The Arcturians: A New Year of Possibilities

Get ready for a Happy New Year! 2022 is full of possibilities. Whether we make it a fantastic year or not depends on all of us. Let’s see what we can create!

Dear Ones,

When you hold onto something from the past, you make a promise to yourself not to change. When you look to the future, you create. You are creator beings. And so, the purpose you have at this time is to look toward the future for what you wish to see. It is important at this time to understand your creation powers – your ability to co-create together as a collective. It is this ability with which you build the new.

You are not here at this time to look at the past. You are here at this time to build the future you wish most to see. And so, with a brand new year ahead, focus your eyes firmly on what it is you wish to build (for the whole, for each being) to feel free and equal and complete.

We repeat: Build toward that goal taking into consideration that which is important to each being and for the whole. Because you cannot build something for everyone when you do not consider every ONE.

In this way, you all work together – which is what you intended for your ascension and for the New Earth. In order to rise, you must all rise together. In order to succeed, you must have a free heart. You must release that which is angry, that which is fearful, that which is blaming. 

You do not need to know anything about anyone else except each beings’ ideal for their future. Because even the fearful and angry are fearful and angry because they feel weak. They fear they will not get the future they wish for. They fear an inequality in which they lose.

Everyone must win in the future you build. Everyone must gain an open heart and lose anger and fear. Everyone must love. Everyone must feel free. Everyone must embody the real being inside… the beautiful infinite being they are.

And so, to achieve this future, each must work to release anger and fear. Each must open their heart to every being, every creature, and the planet – but most importantly themselves.  Learn to love yourself just as you are and your ability to love all other beings opens up for you. 

With these actions, the world you most want to live in is yours. You can all achieve this within this next year if you do these things. We would love to experience that with you.

And we thank you.

**Channel: Amanda Shertzer


2 Replies to “The Arcturians: A New Year of Possibilities”

  1. Douglas A James

    Remove debt . Nesara abundance no money worries..easy to say all of this from your ships…but down here we cant manifest food water or energy yet.. we must rely on money.. so let’s remove that need and see how fast we raise our vibration

    1. Daedalus

      It doesnt even need to go to that point yet … it can even go just with abolishing taxes on worldwide level and people would have massive and significant improvements.Taxes were the biggest “excuse” for misery created … “but where will the government find money for this or that”… and then governments find not only money for their new cars, villas and every other possible non-essential thing that could come to your mind, but also money to control and kill people…

      Taxes … taxes must go, and must go as soon as possible. Then youll see much greater flux even with just material wealth and money will quickly be much less of an issue for many.