome my friend, I too have traveled along both roads, and oh boy is the first one difficult!

  3. John Robbins

    Reminds me of the Zen Buddhist story of a man who spotted a tiger about to pounce on him from the thickets. Running frantically away from it he lost his footing and found himself dangling on a vine with a steep drop below him. Just then he spotted another tiger directly below him at the bottom of the ravine. Just then a mouse came out from a fissure in the rock wall and started gnawing at the vine. At that very moment the man spotted a clump of ripe red strawberries growing directly out from the cliff ledge. He reached out and tasted them, and found them sweet and delicious, ripened by the warm summer sun. The End.

  4. John Robbins

    AlwaysLight,-Thank You for your compassion. Giving my hard won power over to outer happenings only causes me to get ensnared in the illusion which is exactly what “they” want. Almost falling hook, line and sinker for the outer fake Kabuki theatre show, how very Pisces of me! I also find being in Nature helps soothe the soul ready to face another day.

    1. AlwaysLight

      Hi John, thanks for your comments, it is so very important that people encourage each other and to shed light on everything. The passage to the light was always going to be a walk through of the darkness that humanity had within. But thanks to the millennia of work by the higher ups and the light worker crews, this was massively muted. I truly believe from all the information given to me internally, and by my own research, that what we are seeing is a short, shake and shock show for the masses. They would not have awoken otherwise. I know it is difficult, but try not to engage in it as much as you can, as this only serves to make it feel real and a major problem in your life. Also, I find as well that getting out in nature is amazing at bringing clarity and peace. Lastly, probably the most important thing I’ve learned is ‘let go and let your heart’. The mind loves to solve problems, but can only do so by referencing the past, the heart has access to the infinity of the creator and knows all the right steps to take you where you need to be and go with the greatest of ease. Be well and in peace my friend 🙂

      1. John Sutter

        You are right about me in one of your posts. I do have a hurt, an injury so deep inside me that I dare not look at it. It lives inside me. I have to keep it locked away.

        1. AlwaysLight

          Hi John, thanks for sharing this, I do have compassion for yourself and others like you. I too know what it is like to have to come face to face with deep horrors so bad you dare not face them.

          So for me, it’s not that I’m sensitive in the way you might be thinking (a triggered snowflake). With doing inner work for 2 decades, you naturally become sensitive to vibration and the energy of what people say and write. So when I read your words, I’m not just reading reasoning etc, I read the energy you generate when writing them. Deeply held anger etc. comes across as a spike that is at its nature and attack. Further to this, it is of course no problem to see things from another perspective, plenty of people see things differently from me, and that’s ok. I don’t mind, ‘I don’t agree with that, this is my view’. However, compared to ‘that’s garbage, what’s wrong with you, this is what it’s like’, that’s a little different :).

          So on your point below about waiting for 5D. This was really my point in that you don’t have to wait for anything. Your natural state is a very high vibrating being. The thing that holds you down is the trauma and emotional energies that are stuck. If you can find a way to release them, you won’t have be waiting around, it’ll happen quite naturally.

          On the point of not knowing what horrors ‘they’ want to do, I will say that how do know that I don’t? But I do not allow myself to get consumed with the things they want to do as that’s the reaction they are looking for. They want you focused on what they have planned, because the more you focus on it, the more momentum in energy it has and the more tracking it gains. This is how they work, they garner permission from the masses by engineering the collective focus of the masses in the direction they want. This is what they’ve always done. I would recommend dis-empowering them my friend and empowering what you want for your life.

          But here’s the catch, the trauma you have inside, constantly attracts you to focus on these things, so until you find a way, and there is a way, to release them, it’ll keep magnetizing your focus back to low vibrational thoughts and creations. This is why I believe they constantly bombard people with negativity in movies, music and so on, they’re constantly looking to cause you to focus on the negative.

          I wish you peace and success on your path John

        2. Lara

          John, for what it’s worth, you are a brave and honest man. I have seen this about you before. I have such a wound too.

          You are owning your wound, even if you’re not ready to look at it. Do you know how few people are even willing to admit to such an injury? You are brave, John. And one day your authenticity will lead you to wholeness. I believe that with my entire heart.

  5. John Robbins

    If the War is over as you say, why aren’t “they” arrested and executed or behind bars by NOW????? What’s with this nerdy word salad????

    1. AlwaysLight

      Take a close look at many of those you are looking to be taken away and compare them to say 5 years ago, different facial structures? Also, in many cases, under interview, you can see the rubber neck seem showing (from the bottom of the synthetic face over) just above the collar. Many you now see are indeed actors replacing those who have been taken aside. All is not what it seems. I would recommend you give up 3D and and any clinging to the outer illusion, connect within your heart center and ask the questions yourself, what is happening, what is your real truth and so on.

      I still see so many people continuing to wait for this or that to happen, still focusing in 3D, using 3D senses and logic to try to pick out the truth, while waiting for something to take it all away for them. This is an enormous show, designed to wake up those who are so enamored in the illusion, that only a sever rattle will make them question and awaken. For so many, who can’t tell the truth, they have to experience and see it, and the shock that occurs jars them enough to get them to actually begin questioning and discerning for themselves. And there is nothing much that can really be said for those who are still clinging to the illusion despite all the help and guidance waiting for them, inside, if they still are still so dependent on what’s going on outside.

      I appreciate it is hard, I have been through some monumental dark nights in the past. But the more you connect within, you will find the peace and understanding you a re looking for, you will never find it outside, even once you get what you think you’re looking for… Going within and remembering who you really are is ALL that matters. Darkness outside can only be if the masses have darkness within. Why do you think ‘they’ have spent millennia trying to traumatize and fill people with darkness, it gives them the outer dark illusion they want. As you heal and replace this with light, that garbage outer world of illusion drops and crashes – which it is doing. Light always wins as darkness cannot withstand even the smallest light, it’s an existential impossibility. So please have faith, go within and be at peace…

      1. John Sutter

        You’ve experienced nothing yet. Read about the brutality people suffered under in the Soviet Union. Tens of millions executed or worked to death in the frozen north of Siberia. Read Shalamov’s accounts of the Gulag. This is what they have planned for those they don’t kill off with Trump’s vaccine.

        When you get to 5D send us a message and tell us how great it is, until then you’re stuck in the same shit-show as the rest of us and you ARE MOST CERTAINLY AFFECTED BY WHAT GOES ON IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

        When they come to drag you off to a FEMA camp for liquidation are you going to go within? Are you going to tell the Bolsheviks they can’t see you because you’re in 5D.

        I’ll be putting rounds downrange, however 3D you consider that to be.

        1. AlwaysLight

          As always John, you forever sludge through 3D hardship at your own direction. You have no idea what I have experienced, this is just that angry lashing personality of yours looking to find confirmation of all your doom and gloom, and if you don’t get it, attack that which disagrees – same playbook as ever… Why else are you here, you don’t change, you seemingly don’t want answers, you want satisfaction of your negative emotions you apparently don’t want to deal with. Also, everybody on this planet has played all roles. So when you say, ‘you haven’t experienced anything yet’, well, here’s a little gem for you John, everyone has played on the dark side and also been at the hand of extreme horrors in many different lifetimes. It’s all part of the planetary life experience and growth (or did you think this was your first rodeo here?). Are you afraid to face your inner darkness? Until you do, you will always be creating the mirrors for it outwardly. Those extreme negative energies of yours are almost certainly coming from unresolved trauma from one of those. You will be stuck in it until you get the desire to move on from it. Have you noticed how your rantings and attacks have not changed over the years I’ve seen you posting on here? A friendly hint, they won’t until you start seeing yourself as the sole creator of your life, and yes, you are playing the central role in all the movie playing out in your life, you’re the architect of it. I really say this not to you, as I get the impression you don’t have the will to change, this is really to others who might find this helpful. So continue on John as you always have done, the split has begun and you will very likely find yourself on this gravy train again, going through the basics you missed this time around. Although that sounds like an insult, it isn’t, you do have a choice, you can choose to wallow in 3D in this and the volumes of lives after, or you can do something incredible and change…

          1. Lara

            Your statements to John are an over-simplification. *Anyone* who claims to know exactly how this process (ascension) works, is either naive or arrogant. Clearly there are others who feel like John does — me, Robert, Deadsoul, Steph,,,,

            John cited history — fact. We are in a state of extreme turmoil in the world right now — fact. Many of us meditate, pray, center, ground, etc. daily. We are aware that there is an higher reality; we are doing the inner work, and clinging to inner peace as best we can.

            That does not negate the fact that there are outer forces at work, much suffering, and many questions. It also does not mean that we do not have hope. But to deny the collective difficulty right now, is delusional.

            Light will triumph in the end, but we don’t know the time frame, and we don’t know the personal cost to each person involved in the struggle. We do not know that we will all complete the process in this lifetime. Facile answers and superficial reasoning serve no one.

          2. Lara

            I’m reminded of the teachings of Don Juan in Carlos Casteneda’s books. He taught that, yes, we are all fields of pure awareness, and as such we create our own reality. BUT we are also hooked into the collectively-created reality. We are affected by that reality and often get caught in the cross-fire. We are all connected, after all, for better or for worse.

            The aim is to raise our awareness, and so to help raise the collective reality, that we can ascend. It is not an “easy” process, and most will not achieve it in their lifetime. It requires a high level of spiritual mastery — and probably an acknowledgement of the importance of our connectiveness. “I AM only because You Are” (ubuntu) as we say here in Africa. What happens to my brother, happens to me. My brother’s spiritual progress has an impact on my own.

          3. John Sutter

            I’m not attacking you by disagreeing with you. Whenever I disagree with you, you call it an “attack”. Don’t be so sensitive. I look at the facts of our situation. Sitting around waiting for 5D to save us just doesn’t make sense. I believe it’s as they say “God helps those who help themselves”. Waiting for a savior is going to get you in that Gulag.

            Besides, you’ve already banked on one savior, your beloved Trump, and look where that got you.

            I think you need to be prepared for the horror these monsters are willing to commit, for the horrors they’ve already committed.

            I don’t know anything about my past lifetimes other than I believe they were filled with violence, just a hunch though.

            Good luck to you.

          4. AlwaysLight

            Lara, I’m going to respond to these replies, which read and feel like a mind wanting to stamp its superiority and is asking for a jousting match. I’m more interested in what your heart has to say. So until then, I wish you well on your journey and hope you find what you’re looking for 🙂

          5. Lara

            AlwaysLight: You don’t have to reply if you don’t want. But I would really like to know why my replies come across to you as trying to sound superior. Maybe I can learn from that, or maybe we’ll end up agreeing to disagree.

            I was simply stating my thoughts, and I always write straight from the heart, even if it does not read like that to you. I’m not being glib — I really am interested in your response. Debate is how we learn to understand one another. Wishing you well.

        2. Susla

          Law of attraction.
          The doctors in 2017 believed I would die. I never had that thinking, and I survived.
          No weapon forged against me will prevail <— or something like that, I have never read the bible, but think that saying is in the bible.

          Only the most afraid will end up in FEMA, as vibration decide who. I am, have always been a person that worries and see vivid pictures of bad future, but I have taught myself to stop that thinking, as I does absolutely nothing for me. My worries cannot prevent a bad future. But I believe that anti-worry will give a better future.

          I always felt poor, and had very few money. Always bad paying jobs, and not satisfying jobs, but year by year – via Law of attraction, I got more and more money on my account. Sometimes I did not understand how I had accumulated that amount. Later my salery got bigger etc.

          Well… it was a hard road with many tears, and also anger, as I was very impatient, and felt nothing happend. But one day I look back over a 10 year period, and much had happend, in different areas of my personal life.

          Same goes if I look back 1 year of covid. Now I read in main stream stuff that was not allowed 1 year ago. Truth is pushing forward.

          If a president tells people to not take a vaccine, the enemy can have him jailed as a terrorist, if the enemy can convince people and court that the vaccine is essential. So far the masses believe the vaccine to be essential. The Deep State plan was to lockdown at least 5 years, and then present a vaccine, that all people would love to take, as 5 years in lockdown and no money is extremely hard. The president at that time, knew that plan, and chose to prevent a 5-year lockdown. However, I would not be able to defeat Deep State if I was president of USA. Maybe Trump can. Maybe he cant. At least he open the can of worms, for us to see what we are up against. For that, I will always be grateful, he was there in that seat. What others feel about him, is none of my concern.
          I will prefer to have him as my countrys prime minister, as ours is very bad. But that would be a demotion for him hehe.

          May 2022 be a wonderful year for all of us that knows the depth of corruption.

          Sorry for so much txt.

          1. AlwaysLight

            Hi Lara, ok, thanks for your reply. In my experience, the heart never makes an attempt to compare, dismiss or belittle someone else’s perspective, whether lightly or greatly. It seeks to understand with compassion and offer help. So when you say “Your statements to John are an over-simplification. *Anyone* who claims to know exactly how this process (ascension) works, is either naive or arrogant”. Firstly, I never claimed what you are saying, this is a mind projecting/attacking, not a heart sharing. All that I share are my perspectives, I do not and have never claimed to be some sort being that is above others. I share when I feel the need, and add an alternate perspective in the same way. Always the aim is to help point to a truth that I feel would be helpful to the person directly, or indirectly to others. I too learn from such encounters. In the event of an attack of some sort, the goal would either be to walk away, if I feel that sharing would lead to no good, or to share my perspective on what that person is doing/missing. They can take or leave it, as they wish.

          2. Lara

            AlwaysLight: I replied to your latest post right at the bottom of this thread. Sorry, the interface is becoming confusing to me. I hope you can find it. Go well, friend.

    2. Maria

      Nothing outside you can help you, focus within. There’s no them, we are all in these together. Those playing the dark helping those playing the light find their way home – True Self.

  6. Tammy

    Gratitude for good news we have been waiting for and for the light at the end of the tunnel. No one said the end battle of light and dark would be easy but it would be worth it and is assured. Live it to bring it to our experience. Victory to the light!

  7. Robert

    Sounds great, but how can we know?! There is so much that we do not know, such as why are so many suffering, why are we even here, how can we know our angels or if we even have any?!

  8. John Robbins

    Thank you. Can you hurry up though!!! Pull the switch to this tortuous nightmare NOW!!!!!

  9. Steph

    For goodness sake not again,

    The war is over
    Pockets of darkness
    Much going on behind the scenes
    Go within
    New energies beamed to Earth
    We applaud you

    Exactly the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year.

    Haven’t you got anything new to say?

    1. Susla

      Cant you see any changes?.
      Dont you read more truth in mainstream media? – I do.
      A war takes long time, and this war will have battle won, but it will take years to really end. Deep State is/was very strong, and everywhere, judges, education, politics, media, medicine, hospitals, government.

      So many bad things revealed. Before people believed anything, now people know/see corruption. We have come a long way.

    1. Susla

      When the war is over, those still alive…. we will find a cure.
      Or ask Praying Medic to heal them 🙂


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