“Afterglow” Report

As of approximately 7:31 AM (EST) on Sunday, January 9, 2022, the following cosmic events are extant:

1.) Our planet Earth/Gaia is recuperating from a “Co-Rotating Interactive Region” (known as a “CIR” which is when fast and slow-moving solar winds converge and cause shock waves to our planet);

2.) Solar winds are almost at 600 km/s (at 7:31 AM they were at 519 km/s, and normal wind speeds are between 300 and 400 km/s);

3.) The “KP Index” which registers activations—mostly called “disturbances”—to the planetary field were rated at “storm” level, and the levels used in this system of reporting are either “calm”, “unsettled”, “storm”, or “severe”.

4.) The magnetic field of the planet is surrounded by deep red on the magnetosphere chart which is indicative of powerful pressure being exerted onto and into the planet;

5.) The “Power” rating—formerly known as the “Schumann Resonance” (SR)—is showing “58” on the chart.

However, many Spiritual Scientists as well as some traditional Scientists have reported that whatever the rating is showing on the SR charts, we should multiply the number by “3” in order to obtain a more accurate assessment of the SR.

Therefore, could it be that the SR is actually about “174”?

It seems that this could be the case with all of the other potent energetics having occurred.

Such activations as described can eventuate into earthquakes in the over “5.0” to over “6.0” ranges, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, snowstorms, thunderstorms, torrential rains, floods, etc. in various places around the world.

Also, temperatures can range from being strangely warm or strangely cold when just the opposites should be the normal cases based upon the seasons in the two hemispheres or the Northern Hemisphere can experience extreme cold, and the Southern Hemisphere can be very hot—thus, extremes of normalcy are possible.

It takes about three days for the planet and for humanity to acclimate to these types of strong cosmic energetics once they have soared into the planet’s inner core and outer field—the total electromagnetic field.

Our planet, as well as humanity (and animals), begin to sense the incoming solar vibrational frequency “tones” before, during, as well as after.

First, the potencies arrive from the Great Central Sun and flow into the Sun of our solar system; then the Sun of our system sends them forward into our planet; and then the “music” begins!

As of Saturday, January 8, 2022, when the cosmic “instruments” tuned-up, people began to report headaches, dizziness, major fatigue, nausea, painful muscles and joints, extreme thirst, having been unable to sleep the night before, and several other symptoms of incoming cosmic events.

Many people needed reminding of what is happening as we are shifted, re-calibrated, re-adjusted, and transformed.

LIGHT from in and beyond our galaxy is coming to our planet with enormous brightness and strength even when we experience cold snowy days in the Northern Hemisphere or cloudy rainy days in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sometimes our Sun is unusually bright with rainbow coloring surrounding it, and its rays extend throughout the immediate atmosphere.

The sky may often have a rainbow coloring instead of the usual blue with white clouds (or gray skies when it is cloudy).

It is best, as is constantly discussed, for us to be well-hydrated, obtain extra rest, refrain from being involved in trauma dramas, relax in Nature (if weather permits), take healing baths and showers with calming essential oils, pray, meditate, chant mantras, read spiritual literature, and journal about our experiences with the cosmic energy.

All of these activities are nurturing and will balance the chakras, assist in the clearing-out of cellular records, and allow us to “hear” from our HIGHER SELVES.

With the year “2022” being “THE YEAR OF THE GREAT REVEAL, we will need daily nurturing as lots of “3d” chaos is removed and replaced with TRUTH.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali